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How do I choose my package?
Click here or go to Price & Availability in the top navigation bar. Please fill in the form. We need just a few pieces of information so that we can provide you with accurate package prices and availability on your wedding date. Then browse the packages to select the one that best suits your needs.
Why do you recommend at least 8 hours of photography?
There are so many moments to capture throughout your special day. From getting ready with your best friends to the last dance of the evening, every moment counts and should be captured on film.
How do I find and choose a photographer?
Click here or go to View Photographers on the top navigation bar. Please fill in the form. We need just a few pieces of information to match you with photographers available on your wedding day. You can browse bios and portfolios for a variety of photographers and select the one that is just right for you.
Don’t see the photographer you wanted?
Our photographers are booked quickly, especially on popular wedding dates. Feel free to reach out if you don’t see who you’re looking for. We are happy to help you find the photographer that best fits you. Reach us at [email protected]
What if I want to add on upgrades later?
No problem. Once you book with us, you’ll receive access to your wedding guide where you’ll be able to add upgrades.
Does my package include digital negatives?
Yes, all of our packages include digital negatives to allow you the freedom to print and send to family and friends.
Are my photos color-corrected?
Yes, all of your images will be color-corrected by our team of editors. 
What are the benefits of having an associate photographer?
Imagine walking down the aisle and seeing your fiance's reaction when he first sees you. You’ll want to capture that moment from the perspectives of both you and your fiance. A second photographer is needed to capture both. That’s just one of many reasons to spend a little extra money. Learn more.  
How many cameras will my videographer use at my wedding?
Your videographer will use two cameras in order to capture two angles during the ceremony and reception. This will provide you with a superlative video of your wedding day.
 What is the purpose of a wireless microphone?
The wireless microphone allows us to capture high-quality sound for your wedding video.  
What happens if my photographer or videographer gets sick on my wedding day?
Don’t worry. We have a crew of qualified professionals available at a moment’s notice.
I paid online, now what?
We will be reaching out to say hello within 24-hours. And your wedding guide and account login confirming all your details will be sent to you a few days later. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us at [email protected]




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