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Short & Sweet: Why We Love Short Wedding Dresses

Your summer wedding is in the books! Next up: finding the dress.  

We bet you always dreamed of the day you’d walk down the aisle with a romantic veil and mile-long train sweeping behind you.

But this summer, your inner bridal style is screaming for something lighter (and worth showing your legs for!). That’s right: a short wedding dress may be “the one” for you! Not to mention it’s one of the non-traditional wedding trends we love, too.

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How to Create an Enchanting Outdoor Ceremony

There’s a reason why summer weddings are so popular. Who wouldn’t want to start off a new life together surrounded by sunshine and Mother Nature? If you want a magical backdrop but don’t want to break the bank, consider having an outdoor ceremony!

While indoor weddings are certainly beautiful, you can’t achieve the same whimsy romance as an outdoor one. Not to mention that outdoor ceremonies are way more eco-friendly! The 360° breathtaking views of flowers, greenery, blue lakes and everything in between are free decor. There are endless opportunities for creative DIY projects, too. 

First and foremost, be sure to choose an outdoor venue that fits your personality. Do you want a homey Western or rustic feel? Try finding a space where there’s vintage barns or wooden fences as backdrops! 

Dreaming of an enchanted bohemian look? Head to a lush wooded clearing or forested area.

Is your love peaceful and easy? Then say “I do” in front of a serene glass-still lake.

Still love the feel of a traditional formal wedding? Scout out an half indoor/half outdoor church.

If you’d like to save extra cash but not sacrifice beauty, try a loved one’s pretty backyard!

Whatever nature scene speaks to you, claim it and get creative. Now is also the time to think about where the action starts - under the altar, of course! Since this arching piece literally frames your backdrop, you and the love of your life, you want it make a statement. Dress up the altar with cascading flowers, lanterns, tulle drapery - whatever nature calls to you! One tip: Keep it consistent and consider matching the altar with your reception tables.

And don’t forget to show off your playful side! Lend your guests some bubbles to blow while you you exit the ceremony! And make sure your wedding photographer captures the sweet moment!

Interested in an unforgettable outdoor wedding? Keep browsing our blog for more inspiration!

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Here’s to You, Dad!

Congrats - you’re getting married to the man of your dreams! But there will always be that No. 1 male figure in your life: your dearest Dad. Father’s Day is just around the corner, so here’s a toast to all those daddy-daughter (and son!) wedding moments.
At Lily & Lime, we believe that family focused wedding photos can be the most special. One of our all-time favorite wedding shots happens to be the father’s first looks at his daughter in her gorgeous wedding dress. Let’s just say it can be a  bittersweet moment. 

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Ashley & John’s Casual San Diego Engagement Session

Want to capture your love on camera without those uncomfortable poses? Take note of Ashley and John’s casual engagement session in San Diego! From conversing over beers to walking in the great outdoors, every photo beautifully captures this couple’s down-to-earth chemistry.

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Bold, Bright & Beautiful: The Perfect Color Palette for Your Summer Wedding

Booked your summer wedding? Then it’s time to start thinking about shades - and we don’t mean sunglasses! We’re talking about a haute summer color palette. Think: bright and airy tones, and citrus-hued flowers. 
Imagine tropical beach days ending with romantic sunsets, picnics with juicy orange, watermelon and lemon slice, or wildflower meadows filled with birds and butterflies. Really, the outdoor scenes (and vibrant shades) that come to mind are truly endless!

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