Leilani & Michael’s Fairytale Miami Wedding is a Dream Come True!

ON 27, August 2020


Nothing in this world screams romance quite like a lush and lovely garden wedding venue sprinkled with beautiful seasonal blooming flowers, a quaint lake, clear blue skies, and endless greenery! As far as the eyes can see. And when it comes to weddings, who wouldn’t want to get their vows exchanged amidst a magical garden setting that exactly looks like a romantic set from a fairytale book. Chic garden weddings and receptions have a long tradition amongst high society (think Great Gatsby), and some of the finest garden wedding venues in Miami sparkle with endless sophistication and beauty! But our 21st-century couples are inclining towards less formal landscapes, that make fantastic natural canvases for their own unique wedding styling! Above all, today’s brides and grooms crave for a wedding experience that is connected to nature, as they want their new beginning to be reflected in the beauty all around them! This is what our Miami love-driven couple- Leilani and Michael wanted for their wedding too!

 Leilani and Michael’s wedding day in Miami was nothing less than reading a fairytale! Their swoon-worthy wedding photographs give everybody a glance at how at times even real-life can look fascinating and magical. This alluring spot is not in some far far away land, where you will witness a land full of scary dragons who are trying to take the princess away from her prince charming so that they can never be together but is just a short drive away from the hustle-bustle of the city lights and trumpeting horns! All we can say that the wedding destination that Leilani and Michael booked to make their special day extraordinary is just angelic and magical! Just one peek at this lovely and adorable love-struck couple and their magical wedding pictures, we are sure you will know that they have a happily ever after waiting with their name on it! 

Miami is a city where wedding dreams come true in an extravagant way! And that’s why, Leilani and Michael set their hearts on getting hitched in Miami, to rejoice the beginning of the new chapter of their story amidst gleaming water, crystal-clear blue skies, spellbound flora and fauna, and verdant greenery, and trust us their wedding day seemed no less than a dream for our Miami wedding photographers! Believed to be one of the highly-opted wedding destinations in the US by brides, Miami has testified its fair share of historic weddings! In Miami, one can experience the best of both worlds! The sundry of unparalleled wedding venue options beginning from beachfront wedding venues to incredible tropical settings, Miami fits weddings of all styles with its year-round vaccination getaway mood! Miami makes quite a charismatic texture to add to the fabric of your love story. Surely Miami is a treasure trove for the couples who are head over heels in love with each other! Every corner of this enchanting city has something worth capturing! From the scenic beaches to the Art Deco architecture to the vibrant culture, Miami will surely add a lot of dramatic effect to your frames without breaking a sweat! There are many awe-inspiring backdrops in this mesmerizing city and it’s of no surprise that every picture of Leilani and Michael’s wedding came out looking like an absolute dream! 

Leilani and Michael’s wedding day was beautifully celebrated in the historic wedding venue, the Secret Gardens Miami. This picturesque rustic property is like tropical heaven exclusively nestled in the Redlands. The Secret Gardens Miami speaks for itself. In short, it is a stunning spring of beautiful natural landscape all around. Our wedding photographers in Miami captured the beautiful setting that Leilani and Michael put their hearts in. The way they designed their wedding arbor draped with white satin, overlooking the sea-green waters, effortlessly radiated the magic in all their swoon-worthy wedding photographs! The giant senover wooden LOVE yard letters placed just at the entrance of their wedding reception location was the indication that love was in the air that day! That every corner of this beautiful location had witnessed endless love shared by these two beautiful souls on their special day! 

Before Leilani slipped herself into her creamy pink Brussels lace bridal dress with a V-neckline, our wedding photographers explored the outdoors of this panoramic property and found some cozy corners where they photographed her beautiful wedding dress. Her gorgeous wedding dress was hung from a white arbor, with the sun beaming its warm light on the dress against the lush green canvas posing as the background. The lovely outdoors featuring pinkish and orangish tone flawlessly complemented her creamy pink wedding dress in the natural light. Her golden heels were the classy choice she decided on for her wedding shoes. There was a cute picture of a greeting card with Leilani’s wedding rings placed just right next to the wooden heart, showing that these rings are close to her hearts! 

Leilani rocked her complete bridal look with a little help from her maid of honor! She was looking drop-dead gorgeous in her breathtaking long wedding gown featuring V-neck and empire waist! Her hair was twisted and parted from the middle, while the loose curls of her highlighted hair adorned with a pin rhinestone pearl wedding hair accessory added charm and glare to her bridal hairstyle! Her makeup was on point with her kohled eyes and long black mascara dubbed eyelashes faltering her pretty face, along with a nude shade of pink lip color embellishing and making her look like a princess! The simple yet chic bar threader earrings highlighted her overall minimalist makeup and were a spot-on classic bridal style! Her bridal bouquet with lovely leafy pastel-colored pink and white roses tied together spiffed up the entire look and her light golden strappy wedding sandals perfectly accessorized her absolute chic bridal outlook.

While on the other hand, Michael looked dashing and breathtaking, blazing up with a timeless crisp white shirt paired with an elegant two-button formal chiv-grey pantsuit with tan-brown round buttons. Michael decided to display a classy and casual no-tie wedding look wearing his shiny tan-brown groom shoes. His neatly brushed hair, clean-shaven look, classic rose boutonnieres, and bright smile were the main highlights of his voguish groom outlook! 

Before Leilani, all set to walk down the aisle, an adorable flower girl, all in cute white dress perfectly teamed with black ballerinas came down the aisle to scatter rose petals for Leilani to walk on before the little handsome ring bearer in a white shirt and black pants teamed up with a cute bucket hat! This adorable moment of innocence was graciously captured by our skilled and talented team of Miami wedding photographers. Leilani walked down the aisle with her dear mother who was wearing bobbinet dark beige-colored, full-length bishop sleeved blouse with black flared pants and beige-colored ballerinas with a rose boutonniere that perfectly resonated with Leilani’s wedding dress and complimented her walk down the aisle photos

Leilani and Michael gathered under the arbor, adorned with satin draped and string lights overlooking the lush greenery and sparkling green water to exchange their wedding vows and declare their unison for their happily ever after! Our wedding photographers in Miami framed the perfect symphony of this classic wedding venue, featuring elegant and glamorous garden settings with artistic and vintage elements strewn all over the place intricately. They both announced their love in a surrounding encircled by luscious Florida vegetation, gleaming waterfalls, and the rustic stone bridge. While they exchanged their vows, our wedding photographers from Miami captured the flying colors of love and unsaid emotions artistically in the best of frames. All these moments helped our photographers to make a breathtaking wedding album for Leilani and Micheal which they can keep with themselves as a keepsake and a ticket to visit their glorious wedding day again and again! After they were declared as husband and wife, they shared their first kiss as the newly wedded couple while standing under the arbor, which was beautifully framed by our wedding photographer. They also flaunted their wedding ring bands which signified their happy unison! 

Rolling over two and a half acres of the lovely panorama, the Secret Gardens Miami assures you that you will have astounding outdoor wedding photography. With four different indoor and outdoor ceremony spaces to choose from, you can welcome up to 250 guests at the Secret Gardens Miami. In case, you want an intimate affair with the presence of 25 members, then also this is the best place. The outdoor and indoor reception areas offered by the Secret Gardens Miami are just like a blank canvas to the brides to paint it with their favorite colors. So, on your wedding day, you have full power to pick up your paintbrush and start painting your dreams! For your cocktail hour, the venue offers adorable huts facing the waterfalls and shimmering ponds which will allow your wedding guests to taste the fine wine, and in the meanwhile, you can steal some time to pose romantically with the love of your life under the twinkling skyline! 

After their romantic and sweet outdoor wedding ceremony, Leilani and Michael took a round of the entire campus to get some romantic post-wedding couple portraits! The picturesque location with crystal clear lagoon and cascading waterfalls rolling over 2.5 acres of mesmerizing rolling hills and lush green foliage influenced tropical magic for the couple photos! It was an idyllic moment for the lovely couple to pose for some beautiful ‘couple photographs’, and our skilled wedding photographers captured some utterly romantic couple portraits, while mother nature played the role of perfect background setting! Starting from the couple posing all cliche against the vibrant fish mural wall and even shared some dance moves together against the throbbing mural wall, to posing in front of the dramatic background with cobblestone pathways flanked by large stone bridges. The nature-made couch was the best setting where they sat together to share some romantic moments together! After which they headed on the small bridge and posed in front of the beautiful fountain! The giant LOVE sign became the backdrop for their breathtaking couple portraits showing love is all you need! Leilani also posed for some bridal portraits on that small wooden-iron bridge overlooking the lovely fountain. They both even stole a kiss against this charismatic background. 

This incredible Miami wedding venue looks like a dream during the evening golden-hour, as it boasts artistic wedding ceremony spots for hosting a lavish cocktail gathering and glorious wedding reception in an airy and light setting! The couple has complete flexibility to choose the huge gable-roofed tent space featuring transparent ceilings and rock-solid shining hardwood flooring waiting for the newly-wed couple to share some choreographed moves and spins, creating a romantic ambiance! The towering and crystalline ceilings of this outdoor wedding space are embellished with crisp white drapes, and crystal chandeliers, and ornamental cafe lights, sewed like a fantasy. The setting of this space could not be more romantic as the cafe lights elicited a bright and warm hue on Leilani and Michael, as they danced the evening away. After they both have shaken legs with each other, it was their mom’s turn to dance with the bride and the groom! 

This tented- wedding reception area was decked out with fine wedding decor and details featuring white table linens complementing the golden iron chairs with a vintage feel, along with the gorgeous green canvas as the backdrop for lovely indoor wedding photographs. We loved the fancy details in the meager wedding decor that was set to create a very trendsetting vibe in the wedding decor. Our wedding photographers were made swoon by the 3 tier wedding cake adorned with roses on the sides and top, placed above a fancy round platter. The mood was glittered creating a lovely atmosphere, as Leilani and Michael’s friends raised a few sweet toasts to their new beginnings while sharing some inside stories about the awe-struck love birds! Leilani and Michael signed off the night and posed in front of the blaring LED sign spelling out ‘LOVE’! 

We were sure that the beauty of the Secret Gardens Miami wedding venue would have positively blown Leilani Michael’s guests' minds. It’s not every day in South Florida that one gets the chance to get immersed in this type of tranquil beauty. The vibrant green carpet, sparkling waterfall, adorable colorful fishes, crystal clear waters, everything here created an idyllic backdrop for their Miami wedding photography. The natural ecology and composed surroundings created an inviting and romantic setting that made their wedding day an unforgettable celebration!

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