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Lily & Lime - Affordable Wedding Photography

A wedding day stands bright and shiny among all the other days of your life, sparkling with the brilliance of a diamond. After months of wedding planning, and looking into every last detail, the wedding day will come in like a blur of beautiful activities and a rush of emotion. And before you know it, within 24 hours, poof! Everything will be done! This is where your wedding photography comes in!

Lily & Lime offers affordable wedding photography services for every bride and groom who dreams of them. Perfect stills of the most perfect day. From the look in his or her eyes and how it reflected in yours as you walked down the aisle, to the way your friends cheered you on as you went in for that first kiss. All of those gems of memories would be lost if not for wedding photographs. When words fail and memories blur, it's a photograph arranged in the wedding photo album that brings the emotions of the day rushing back! At Lily and Lime, we believe that wedding days are made in heaven, but the lasting memories are made in our camera lens. Capturing those precious, magical moments hidden unceremoniously are some of the very best, and something that your wedding photographer needs to have an eye for!

After all, when the sun shines on you the next morning, you will be married. Just like that, your life has changed monumentally. But, wait! How will you tell the tale of the most perfect day? Your beaming new spouse, confetti in your dress, and joyous memories are a great start. But we want to give you something lasting and timeless.

Congratulations are in order for finding your one in a million! Looking down at the person kneeling in front of you, proposing one of the most life-altering questions ever asked of you, you knew with surprising clarity: this is the person whom you want to share forever. You said “Yes" without skipping a heartbeat and things haven’t been the same ever since! Like Alice slipping down the rabbit hole, you have stepped into the whirling and enchanting world of wedding planning. We bet you have sighed happily at the engagement ring on your finger a few hundred times, have already made a Pinterest board set with DIY wedding ideas, and are juggling wedding vendors on the tip of your fingers. It’s tasking to find the right fit for your day! But the awe and wonder that comes along with the title of being “engaged to be married” is growing on you. Now that you’ve told your friends and families, you and your partner need to plan for the big day ahead- your wedding day! And the memories waiting to be created.

Getting to Know Lily & Lime

As imperative as photography is to weddings, we understand how the budget for a wedding photographer might make you want to take a seat and gulp down some cold water. We believe that the memories of your wedding day shouldn’t come with a burdening price tag. Every pair heading towards the new chapter of their life deserves the gift of being able to hold the memories of their wedding close. Photos not only fill the wedding album but flood the heart with a day that was near perfect. Aren’t they the kind of simple pleasures that we are all entitled to? To flip through your wedding memories on your 50th anniversary with your grandkids, or to take a romantic trip down the memory lane on a date night with your spouse? If only there was affordable wedding photography available to you at a reasonable price, so that no matter where you live, you can choose premium photojournalistic wedding photography for yourself. All with the same amount of ease as booking a movie ticket. Oh, wait, there is!

Like the tang of lime in the ruthless summer afternoon, we at Lily and Lime bring to you that ‘aha’ moment when it comes to beautiful budget wedding photography. We simplify the chase of finding wedding photographers by bringing you an experience that is not only affordable and beautiful but also stress-free. Whether you are a bride on a budget or just looking for affordable wedding photography options, and whether you are hosting a small and intimate wedding for near and dear ones, or you are going in for a last-minute backyard wedding, we at Lily and Lime help you find the best wedding photographers available in your area. You can capture the beautiful moments of your wedding day without hassle, and certainly not a dent in your wedding budget. Better yet, you’re able to do all of this from the comfort of your home. Browse and book photographers near you at any time of day. All online. Our website is so convenient and easy to use, it makes everything feel like a breeze. Just search with your wedding city along with the date of the event, and you will be presented with individualized wedding photography package options so that you know exactly what you’re getting for your wedding day! Brides and grooms-to-be can book with confidence and with just a $200 deposit. Refundable for 7-days, we know that the wiggle room is always a nice compliment to wedding planning.

Wedding Photography Near You

Not only are we uncomplicated and inexpensive, but we are also conveniently located, no matter where in the country you might be. We are currently distributing and encapsulating happiness across 42 major cities around the country! This means your dreams are neither restricted by budget or by location because we are essentially everywhere! From the city lights of New York to the waterfront cityscapes of Chicago, from the soul-stirring mountainscape of Denver to the southern glory of Atlanta, we will be there to capture the magical moments as and when they happen, one-snap snapshot at a time! Lily & Lime has wedding photographers near you, that’s our promise. No matter what the terrain is like, or how the day unfolds, we adapt and adopt to etch out the perfect pictorial keepsake of your special day!

Lily and Lime believes that not all monumental decisions in life need to be complicated. Being in the wedding industry for the long haul now, we understand how much planning and attention to detail a wedding day demands. You certainly don't need wedding photography to be another thing on the list to micromanage. It can be as simple as a summer breeze. With years of experience capturing couples in love, we have learned that sometimes all you need is something simple and easy. The rest will fall right into place! With a wedding photography experience that is as simple to book as it is to experience, Lily and Lime feels like second nature. Our network of wedding photographers and wedding videographers all come with their own unique skill sets but keep the highest industry standard held to the utmost importance. And with our ability to provide prolific professional wedding photographers at a click, it goes without saying that every couple will easily find themselves with a set of wedding moments that are nothing short of absolute perfection.

Finding the Right Wedding Photographer

The right fit is everything- be it your partner or your wedding photographer! Lily and Lime photography is here to help you find your one in a million wedding photographer to capture your dream wedding. Just like Cinderella found her perfect fit in her glass slipper, we’ll help you find that perfect fit for a wedding photographer. Matching your vision and budget perfectly, your wedding photographer should make your heart skip, just like your partner does! We have the greatest selection of wedding photographers. Each bringing a different vibe and feel to the table, and experience from an incredible array of weddings under their belt. As professional photo experts for years now, we have worked with the best professional photographers in your area. So by cherry-picking the best of the best photographers near you, your wedding album will be in good hands! Building a network with so many talented photographers puts us in a prime position to offer all the advantages of them collectively. Couples can select from an array of options, comparing photographer portfolios and browsing for the one that makes them fall in love. With the strong love of photography running deep within us and a fascination for simplifying the whole process of booking wedding photography, we at Lily & Lime can’t imagine a more perfect day than being out there and capturing the love in the air.

In addition to the best resources, it’s the personalized approach of Lily and Lime that makes our services truly special! You book just what you need, and pay for nothing extra. You can pick and choose from our customizable packages and book exactly what you need, whether it’s a 4-hour photo or 10-hour photo and video services. Lily and Lime opens up an enticing array of packages, big and small, along with extras, like additional hours, engagement sessions, and a la carte albums, so you can book with clarity. Shouldn’t you pay for exactly what you need? And whether you are looking for the best engagement photo locations or engagement photo ideas, our Lily and Lime engagement photographers will step in to help you out.

From a vibrant retro party to an intimate, country barn-style reception, or a lunch reception in your backyard, we will be right there to match your vibe! Our team behind the scenes works closely with you to create a memorable photo journal to look back on, but the off-frame experience is just as memorable. We make every effort to be involved with our clients in a comprehensive way so that any problem that needs solving, any photo location that needs to be hunted down, or any backdrop that needs to be staged just right, is where our expertise can be useful. The results are engagement photos, wedding memories, and wedding videos that are truly priceless!

Why Choose Lily and Lime?

What makes Lily and Lime so special? Much like every other wedding photography studio, we are here to capture your wedding. One of the things that sets us apart is the ease of use and the support you’ll get from engagement to anniversary. We pride ourselves on bringing compassion and understanding to booking wedding photography! Lily and Lime understands the importance of choosing the right wedding photographer and doing so with affordability in mind. You can also count on your photographer to provide you with photos that you’ll look back at throughout your life and treasure with all of your heart. Lily and Lime makes the artistry of photography look easy and effortless, and gives you the most bang for your buck! We are here to give every shot our best shot and to turn your wedding moments into long-lasting, photo proof of love. We promise to bring to you the best bargain in wedding photography services, without compromising on stunning quality. We make it an easy decision, and it’s all at your convenience. That’s our vow to you.

We love to deliver phenomenal work in terms of artful wedding photography, so we put our hearts into wedding planning resources, too. With tons of inspiration laid out for our budget-savvy brides, we aim to make planning a wedding just as fun as it's meant to be, with none of the stress! Our blog section is filled with nuggets of information ranging from trends to tips. Take a breeze through! Our inspiration board tool is a fun way of imagining what your day might look like, just by providing a few wedding preferences. Ta-da! Photo inspiration captured by us that aligns with the vision in your head! Whether you are a DIY-bride, a couple dreaming of an alternative wedding, getting married in your parent's backyard, hosting an intimate and meaningful micro-wedding, or planning your day at a grand mansion, Lily and Lime will be right there to capture the magic, on a budget! Step-by-step easy and approachable booking coupled with the friendly demeanor of our talented wedding photographers and videographers is just a few of the many things that make Lily and Lime an absolute delight.

We, at Lily & Lime, can't stop beaming with gratitude at the love and acknowledgment that we have received throughout the years. Whether from being applauded by happy couples in personal reviews or recognized by top wedding platforms through awards and accolades, we strive to make every year better than the last. Bringing home the WeddingWire Couple Choice Awards from 2018 to 2020, we also received The Knot Best of Weddings 2019 and 2020. We like to think these nominations speak for themselves! We come with the vision of being the first name that pops up in the minds of those who just got engaged. We are here to ensure that fairytale weddings and wedding budgets do, in fact, go together. Finding an affordable wedding photographer might sometimes push you to be restrictive with the expectations that you hold in the flights of your heart. But with Lily and Lime, we ensure that the cuts are on the payments, not on your dream wedding. We promise you won’t have to hold back on your vision. We’ll bring it to life, one click at a time!

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