How to Deal With Your Bridal Dress Issues During COVID-19


The ongoing pandemic has caught us watching things spiral out of control, sitting right at home. Something happened miles away but it has impacted your wedding in a totally unbelievable manner! Your anger is justified. One of the most important elements of a wedding that has severely been impacted is the wedding dress.

Week-End Wedding Resources: May 15th, 2020


Hey you! Continuing from where we left off, did you smile your way through the challenging last week as we wished for you? We’re sure you’re smiling now as you eagerly wait for another set of weekly updates to tackle the challenges of your postponed wedding! 

Your Complete Guide to Tipping Your Wedding Vendors


Wedding vendors - they are the people who make your wedding happen. They visualize your wedding dreams and bring them to life. That beautiful floral wedding arch that you added to your wedding board on Pinterest will turn into a reality at your wedding - thanks to your florists! That gorgeous braided chignon that you want for your wedding would be made beautifully possible by your hairstylist. Your wedding vendors’ efforts can and should be appreciated in whichever way that’s convenient for both - them and you.

Week-End Wedding Resources: May 8th, 2020


Hey, gorgeous! We’re back as promised with our weekly source of wedding inspiration for you! So how has your quarantine been going? Have you mastered the Arts of Quarantine yet with those umpteen recipes, following DIY tutorials for literally everything, making your own Cosmo or a Hurricane, or watching the Tiger King all over again? 

Your Complete Guide to Picking a New Wedding Date


It was just a few months back when you finally picked a date for your wedding, after considering so many things. That date was everything for you. It was so close to your heart and you couldn’t stop daydreaming about it! Unfortunately, the coronavirus thwarted all your plans and amidst all that hustle, your wedding date lost its significance.

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