The Best Ever Bridesmaid Photos


What makes the perfect bridesmaid group photo? Maximum impact with minimum effort. You'll be busy enough on the wedding day that you don't need to spend an hour laboring over the perfect shot, especially since there are several bridesmaid group photo opportunities that don't require much work at all! With a little pre-planning, you'll have some of your favorite photos with your friends and family.

Popping Champagne
Capture that celebratory moment with a champagne-pop pic. This is a great opportunity to include personalized glasses. If you want to do a pre-wedding toast with your bridesmaids, your wedding photographer can capture the joyous anticipation of those pre-ceremony moments. 

Moments In-Between Photos
The photographer will pose you for different group photos, but ultimately the candid photos are always some of the best. Sharing a moment, a joke or even a whisper of "You have lipstick on your teeth" during the group photos can lead to some unforgettable photos. 

Bouquet Poses
Bouquets up, bouquets behind your backs, bouquets over your faces. There's a variety of ways to play with this iconic wedding prop in photos. We love the variations and the way that bouquet photos encourage bridal parties to play and have fun. 

Show Off the Bridesmaids Gifts
Rings, necklaces, or bracelets make a nice detail photo with the whole group. If you're giving the gifts on the day of, you can have your wedding photographer on hand to get some reaction shots as the bridesmaids unwrap. 

Helping the Bride Get Dressed
It takes a bridal party to get the bride dressed on the big day. Whether its buttoning buttons, tying a sash or helping with shoes, there are a number of ways to capture this sweet moment.

Taking a Walk
It sounds simple and a little silly, but walking together can make a sensational photo. The movement and the candid nature of these types of photos are really beautiful.  

Getting Ready Mode
Don those matching robes, share a toast, laugh together over a memory-- all the stuff you're already planning to do in "getting ready mode" will make for a fantastic photo moment. 

Huddle Up
Gathering together in a huddle is a little casual and super affectionate. We love the way that the closeness of a huddle visually communicates the closeness of your friendship. 

Bring a Reference
Have a favorite group photo option? Having your wedding photos taken can be a bit like getting a haircut-- it's great to have a reference photo of what you want. That way your photographer will know just what you're looking for, and it'll be easier to recreate on the big day. 

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Miranda and Michael’s Heavenly Beach Haven Wedding


Miranda and Michael had a stunning beachside ceremony and reception in Beach Haven, New Jersey, near Philadelphia. Their tented celebration at a private residence is giving us all sorts of wedding inspiration, and the couple gave us tons of ideas for turning any spot into a romantic wedding venue!

Miranda and her bridesmaids gave us major #squadgoals all decked in their lavender robes. The girls had a fun and playful getting ready session! We loved how their wedding photographer captured their wedding prep on the balcony. Miranda’s accessories were also laid out in such a way that gave the shots a beautiful, breezy effect. 

Miranda’s dress was a breathtaking number! It had a full, layered tulle skirt which was both dreamy and mesmerizing. It had a light and airy vibe that when paired with a bridal sash, was a dress worthy of royalty!

Michael, too, looked dapper in his blue tux which matched the ones donned by his groomsmen. His classic look looked sharp against the moody grey sky. 

Their beachy wedding serves as great inspiration if you’re scouting a location or looking for that perfect floral alter to say ‘I do’. The ceremony was ethereal, as the couple exchanged vows under an altar of white roses and surrounded by bridesmaids dressed in the softest baby blue.

The couple’s portraits featured many classic looks near the stunning beach and the docks. Their wedding photographer skillfully captured the blue tinges of the ships and that matched with Michael’s blue tux.  

Our favorite look might be the one with the couple next to the crashing grey waves. The weather and the beach’s foamy waves gave off a moody yet nautical vibe. The couple was the center of attention in many of the portraits and the cloudy weather only made the wedding portraits look more romantic. 

The reception was a fun and joyous way to end the elegant wedding. Featuring a beautiful geometric cake topper and decorative seashells as wedding props, their day was beautifully nautical and beach-inspired!

Finding the Perfect Look for the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom


Congrats! Your child is getting married. Now, what do you wear? Navigating sartorial choices as the mother of the groom or mother of the bride can be tricky. It’s easy to get hung up on what you don’t want -- something frumpy, something too flashy (that steals focus), something unflattering. Instead, we’re here with a healthy dose of wedding inspiration to get you excited about your style options as the mother of the bride/groom. 

Spring Engagement Session Inspiration


Spring brings its fair share of romance, and that means engagement sessions will be in full swing!

We love warm weather sessions and the variety the can provide. Whether it’s a sporty vibe or a boho-inspired shoot, couples get to step out of their comfort zone and experiment with different props and looks to make their engagement session even more memorable. 

Read on for a few ways to make your engagement session more fun and creative!


Incorporate colorful, metallic or candy-colored balloons in your shoot to add color and height to the whole session. Balloons get the creativity flowing and allow our couples to create a playful look for their session. It's a fun day for all those involved!

Matching T-Shirts

Get matchy in coordinating sweatshirts or t-shirts. Customize your outfits to play up your personalities or even include your wedding date (perfect for a save the date card). 

Ice Cream

To really celebrate the arrival of the warm weather, get creative and playful for your engagement session and use a sweet confectionary as an engagement session prop! Create adorable looks with your partner and indulge in some sweet and whimsical portraits for your session.

Flowers, Flowers, and More Flowers

Nothing says spring like incorporating a flower crown in your engagement photos. Make a crown out of fresh spring flowers and embrace your romantic and whimsical side. Add flowers you plan to incorporate in your bridal bouquet as a nod to your upcoming day. Not into the flower crown look? Try carrying a small bouquet of wildflowers or a single stem of your favorite variety.

Picnic Blankets

Scout a scenic location with your engagement photographer, invest in a cozy-patterned or a simply elegant picnic blanket and spend a quaint afternoon with your significant other.  The effect is sure to be a beautiful one.


No session is complete without your furry friend in the mix. Make your pet a part of this new chapter in your life, and see how paw-tastic the results can be! We recommend dressing them up in fun outfits to really turn heads and for that special and personalized session. 

Signage and "&" Props

Although they can be used all year round, there’s something special and adorable about using symbols in spring sessions. "&" symbols are a classic in engagement photography and look extremely classy with pastel tones and warm weather textures and landscapes.

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Kate and Dave’s Charming Wedding at Granite Links Golf Club, Boston


Kate and Dave’s Boston wedding was both elegant and sweet. Their charming outdoor wedding was reminiscent of a woodland wonderland as it gave off a rustic and idyllic vibe. The ceremony and reception were held at the Granite Links Golf Club in Boston and was definitely the ideal romantic and rustic wedding.

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