Patterned Ties for Grooms

ON 16, May 2018


Hey there, grooms-to-be! We know it’s the bride that usually turns eyes at weddings, but you can command the same attention with your wedding day look. A patterned tie could be your best friend, your key to creating an eye-catching look! They’re playful and full of personality and pizzazz. So, we’ve gathered some of our favorite tie styles to inspire grooms.

Grooms make a statement with the wedding tie that they choose to wear on their wedding day- Why not make it a stylish one? We recommend researching prior to buying and short-listing your favorite designs and patterns. Would you prefer a classic tie or a modern bow tie? Will the groomsmen wear ties similar to the groom’s tie or are you looking to have some differentiation?

Choose a tie that suits your personality. Plain ties look classically handsome, but floral or geometric patterns impart a little playfulness in the day’s events.

For a modern look, try subtle diamond patterns, grids and geometric prints in silk or wool. Dots or abstract prints are great options for the modern groom, too.

If you are going for the boho groom look, try quirky floral patterns in cotton or linen. We love the use of unexpected color with these ties, too.

For the guys all about romance, subtle floras in traditional patterns work great. Silk ties in paisley look extremely dashing.

Classic groom ties are traditional but timeless. Herringbone, checks, houndstooth, and plaid all look stylish and will stand the test of time in your photo album.

Wild animal or botanical prints are perfect for quirky and bold grooms. Plain ties in bold colors are also great options for these guys.

More importantly, we love grooms that feel comfortable in their wedding day best. Feeling good (and confident) will make you look good, and that makes for great photos.

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