The Memorable Winter Wedding Day In Santa Clara

ON 7, October 2020


What is love after all? It's the feeling of listening to soft acoustic songs on a rainy day or it feels like a big fleece blanket when the sky is throwing snowballs at you. It is all about with whom you want to share your feelings when you see how the sky changes color, or who do you want to explain your fears, dreams, visions, and goals. The right person is all about somebody who pushes your boundaries and liberates your soul, and introduces you to places that you haven't heard of and emboldens you to do the unimaginable.

After all, you need a partner who wouldn't settle down for the mundane and be the partner in crime for the rest of your life. Someone who calms down the butterflies in your stomach and replaces them with assurance and warmth. The beauty of falling in love is unexplainable because when you think about why an artist falls in love with their muse, you will never find an accurate answer. Probably one of the best feelings in the world, love is rooted in adoration and admiration that builds you up from the core and strives to bring out the best in you.


In the winter of 2019, we came across such a couple who was so deeply in love, that getting to document their love story was one of our best experiences filled with passion and excitement. The spark in Delia and Daniel, the amazing couple in San Jose, was unmissable and it reverberated throughout the wintery cuddle season. The inner hopeless romantics in us gleed with joy and together on their wedding day, they looked like the couple who would inspire each other with a sense of awe. Maybe it was the official cuddle season or the sheer captivating and cheerful vibe of this San Jose couple, something truly was so extraordinarily beautiful on their wedding day.


We could see why Delia chose San Jose to host her wedding day and planned her professional photography sessions around this beautiful Californian City. Surrounded by the rolling hills of Silicon Valley, the glorious beauty of San Jose is marked by architectural landmarks designed in Spanish Colonial revival structures and popular cultural hotspots. It is the third-largest city in California and the striking reminiscence of its deep roots in the agricultural industry in the past reflects in the naturally vintage and rustic backdrops for professional photography sessions in San Jose. Whether you are willing to explore the historical significance for your engagement photography session in San Jose's Santa Clara University or you want to do a pre-wedding photography session in the bustling Downtown district, you will never run out of backdrop options in San Jose.


Starting from the vibrant flower beds of Municipal Rose Garden that was established in 1927 to the largest collection of authentic ancient Egyptian artifacts in the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, the hidden one of the most popular photography spots in San Jose that will add to your wedding photography sessions. The Downtown district is always buzzing with activities as it is filled with sidewalk cafes, boutique storefronts, and community institutions that are meant for couples who are looking for activities for their professional photography sessions. Another bustling mix of premier commercial and entertainment districts, the historic Santana Row is an amazing space for San Jose engagement photography sessions, especially on a sunny day. We can never complete the list of popular tourist spots in San Jose without mentioning the famous Winchester Mystery House that was the former residence of Sara Winchester. It is now filled with an eerie sense of mystery that is loved by couples who are looking to have fun and excitement in their engagement photography sessions. 


For the lovers of art, the amazing San Jose Museum of Art is not going to disappoint in the heart of Downtown San Jose, as this photographic spot is home to a wide collection of diverse arts and bustling attractions. For the ones looking for privacy and a little bit of seclusion, the pristine Mission Santa Clara de Asís, located on the campus of Santa Clara University, is a great photography spot for couple photography sessions in San Jose. And for the couples who love activities and outdoor fun, head to the scenic and naturally attractive Los Gatos Creek Trail, that is filled with long stretches of popular pathways for bicyclists, joggers, and walkers, for our engagement photographers in San Jose to capture couples in their best candid moods. One of the few historical Japantowns remaining in the United States, the cultural and popular Jtown of San Jose, a vibrant mix of restaurants and storefronts, is an amazingly photogenic spot.


Playing our heartstrings like an acoustic guitar being played on a campfire site, the warm dash of love that our heart felt on the wedding day of our stellar couple Daniel and Delia was truly remarkable. The connection between this newly engaged couple left us feeling fulfilled and inspired us with a sense of admiration for them. The inspirational pre-wedding photography session in San Jose of our beautiful couple set in the amazing Mission Peak Regional Preserve set in the east of Fremont, California tells their story a little louder. 


Located in the eastern part of Fremont in California, the Mission Peak is a hotspot for hikers and adventure seekers. It overlooks and borders the Silicon Valley, which makes it a very popular photogenic spot for professional photographers in San Jose. From spotting a few wild turkeys flapping at a distance to the rugged boulders strewn all across the region, the vibrant backdrops of Mission Peak can give a multitude of couple photography inspirations. Taking advantage of it our super couple Daniel and Delia struck their favorite Pinterest-inspired couple poses and our San Jose engagement photographers did a fantabulous job of capturing every intricate detail as it happened throughout the session. 


The casual wardrobes of our couple complement in the entire San Jose engagement photography session with a sheer sense of chic and style statement. Delia wore a classic white top and a pair of dark blue jeans, teamed with a beige colored knitted shrug, a brown fedora hat, and a pair of tanned brown boots. Her neatly side-parted hair complemented her light day makeup and accentuated her stylish bridal engagement look even more. Daniel flaunted his amazingly relaxed engagement outfit in a crisp light blue shirt and a pair of creamy white casual pants. The trendy and casual couple engagement outfits looked amazing as they posed against the mesmerizing backdrops of the magnificent Mission Peak. Starting from the way Daniel embraced Delia to the way they kissed each other in front of the whimsical bright foliage and rugged terrain, everything came together to create a memorable pre-wedding photoshoot in San Jose.


On the day of their wedding, Delia got ready at the Toll House Hotel, located at the base of Santa Cruz mountains in the historic town of Los Gatos. It is a small and quaint hotel that blends seamlessly with breathtakingly natural surroundings. The unique wedding venue in the bay area of San Jose is home to a unique charm and ambiance for hosting weddings. The special bridal suite of this premiere Los Gatos wedding venue in San Jose suburbs is spanning 6,000 square feet of indoor wedding event space and a 3000-square-foot courtyard that makes up for amazing outdoor wedding event space. Conveniently located in downtown Los Gatos, the photo opportunities of Toll House Hotel for a memorable bridal photography session were truly priceless. 


After our bride got ready, we shifted to the classic Santa Clara wedding venue where the rest of the wedding day was going to take place. The traditional wedding venue in Santa Clara known as the Mission Santa Clara de Asís is a consecrated church situated on the campus of Santa Clara University. It was built in 1777, and to this day it stood as the heart and soul of spirituality on the campus. The strikingly impressive architectural brilliance of this historical building oozes a different level of historic charm and presents a multitude of photo opportunities for San Jose wedding photography sessions


Perfect for vintage and traditional weddings with a twist of Spanish flair, there was no doubt why Daniel and Delia chose this classic wedding venue in San Jose as their perfect place for exchanging vows. The historic church in Santa Clara is adorned with hand-painted artwork, soaring ceilings with clerestory windows, and elegant archways posing as breathtaking backdrops for wedding photography sessions in San Jose. 


Loved by our professional wedding photographers the stunning architecture of this historic facade creates impeccable wedding portraits for an unforgettable wedding photo album. Ranging from the lush green lawns and gorgeously detailed architectural backdrops, the wedding photography session at Mission Santa Clara wedding venue was filled with an everlasting experience. However, to schedule a wedding day at Mission Santa Clara wedding venue, either the bride or the groom must be a current student, faculty, staff member, or alumnus of Santa Clara University.


Our wedding photographers in San Jose started the day by capturing the trendy crisp white wedding dress hung against a sparkling black background, along with capturing detailed shots of the bridal shoes and wedding bands. As our bride got ready for her big day, our hearts got swooned over her sheer elegance. Delia posed with her best friends and the bridal group photography session looked amazing as she sat in the middle while being surrounded by her girl gang. Starting from the bridal getting-ready portraits in the bridal suite to the mother-daughter portraits at the wedding venue, everything looked astonishing.


Our elegant bride Delia flaunted her perfect crisp white wedding dress and the mesmerizing bridal portraits truly stole our hearts. Her bridal outfit was a long and flowing A-line bridal gown with a sheer overlay. The illusion-laced sleeves adorned her hands with exquisite and intricate embroidery work and the V-neck illusion yoke neckline was perfectly complemented with a bare neck. Her long and sweeping fingertip veil was tucked carefully in her side-parted curled hair with an embellished hair clip. The cascading bouquet spoke volumes for a perfectly whimsical winter wedding as it was decorated with white lilies and green foliage. 


Our dashing groom Daniel complemented the perfect wedding dress of Delia by wearing a crisp white shirt and the pair of black formal pants, teamed with a single-breasted white structured suit and a beautiful black bow. The white rose boutonniere, shiny black shoes, and the black pocket square completed his chic groom look. The matching outfits of the bridesmaids featured light golden satin A-line dresses teamed with gray fur jackets. The groomsmen flashed their dapper style by dressing up in pure formal black single-breasted suits with crisp white shirts and black bows.


Our San Jose wedding photographers did an excellent job of capturing the entire timeline of this wedding in a very intricate way. Capturing all the big and little moments that filled up this wedding day, starting from how the groom waited for his bride to arrive at the altar to the way our elegant bride looked at her soulmate while exchanging the wedding vows, truly warmed up our hearts on this sunny winter morning. 


Once the wedding ceremony was over, the wedding gang regrouped to create amazing family portraits, and do bridesmaids and groomsmen photography sessions as part of the wedding album goals were absolutely phenomenal. By portraying a sense of uniqueness, our gorgeous newly married couple decided to go for a post-wedding photography session, before their evening wedding reception began. The natural and rustic surroundings of the historic church brought a multitude of photography opportunities. Ranging from our beautiful bride posing in front of the cascading stairways with an old-world charm to the candid couple portraits as they walked hand in hand in the grounds covered with fallen leaves, everything looked phenomenal and embellished their wedding album. 


Our professional couple photographers in San Jose did an impressive job of capturing the intricate and thoughtful decorations of the wedding venue. Starting from the welcome table decorations with the heart-sign filled with Ferrero Rocher chocolates to the couple portrait of Daniel and Delia reading Mr and Mrs, from the round single-tiered white wedding cake to the table decorations with vintage details, everything about this wedding day represented thoughtfulness and indulgence.


Ranging from the flawless beauty of the star-crossed lovers to the excited loved ones raising toasts to their new beginning, everything about this wedding was an amazing experience for our San Jose professional photographers. Every once in a while we get to document the love story of a couple that reverberates and restores our faith in love and looking at this newly married San Jose couple was definitely such one of a kind opportunity.

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