Towering Trees and an Easy Breeze: Madison and Tanner’s Engagement Session

ON 20, November 2019


A little woodsy, a little rustic, and a whole lot of honest-to-goodness nature. Madison and Tanner’s easy-breezy nature-inspired engagement session is a testimony that some things can be effortless and no-fuss, just like love. The couple lit up the pictures with their obvious love amid a simple setting. The sunlight and the vibrant green of the trees certainly helped!

The West Bottoms, an industrial area immediately to the west of downtown Kansas City, played the perfect setting for the ethereal photoshoot to unravel. Cozied up by between the Missouri River and the Kansas River, the location is home to several simulated haunted houses, antique shops, art galleries, and restaurants.

The shoot went smooth and easy, like lemonade on a hot summer day. We love Madison’s simple embroidered dress-classy with a touch of boho. Her long blond hair done in waves and a radiant smile dressed her up. Tanner’s blue button-down shirt and black pants harmonized the look and brought out the natural earthiness of the landscape.

We can’t stop raving about the beautifully minimal but rustic photos. Our favorite? The photos in front of the weather-worn wood exterior. There’s something about couples being photographed in the laps of natural wreck! Their Kansas City engagement photographer captured the duo in the little perfect nooks. The sunlight pouring in through the trees made them iridescent and added dimension to the photographs.

The couple slipped away to come back with a change in outfit, and the vibe instantly shifted to a more relaxed, woodsy one. Madison’s moss green top, blue jeans, and brown boots were a nod towards the earthy hues, while still staying true to her laid-back style. Tanner pulled a classic white shirt and blue jean ensemble, universally appealing, and something which brought in a lot of lightness to the photos. They looked deeply lost in each other when they posed along the rustic wooden fencing. The green bushes, with a riot of yellow blooms, added some cheer to the frames, and the boulevard of trees rendered the setting for Madison and Tanner to pose in adorable middle-of-the-road shots. We approve!

This engagement shoot was low on the bells and whistles but endearingly real. They spent the afternoon meandering around the expansive property, the camera snapping along the way. The simplicity is heartening and surely does not lack in impact. The pictures came out stunning, and with all the natural elements playing along, the gorgeous couple was really able to shine!

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