Why Hire an Associate Photographer?

ON 25, October 2018


When your special day arrives, Lily & Lime is there to help capture every sweet moment and charming detail. That’s why we often recommend hiring a second wedding photographer (we call them your “associate photographer”) in addition to your primary photographer. Having an associate wedding photographer provides more coverage on the big day to ensure a variety of perspectives and greater detail for those captured memories.

Imagine walking down the aisle and seeing your fiance's reaction when he first sees you. You’ll want to capture that moment from the perspectives of both you and your fiance. A second photographer is needed to capture both. That’s just one of many reasons to spend a little extra money.

Your lead photographer is most often responsible for capturing those front-and-center photos, the traditional “best” shots, while the associate has more flexibility to snap the sweet details that make up your day. A primary wedding photographer often photographs the bride and the bridesmaids as they get ready, but you don’t want to forget about the groomsmen and the groom. An associate photographer is recommended to help capture both groups as they prepare so no one side of the wedding party is left out.

An associate photographer can capture moments from alternate perspectives. For example, the couple is the obvious focal point of the ceremony, but detail shots of the audience, candid photos of the wedding party and varied angles of the married couple will bring added character to your photos. Likewise for the reception and accompanying toasts, an associate photographer will have the flexibility to capture your guests as they enjoy the celebration as well!

Your wedding is made up of countless special moments. Hiring an associate wedding photographer can help you to capture every single one!

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