A Surreal Vineyard Stroll with Jennifer and Leonard

ON 8, November 2019

How does an afternoon in the winding boulevard of a winery sound to you? Jennifer and Leonard celebrated their engagement with a photo session at Acquaviva Winery in Maple Park, IL. It is a dreamy family-owned vineyard accompanied by a full-service winery. The location is a cozy and private little spot for capturing those postcard-perfect frames to commemorate your love forever!

Jennifer and Leonard went out for a casual stroll in the vineyard on a sunny August day. The trailing green vines perfectly elevated the concrete walls and the iron gate, giving us the ideal taste of the Italian countryside. 

 Jennifer looked ravishing in soothing earthy tones dressed in a military green shirt over her striped t-shirt, black leggings, and brown boots. Leonard complimented her with a wine-colored sweatshirt, a fitting addition, over a pair of grey pants and black shoes. They lent the background subtle hues of color while staying true to the neutral compositions. This made their Chicago engagement photography pop without taking away from the serenity.

 The couple was joined briefly by their pup-and we are all in for the cuteness! The pet-parents look elated to have the furry friend be a part of their shoot. Jennifer and Leonard shared a toast among the barrels of wine and the tones from the wooden barrels bring in warmth and softness to the alluring Acquaviva Winery photos.                                                                                                                                        

This casual engagement session is heartwarmingly refreshing and lacked extraneous props and elaborate setups. The simple scenery completed the ambiance with the fluttering leaves and sprawling vines, and anything else was deemed unnecessary. All this session needed to be perfect was a sunny day, refreshing foliage and a newly-engaged couple flushed with love! Salut to love and life and all things good!

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