Perfect Bouquets for an End of Summer Wedding

ON 28, August 2019


We're entering into the end of summer. Lucky for us, with warmer temps hanging around longer than they used to, "end of summer" seems to be spreading out into its own season. If you're planning a wedding for August or September 2020-- or if you're looking for some last-minute inspo for 2019-- we've combed through the archives of August and September wedding shoots for some of our favorite florals for this micro-season. 

Color Combinations

For a seasonally specifical bouquet, consider flowers that are in season and allow that to influence your color palette. Deep reds look lovely with pinks ranging from bubblegum to blush. Or you can go for a fiery tone and pair deep red with orange and poppy. 

 Greens can be used to evoke a summery tone when paired with yellow and ivory. You can go for a sumptuous feeling by pairing the greens with plum or lavender and shades of pink. Keep it classic with white and green, keeping the emphasis on textures, shape, and structure. 

 In-Season Flowers for a Late Summer Wedding


Big, bold and ethereal: hydrangeas pack a big punch with a delicate finish. 


Would a bouquet by any other name smell as sweet? These in-season flowers are a bridal classic. 

 Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are elegant and glamorous, perfect for the minimalist bride looking for a timeless bouquet. 


This versatile flower can be daisy or button-shaped. Thanks to a memorable scene in Anne of Green Gables that centers around chrysanthemums, this flower can be the perfect pick for bookish brides. 


Perfect for summer... it's in the name! Sunflowers match a hot bright day with style and bring rustic flair.


Carnations are fluffy, simple, and affordable. This flower looks great in any color, and it's at a price point that'll have you saying, "double the volume."

 Baby's Breath

This delicate flower is perfect on its own or lovely added to bouquets and centerpieces for romantic whimsy. 


With many varieties and great textures, you can mix greenery into your bouquet with other in-season flowers to make standout floral arrangements. 

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