How to Turn a Rainy Engagement Session into a Pocket Full of Sunshine

ON 10, July 2019

If you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, then you won't be thrown off by a little sprinkle during your engagement session. The rest of us could probably use some tips for weathering the unexpected. With the right plan in place, rain on your engagement session day can make your pics even better.

First, let's talk about lighting benefits. Rain or overcast days can create a really unique effect in photos, and the lighting can actually be more flattering than on a sunny day. This is because the clouds are diffusing the light of the sun to give you a nice soft glow. You won't see any harsh shadows here, and you may find yourself thinking your skin has never looked better. 

Dress for the elements. This is an opportunity to embrace some statement outwear: colorful rain jackets, matching umbrellas, rain boots, etc. You'll stay comfy and look more iconic than Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain. 

If you take one thing away, make sure that you pack an umbrella. In addition to keeping you dry, an umbrella is one of our all-time favorite engagement photo props.

Feeling chilly? Why not cuddle up with a blanket! We love the cozy intimacy this creates in photos. 

If you want to avoid the rain, take your engagement shoot indoors to a coffee shop, bar, museum, or botanic garden. Somewhere you love to go as a couple is always an extra touch. If you want to achieve an outdoor feeling indoors, a botanic garden is going to be your best bet. 

Last but not least, you can stay at home! Make the call to do an in-home engagement shoot for a super cozy and personal experience. 

Looking for more engagement session inspo? We've got everything you need for the perfect shot on the blog. 

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