Picture Perfect: Sentimental Moments Between the Bride and Groom

ON 9, February 2018


 The best wedding photos often come from sentimental moments between the couple. Candid expressions of happiness, love, and joy between the wedding couple always make for our favorite wedding moments.

The key to getting these knockout wedding photos is to make sure your photographer is there to capture the magic during the most exciting and emotional parts of the day: the first kiss at the ceremony, cutting the cake, a first dance, or a first look. A wedding day timeline is key for this, but rest assured, your photographer will stick close by you for the entire day.

Our favorite moments to capture are those filled with genuine expression. Genuine smiles, laughs, and reactions add a warmth and vivacity to your photos.

We know that it can be stressful. There’s a lot of pressure to get the “perfect” photos. As counter-intuitive as it may sound, the best photography tip for making the most of your photos is to relax and enjoy the day. Trust your photographer to capture the magic moments. After all is said and done, your favorite photo might even be one you didn’t know was taken!

Remember to be yourself on your wedding and enjoy each other. You picked your fiancé because you love who that person is and vice-versa. Joke, laugh, have fun. Don’t be afraid to be playful! It comes across in photos and adds a dynamic, charismatic quality.

Having a photographer you trust can help you fully relax and let your playful side come out. We recommend having a second photographer — and using professional photographers— for the day’s events. It ensures that all those special moments are being captured from multiple angles.

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