Put Your Best Look Forward: Dressy Attire in Engagement Photos

ON 14, February 2019


Let’s be honest, one of the best parts about Valentine’s Day is that it’s an excuse to get dressed up with the person you love. The same goes for engagement sessions. Why not dress like it’s date night for truly dramatic engagement photos? For your engagement session inspiration, here are some of our favorite ways to embrace a dressy approach:

Monochrome makes a statement. Think of how sharp you’ll both look with a dash of black. When a couple wears monochrome—be it complimentary pieces of black or a black-and-white dress—it draws focus. You’ll really pop, and it can make a light-colored background look even brighter. You can wear your favorite little white dress to hint at a preview for what you’ll be wearing on the wedding day.
Prints bring an element of interest in whimsy to your engagement session attire. We love the way this couple embraced blue to make the greenery in the background feel more vibrant. He wore a blue blazer with a blue button down, while she wore an eye-catching blue-and-white printed dress. We love how this gave the couple a look of unity and enhanced the colors of their photos.
Outdoor engagement photos aren’t just for the warmer months! In the fall, you can go for a stroll with your favorite person while wearing your favorite coat. Brightly colored outerwear pops in photos. We love when a couple each has a touch of a bright hue that compliments each other and the changing colors of the leaves. Heading outdoors in winter can make for exceptionally romantic engagement photos. Consider wearing a long dress in a snowy setting.
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