The Wonders of Watercolor Wedding Details

The Wonders of Watercolor Wedding Details


The Wonders of Watercolor Wedding Details

ON 13, August 2019


Watercolor has always been such a romantic medium, so it makes sense that watercolor details are so on-trend for weddings right now. Watercolor wedding details work especially well for spring and summer weddings, but they can also feel fresh and unexpected for fall and winter weddings with their unique color palettes.

Watercolor details instantly create an elegant, whimsical, and romantic feeling for the wedding day. Love watercolors but not sure where to start? Here are some beautiful ways you can add watercolor details to your wedding.


Invitations, programs, and site maps are a natural place to work in some watercolors. Peruse Etsy and you'll see just how popular the style has become. Because watercolor paper elements are so on-trend that means that you have a multitude of options, making it possible for you to find the specific flower type, design, and color you're looking for. It just may take some scrolling. 

You can keep it cohesive by selecting a watercolor design for your Thank You notes as well. Whether you choose the same pattern as the rest of your stationery or a new design, keeping the watercolor style throughout will make it feel professionally styled. 


Sending your guests home with favors? How hospitable of you! Why not add watercolor printed labels or tags. This small touch maintains the vibe of your wedding, whether or not your favors match the watercolor theme. 

If you do want your favors to match, a mini paint set is a cute favor! After you've spent the day creating memories, your guests can head home to create something else!


Flowers are often the source material for watercolors, so they naturally lean into the style. To capture a "watercolor in real life" vibe, select flowers in pale hues.

Fabric Prints

One of the most exciting new trends is the way watercolors are being incorporated into wedding fabrics. These soft, colorful patterns can be chosen for anything from bridesmaid dresses to groomsmen ties and pocket squares.

Planning to wear white but want to have some watercolor fun? Getting ready robes are a wonderful way to have some colorful fun before the ceremony starts. 

Place and Escort Cards

Place and escort cards serve a really practical purpose during a wedding, and they can also work double duty by really enhancing the decor. Select watercolor escort cards and your tables will naturally be adorned with watercolor touches. 

Hand-Painted Cakes

Hand-painted cakes bring a modern twist to timeless romance, all just in time for dessert. Hand-painted cakes can have the soft colors and blurred strokes mimicking a watercolor. So beautiful and so delicious!

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