10 Amazing Ways to Rock A New Years Wedding

ON 30, December 2019


It’s the 31st of December. Does that date hold more importance for you than being just a day to celebrate the beginning of a new year? Is it a day that you are set to tie the knot with your sweetheart? If yes, then obviously, on that day you have so much to celebrate and be thankful for! The wedding day in itself is one of the most important days in anyone’s life. And being on the 31st of December is a cherry on the cake! On a new year’s wedding, your guests are bound to stay until late and be fully involved in your wedding party from start to end! We have compiled a list of things that you can do to make your wedding on a new year’s eve totally rocking.


Set the glam-goals right!

While sending ‘save-the-date’ cards or invitations, you can add a little bit of confetti or any sort of metallic details for the glamor quotient. The confetti will set the tone of the celebrations right from the start!


Weddings and New Year’s Eve - can’t get any more glamorous than that! So, without any second thoughts, get that sequined or a luxurious beaded wedding dress for yourself, have your groom dress up in a dark-colored or an all-white tuxedo. Let’s also not forget the power of a bow tie and cuff links! How about taking the glamor a notch higher for yourself after the ceremony? You could change into a glittery item later for the reception and rock the party.

Shine bright! 

It’s your happiest day! So, why wouldn’t you shine like a star? It’s the perfect day to add bling to everything and every accessory! You could go for lush bouquets, wedding jewelry, faux fur shrugs and gorgeous statement jewelry for a strong impact.  

Bubbles galore

Any celebration is incomplete without champagne. Think: a champagne tower. If it sounds too expensive, you could opt for fizzy drinks or mocktails. You could also go for a champagne toast for everyone as the clock strikes 12!

Celebratory favors

Little favors in the shape of champagne bottles, noisemakers that are going to be in good use till midnight and edible celebratory favors are just a few examples of great favors that carry a celebratory feel!

Seating made right

Nothing spells celebrations more effectively than champagne bottle corks! And this is a perfect DIY for a perfect evening. You could choose innovative ways to have the seating card laid like attaching cards to corks of champagne bottles. Also, confetti poppers and lil alarm clocks are great for people to celebrate the magical midnight moment. 

Plenty of Photo-Ops

One way to have the people hooked to fun is having plenty of photo ops! Consider big number balloons saying 2020, party hats, or a DIY photo booth. Our wedding photographers love clicking people when they are in their elements. Natural, fun and candid!

Confetti showers!

Have the confetti showered as you have your first dance or a confetti cannon when the clock strikes 12. It will not only make a fabulous way to feel the celebration high but will also let the guests celebrate their new years! The moments of the confetti shower captured in your wedding photography will leave you spellbound! 


You could include fireworks at midnight if the venue allows. That would let you and your guests celebrate both occasions. If not, you could add little firework sticks to your wedding cake and have a massively celebratory moment!

Keep the kids entertained!

The parents of kids can only enjoy as long as their kids enjoy. Keeping that mind, invest in a baby sitter so that your guests can thoroughly enjoy your glamorous wedding. Also, make sure to keep plenty of snacks and food for the kids so that they have a blast of their own!

How is that for a New Year’s wedding inspiration? These ways ensure that your wedding, on a day that is of significant importance to everyone, is unforgettable and memorable. Just including little details about New Year’s Eve will make all the difference! Moreover, it’s your great excuse to look uber glamorous on your wedding. So, bling on! 

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