8 Gorgeous No-Look First Looks for Your Wedding Day

ON 2, August 2019

A lot of couples choose to maintain the tradition of seeing each other for the first time at the altar. It’s a private and beautiful moment between couples during the chaos of the wedding where they can remind themselves of the love and respect they have for each other.

Many couples prefer to opt for a ‘no-look’ first look, here are a few first look alternative you can choose that will photograph beautifully:

First Touch:

A small and intimate moment where the bride and groom don’t look at each other but can still feel the heavy emotion and sentiment of the moment. The first touch behind a half-closed door can symbolize a traditional idea mixed with a very modern concept, great if you’re looking for unique wedding photo ideas.

Personalized Vows:

Choose a sentimental start to your day by reading personal vows and giving them to each other. They are a great way to speak to the heart and express deep emotions, even if you don’t want to share them with your guests.

Exchange Gifts:

Opening and exchanging wedding day gifts or tokens are a great alternative way to express a ‘first look’. Let your wedding photographer capture the excitement and sentiment of your creative exchange!

Exchange Love Notes:

There’s nothing more timeless than exchanging old fashioned love notes. You can get custom made emblems for the envelopes or create handwritten ones for your partner. The wedding photography is also guaranteed to be divine!

Pray Together:

Saying a prayer together can be a sublime way to start your new life together, especially with your partner. You can even get your wedding photographer to capture such a quiet and cherished moment.

Breakfast and Family Time:
Spend the morning together with your loved ones. Why not grab a coffee, read or spend time with your family before the day begins? 

Bridal Party First Look: 

You can choose to arrange a bridal party first look, a great way to show your wedding dress off to your bridal party or family. It’s a wonderful way to get that first look even if you don’t do it with your spouse. It can even make for a memorable getting ready session!

Pose for Photos:

Pose for photos together before the day kicks off but don't wear your actual wedding clothes, save that for the actual trip down the aisle! 

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