Beautiful and Budget-Friendly: Baby’s Breath

Beautiful and Budget-Friendly: Baby’s Breath


Beautiful and Budget-Friendly: Baby’s Breath

ON 3, October 2019

Whether the budget started small or has reached its max, most couples could use a few helpful tips to save money. Baby’s breath is a simple wedding staple that is often overlooked and underrated. Read on for a few ways to use the floral in stylish and savvy ways!

Baby’s breath is a part of the carnation family and symbolizes everlasting love, pureness, and innocence. It’s no wonder it’s an infamous wedding flower! They form delicate white clusters and are perfect for various wedding applications. Used sparingly, the flower is delicate and simplistic. Used in abundance, it creates a look of fluffy extravagance. As a lower-cost option, this flower is great for couples in every budget range!

Feature the flower in your arrangements. Have your hairstylist weave delicate sprigs into your bridal braid, or, create a full flower crown for the day. The look is effortlessly bridal and ethereal. In bouquets, it adds lightness and texture. Have it combined in your seasonal mix to diffuse a bulky bouquet and to soften a color palette. A simple boutonniere of baby’s breath practically floats on your groom’s lapel and it looks great contrasted with more masculine details.

Make it the highlight of your wedding decor. Dress up your ceremony arbor with an impactful pop of freshness. Create romantic clouds as table centerpieces. Sprinkle it in bud vases and use on fireplace mantels, dessert tables, and favor displays.  With it being such an affordable option, it's a great bulk item to be used throughout the ceremony and reception sites!

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