Gorgeous New York Wedding Photos at Sea Cliff Manor

ON 21, July 2020


Romeo and Juliet may have been long gone, and the tales of John Keats and Fanny Brawne's romance may continue to inspire us, but there is one thing that is never forgotten and stays common in the greatest tales from around the world- 'Love'. With the ability to move mountains and pierce through rooftops, the crackling firewoods of love can never be contained and no amount of expressions can do justice to what two people who are so deeply in love can feel. 

And as quoted by Lila DiPasqua, "Once in a while, right in the middle of ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale."

We were lucky to witness one of such love stories and document it on our camera shutters in the summer of 2019. Like a cool breeze on a sunny day, this New York couple Melissa and Jimmy celebrated their day one of love in one of the most beautiful ways we have ever seen. The wedding photographs stand as testimony to the incredible and memorable New York summer wedding.


Time and again we witness fusion weddings that blend in two distinct cultures that honor traditions on both sides, highlighting the beauty of diverse cultures. There are weddings and there are Indian weddings! Apart from the singing and dancing that takes place in the wedding activities, traditional Indian weddings are filled with a huge burst of colors, and the emotions surrounding the precious Indian cultures and customs make it a truly distinguishable affair. 


The love saga of our New York City power couple Jimmy and Melissa was one of the coolest wedding celebrations we have seen in a long long time filled with unique wedding traditions, a myriad of colors, fun experiences, bright attires, interesting rituals, and unsurpassed gastronomic experience. Witnessing and documenting this entire wedding day in New York, and capturing every moment as it happened for our wedding photography session in New York was truly a unique adventure. Showcasing to the world the power and beauty of fusion weddings, Melissa and Jimmy truly planned their wedding in an unforgettably ideal way.


New York City is an epic love story in itself! Hosting their wedding in New York was an excellent choice as we know the uniqueness that wedding bashes in America's Big Apple have in store for not only experiences but also professional wedding photography sessions. Starting from the endless anonymity in the hassles of a big city, to the sounds of traffic dimming at a distance, from the iconic black and yellow cabs blurring the background to the high rise buildings scraping the sky like lovers, photo opportunities in New York is not only unique but endless.


The photo-friendly locations with a variety of people with different backgrounds and stories clouding in the background, the different colors and textures of this city, everything comes together to act as a muse to thousands of professional wedding photographers in New York. It is no secret that New York City wedding venues are a party for all the senses, whether you are looking to arrange for a rehearsal dinner party filled with world-class cuisine in Long Island or want to celebrate the grandeur at a modern industrial themed Manhattan wedding venue in a skyscraper facing the Statue of Liberty, you can have it all.


Loved by wedding professionals and planners across the country, a lovely juxtaposition of the anonymity of the city-dwellers along with the inclusive nature of the city, New York City weddings are rare sights where a fast-paced pretty city offers the right amount of peace for a refreshing professional photography session. Bring out the best of everybody a true New Yorker will always understand the beauty and magic that this city has to offer. For Melissa and Jimmy, the story wasn't that different, as they agree with the artistic nature of this city, that gives them a sense of adventure, love, reassurance, connection, and most importantly, a sense of hope for the future.


The blazing romance of Jimmy and Melissa shone like an elegant dream at Hilton Garden Inn Roslyn, located at Port Washington, New York, where the couple got ready for their wedding ceremony. This New York wedding venue is a premier wedding venue in the beautiful village of Roslyn on New York's Long Island. This classic wedding venue in Long Island is very new to this area which is quickly becoming popular among local New York couples for all the right reasons to host weddings. A very easily accessible location in Long Island, this wedding venue is the perfect space for brand-new celebrations of nuptial bliss. 


Hilton Garden Inn Roslyn wedding venue in Long Island can be an ideal place for hosting your big day while planning your wedding details to the core with the experienced staff and turning all your wedding daydreams into reality. The flexible indoor and outdoor wedding event spaces of the New York wedding venue can accommodate up to 175 guests with all the high-end visual equipment and classic lighting for an entertainment-filled wedding day. The large ballroom sprawling across 2250 square feet of flexible event spaces is ideal for hosting your wedding reception, filled with thoughtful details for your wedding photography session in New York. Featuring a spacious dance floor, bright warm chandeliers, and wall lightings making up a vivacious atmosphere for a memorable New York wedding photography session. The luxurious bridal suite is amazing for brides looking out for an elegant setting for bridal portraits. The sparkling blue waters of Hamstead Bay at a stone throw distance, and the sky that looks like an endless summer dream, are wedding photographers in New York are forever in love with the photo opportunities that this Long Island wedding venue has in store.


It was a visual treat for our New York wedding photographers to capture our gorgeous Indian bride Melissa, decked up in a beautiful traditional Indian bridal attire, covered in red and golden from top to bottom. The jaw-dropping red bridal saree featured intricate golden zari work along the borders and motifs that made her shine like a queen's crown jewel. The rich Indian golden jewelry featured a heavily studded gold necklace with two beaded chain and pendant sets, teamed with a pair of gold drop earrings and a maang tikka embellished her middle-parted hairdo. The light bridal makeup perfectly accentuated her stunning bridal look, along with her low updo bun and the vibrant bridal bouquet made her look picture perfect. 


Our good looking groom Jimmy flaunted his traditional Indian groom look by putting on a golden sherwani featuring bronze zari work throughout along with a red band collar, cuff sleeves, and diamond-studded buttons. The red turban or pagri richly adorned with gold and silver intricate works and golden mojari shoes, made the couple look straight from the pages of an inspirational wedding magazine


Before the wedding ceremony began, Melissa opted for her bridal photoshoot which looks so pretty on this summer day as she posed in front of the stunning backgrounds of this amazing wedding venue in Long Island. The light mint palette and the shades of neutral colors added the perfect amount of textures to the bridal portraits, making our bride pop out gorgeously. Action every moment of the pre-wedding activities was captured by our professional New York photographers starting from a picture of deities placed on the wedding ceremony ground to capturing the elegant couple, with the sprawling green grounds dimming in the background.


The wedding ceremony began at an amazing tent wedding setting, as Melissa made her grand entry with her bridesmaids, who were dressed up in stylish traditional Indian clothes. The wedding rituals took place in a purely Indian culture setting, with a dash of red floral backgrounds, filling up the entire wedding atmosphere with a very happy and energetic mood. Our wedding photographers in New York did a tremendous job of capturing the littlest of details that this Indian wedding ceremony entailed, in every step. All the wedding guests were dressed up in poppy and vibrant colored traditional Indian clothes, that we enjoyed wholeheartedly, as it created an enormous amount of energy and spark in the New York wedding photography session. Once the wedding ceremony was over, the wedding party regrouped for some family portraits for the wedding album that will be surely cherished for generations to come. The stunning couple also took this moment to indulge in a couples photography session and we were definitely awestruck by the brilliant portraits that came in as a result. Starting from the quaint blue door as a photo backdrop to the lively green woodsy backdrops, our love for this amazing couple just grew stronger.


With people from all origins living all across the world, it is no surprise why fusion weddings are becoming so increasingly popular. Merging two cultures and traditions, fusion weddings are filled with unique elements that are not only spirited but also happy and exciting. From releasing a pair of doves in the Philippines representing a happy life together to attaching a fake wedding ring inside the wedding cake for the bridesmaids' luck in Peru, interesting wedding traditions come together to celebrate the extraordinary high spirits dipped in love. And all of this for celebrating new beginnings


Greeting everyone with 'namaste', the fusion wedding of Melissa and Jimmy was a traditional affair filled with dynamic and dazzling moments that were captured by our professional wedding photographers in New York. After the wedding ceremony was over, the couple got ready for their wedding reception to be held in Sea Cliff Manor, located in the North Shore of Long Island. We couldn't stop but applaud this decision of hosting their wedding reception at this amazingly attractive Long Island wedding venue in New York. 


Celebrating the unparalleled beauty on the North Shore of Long Island, this iconic and historic wedding venue sits atop a hill is an undoubted treat for your New York wedding photography. Formerly known as the 'Gold Coast' mansion, this premiere New York wedding venue offers unique experiences for hosting wedding receptions and celebrations, engulfed by exceptional natural beauty in an outdoor waterfront setting. 


The exquisite backdrops for hosting weddings, in both indoor and outdoor wedding event spaces, this premier wedding venue features a lovely double-faced fireplace, traditional bar area, and magnificent panoramic views of the waterfront settings that can be ideal for couples with a keen eye for golden hour photography sessions. Extremely understandable by New York locals, the spectacular beauty of this Long Island wedding venue is enhanced by the magnificent and tranquil Long Island Sound in the background, especially during the sunset hours. The fine detailing of this traditional wedding venue in New York starting from the dramatic outdoor terrace which is ideal for clicking some candid couple portraits, to the splendid garden-like settings, each and every corner of this wedding venue is sure to swoon you with its sheer magnificence and elegance.


Before the wedding reception began, our professional photographers in New York managed to capture the intricate and thoughtful details of this big day. Starting from the sparkling wedding ring of Melissa alongside the wedding card to beautiful candid bridal portraits with her bridesmaids, as she was getting ready for the evening reception, everything looked flawlessly in place. The ethereal wedding dress of Melissa looked straight out of a runway fashion magazine, as she donned an empire bridal gown with a v-neck in the front to glide down as a crisscrossed back. The bridal gown had full-length illusion sleeves with embroidered lace that swept down like a cathedral veil, along with minimalistic wedding jewelry and elegant bridal bouquet with white roses. Jimmy's groom look for evening reception was dashing as he wore a three-piece royal blue tuxedo with black satin lapels, teamed with a satin black bow, a white pocket square, and velvety black loafers. 


Everything looked like a dream as the sun rays pierced through the glass walls of the reception event area, shining on the newlyweds as they swirled through the maple wood dance floor. Right from their two-tier wedding cake placed right in front of an antique quarried stone fireplace to the sprawling green grounds under a pergola, everything looked straight out of a European postcard weaving a vintage dream. The gold and white details of the wedding venue decor shone like jewels on a river bed during the evening reception, starting from the creamy white table linens with gold accents to the fresh white credenza where the couples' names were flashed in neon silver were captured by our talented team of wedding photographers in New York to create an unforgettable wedding album for this besotted couple.

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