Week-End Wedding Resources: July 17th, 2020

ON 17, July 2020


Hey would-be-wifeys! How is the countdown to your wedding coming along? Days to go, weeks to go, months to go? Or miles to go? However long the journey, we’ll be here with you throughout. Bringing you little sources of joy and excitement. Giving you ideas and inspiration for your wedding day. Opening up a world of possibilities for you. Inspiring you in every possible way to make your wedding dreams come true.

Let’s just begin by saying that after all, love is all that matters. Whether you decide to have a small wedding, an elopement, or a virtual wedding, it’s your love that has to be celebrated. Not your decor, or one of your guests, or your wedding dress. Love takes the center stage and gives everyone a reason to be wowed by it! Well, while wedding planning does require time and effort, it's neither rocket science nor one of the unsolved mysteries (we are totally hooked to this series on Netflix!!). And to help you with your wedding planning, we’ve got some interesting sets of resources and recommendations. Let’s get started!


Your wedding day is a fusion of all things love. From your firsts to your wedding exit, everything is carefully planned, keeping in mind your personalities as a couple and the long-wished desires of your wedding day. While the wedding venues set the perfect foundation for your wedding, a wedding theme makes an ambient impression. Wedding themes are a strong reflection of your style and personality, as a couple. If you thought that there are just a couple of wedding themes to choose from, you gotta read this! The Knot brings to you a comprehensive list of all the wedding themes and how they can be infused at your wedding. From a classic all-white theme to Boho, Art Deco, Country, Vintage, Retro (yes, there is a difference between the two!), Nautical, and Natural, they are all in there! These ideas inspire you to give your wedding dreams a shape you’ve always dreamed of. Happy daydreaming ladies!

All the Hottest Wedding Themes (and How to Make Them Your Own)

Via The Knot

 Social Distancing is the new normal. You can sure wear a smile, but only underneath a mask now! It’s all a game of survival. Whoa, 2020 sure feels like one big Hollywood flick! And the ‘apocalypse’ doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. But well, love’s gotta do what love’s gotta do! And the love of these couples decided that it was time to let go, of all those apprehensions, skepticism, and doubts. Time to plunge into the ocean of ‘happiness forever’ and they kept calm and gave in to love. From an impromptu living room virtual wedding to an elopement-like beach wedding, a car-parade wedding, a drive-in wedding, and so much more, love knows no bounds. These weddings of 2020 have created history in their own styles and shall be etched on the minds of all, forever. They are our #lovegoals of all time. It’s a great feeling to watch love withstand all things cataclysmic vibes and emerge as a winner. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the magic of love and how it shines beyond this universe! 

COVID-19 May Have Changed Their Plans, But These Real Weddings Are Giving Us All the Feels

Via Brides

 What do you think about the first look? Are you planning to have one at your wedding? Although we absolutely love the traditional no-look or even the no-look first look weddings, there is something about the first look that makes us fall in love with each passing day. Not to mention, the increasing number of couples who are going for it nowadays! The balloon of expressions that bursts on a groom’s face on seeing his bride for the first time, in complete privacy during the first look, can take anyone’s breath away. And if the couple is a private-kinda couple, a first look is the best way to have a real and memorable wedding moment. Your wedding photographer would capture all the smiles and tears in your partner’s eyes as he sets his eyes on his bride, for the first time. Did we manage to convince you yet? If not, here’s some more food for thought. This blog from Green Wedding Shoes will make you fall in love with the concept of a first look. 

Nothing Like the First Time: Our Absolute *Favorite* First Looks!

Via Green Wedding Shoes

 Ah, those dreamy forests. The crisp air, the whimsical feel, the romantic solitude - absolutely unparalleled! And forest weddings have always had us swooning over. The magical look of a forest wedding feels straight out of a storybook. And considering the social distancing that is of utmost importance in these times, forest weddings can make your wedding dreams come to life and how! Romantic forest weddings have kinda become our new love language and we are feeling inspired to share it with you. Among various unique wedding venues, forests become a dream destination with a perfect juxtaposition of rusticity and class. With string or market lights adding subtle glamor, the tall trees playing the perfect frames for your wedding moments, waterfalls (if around) adding whimsy and magic, and little to work on the wedding decor, forest weddings make for great wedding photography too! It’s a win-win. With such a unique ambiance, the memories are bound to be unique too. Take a look to get floored by some of the dreamiest forest wedding images and get inspired!

Head into the Woods with 14 Must-See Forest Weddings!

Via Green Wedding Shoes

 Do you want your wedding to be just how you have always dreamt of, but the budget’s coming in your way? Or are you the kinda bride who has not really thought about her wedding that much and is more interested in saving the money for the future instead of spending it on a lavish wedding? Well, we have all the magic tricks for you! This blog from Martha Stewart Weddings is everything your ‘spend-wisely’ self is looking for. Did you know that things like fonts can cause a dent in your budget? And how having two cakes is actually less expensive than having one?! From how to go about the cake, drinks, and food to table settings, favors, and decor ideas to effectively control your wedding expenses, the ideas are mind-blowing. 

55 Clever Ways to Trim Your Wedding Budget

Via Martha Stewart Weddings

 The ongoing pandemic doesn’t seem to settle down anytime soon. And that means more bad news for the newly engaged couples who were planning for a summer 2020 wedding. Well, but when one door closes, another one opens up. And having a wedding in these times is definitely possible, although not with the same pomp and fair that you’d planned, but the wedding can surely happen. It’s all about celebrating love, which only requires the people who are in love! Grander celebrations can wait until the world is a safer place. And so, that closed door does open up another world of possibilities - micro weddings. We believe that you both can still be pronounced man and wife on the same very date that’s close to your heart as the original wedding date. Micro weddings make your magical wedding happen amidst the love of your near and dear ones, but not exceeding a count of 50. If you are pondering the idea of a micro wedding, here’s a well-curated list of the Hows. We are in love with this idea of making love happen, right here, right now!

How to Plan a Beautiful, Meaningful Micro Wedding So That You Can Celebrate Your Postponed Nuptials Right Now

Via Martha Stewart Weddings

 To conclude, this moment is enough for you and your partner to have your relationship transitioned to marital bliss. The pandemic might have destroyed your wedding plans, however, hasn’t destroyed your love. And where there is love, there is hope. Hope for a brighter future, where love won’t be about doubts and apprehensions, but about assurances and promises of a lifetime! We’ll meet up with you next week with more wedding resources and warmer hugs (socially distant ones)! Till then, keep calm and plan on! 

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