How to Celebrate Your Summer Wedding in Style

ON 3, July 2018


Memorial Day may be the official start of summer, but when we reach the fourth of July, that’s when you know that summer has truly arrived. We say goodbye to the occasional chilly June day, and hello to popsicle weather. In honor of the fourth, we’re looking back at some of our favorite summer weddings and summer wedding details. 

Sparklers, cookouts, and being surrounded by friends and family are what make summer great. Well, that and the long days and warm weather. Nothing evokes the feeling of summer more than a summer wedding. After all, summer is an entire season of celebration of nature’s new beginnings. Celebrating your own new beginnings just makes sense. 

We love the common ground between fourth of July and a wedding. And no, it’s not just because we love the Meghan Markle Hallmark movie set on the fourth of July, When Sparks Fly (but also that!). A great summer wedding shares a lot of the same sentiment and energy of the fourth of July. 

Details like string lighting, signature cocktails, and bright colors are synonymous with warm weather and a carefree feeling. As long as you take a deep breath and have fun, there’s no way you can go wrong with a summer wedding. In the spirit of summer, we do have a few favorite details and approaches. 

Bridesmaid dresses in bright, happy colors highlight the natural vibrancy of summer. Yellows, oranges, reds, and cornflower blue all look stunning in the sunshine. Keep it bright when it comes to your flowers, too! You can choose from a variety of blossoms in different hues. There’s nothing like a bouquet in season! And don’t let your groom miss out on the fun. Consider a patterned tie to match your color palette or theme for more summer vibes.

We’ve mentioned this already, but summer is the season of longer days. Take advantage of it by capturing the lovely sunset in your wedding photography. When the sun sets later, it just makes you want to keep the party going!

Utilize the weather to your advantage when choosing your bridal look. High temps are perfect for a breezy bridal dress, or you can beat the heat by wearing a strapless or backless gown. 

When you’re choosing what kind of reception to throw, you can keep it in season with a backyard wedding or an intimate outdoor wedding. When nature is your setting, your venue can be pretty much everywhere. We especially love to see couples include some great family-oriented details!

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