How To Up Your Wedding Hashtag Game

ON 25, April 2018


Hashtags are one of the landmarks of a modern wedding. This new modern tradition got its start because of social media platforms like Instagram. It’s become a fun and interactive way for your guests to share moments from your wedding. It also helps the couple find cute, candid moments later. As ubiquitous as hashtags have become, there is still a lot of confusion about them. How do you make a good one? How do you get people to use them? To help, we’ve put together a quick primer on everything you need to know about hashtags.

How to Make a Hashtag
There’s more than one way to create a hashtag. For those who feel overwhelmed by the topic in general, worry not! Hashtag generators are handy dandy tools that allow you to enter different information about your wedding, and it will generate hashtags for you.

We do love how some creative couples go above and beyond with their tag. A tip for couples who want to come up with your own tag, start with your names and then get punny. You can also start to brainstorm with different wedding related saying, like “to have and to hold,” “I do,” “tie the knot,” until something clicks with one or both of your names. If it’s not clicking, you can also consider outsourcing the task to one of your wedding guests. Even if you’re not great with puns, chances are that someone on your invite list is. Ask your punniest friends for help coming up with a hashtag. Once you’ve picked the tag, pop it into social media channels to make sure it’s not already taken. (Unfortunately, #love isn’t going to make your wedding photos easier to find).

One more thing to remember: as much as we love puns when it comes to hashtags, you can’t beat brevity. If your hashtag is short and sweet, it’ll increase the chances that your guests use it, which brings us to…

Getting Your Guests to Use Your Hashtag
Once you’ve created the perfect hashtag, the next step is getting your guests to use it. One of the biggest reasons that guests won’t use a hashtag? Because they don’t know about it. It’s that simple. So, make sure to spread the word about your hashtag. You can put it on your wedding website, include the information as part of the invitation, and last but not least, you can include it in your ceremony and reception decor. 

There are so many fun ways to display your wedding hashtag. Some of our favorites include displaying the hashtag in picture frames with handmade graphics, writing it on chalkboards or rustic, wood wedding signs. Think of what would compliment your wedding decor and put the signs in a place where your guests will see them. If you’re creatively challenged, you can peruse Etsy for fun, design inspiration.

Looking for more ways to put together the perfect wedding for the Pinterest era? We’ve got you covered on the blog!

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