Let the City Lights Guide Your Wedding Photography

ON 30, May 2018


Hey, city gal! We know that you’ll love the everlasting and surreal charm of your city in your wedding photos. They are iconic as they are beautiful, and wonderfully capture the surroundings that you love and call home every day. So, we bring you some of our favorite city wedding photos and a few tips to help you along the way.

You can walk to a nearby street or take a short drive to a city location you absolutely love. But don’t stray too far from your ceremony and reception venues for a few photos, as it may lead to delays in the actual wedding proceedings. Factor in traffic time and parking delays while planning any such photography session. Don’t worry, there will be fantastic photo opportunities nearby if you can’t swing the drive!

City landmarks and important buildings make for wonderful backgrounds.  They look stately with their great architecture and give an impressive element to photos. Iconic settings make for iconic photos, after all!

Do your research and find the skyline. The area might be less busy than downtown and the view will be amazing, especially if you can capture it during golden hour or a dreamy sunset moment.

A rooftop with a bird’s eye view of the city will be great for some glamorous photos. A gorgeous, open sky above and a stunning, bustling city underneath! What could be more filmic? Vibrant street art and graffiti add a little interest and playfulness to the photos. So explore some street art and city murals for interesting artistic backgrounds. We absolutely love the modern freshness of these photos and the addition of color.

Pose in the middle of a famous city street. But remember, safety before style! Ask for your photographer’s support and suggestions to make it happen.

City backdrops look amazing at night with all the city lights twinkling in the distance. Night photography in the city is truly magical.

All in all, don’t worry if you are having a suburban wedding, your wedding photographer will get great shots no matter the surroundings!

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