Make an Impression with These Unexpected Wedding Accents

ON 3, May 2018


When it comes to decorating for your wedding, you’re not limited to flowers and candles (though we love those, too). Your wedding accents can come from surprising places. What does that mean? It means that pretty much anything you love can be incorporated into your wedding decor. You have the freedom to incorporate elements of your personalities, what you love about each other, or what makes you unique into the small details on your big day. We’ve broken down some of our favorite approaches to those unexpected wedding accents.

Table Centerpieces

Books tie in your love for reading while adding interest and height to the table. Vintage books, like Don’ts for Wives and Don’ts for Husbands, with old-school wedding advice are a fun choice because guests can thumb through them and delight in their comical advice (it didn’t all age well). They make for interesting centerpiece accents and they’re great conversation starters to boot.


You can also let your guests have their cake and eat it, too, by making a cake the wedding table centerpiece. Why not make a pretty, mini cake the star of each table?


Postcards and nods to travel tell your guests that you love to get out and explore. Share your love of travel in your decorations. It makes the festivities feel vibrant!


Flowers and Attire

Bridal bouquets suddenly feel a little more exotic with the addition of feathers. We love the textural element feathers add, making your bouquet feel really sumptuous.


Hand-painted bridal shoes can be a really fun way to let your personality shine. Some revamped Toms or Kids are a great way to showcase something that you love — like the movie Up!. We love that you can use this trick for pretty much anything.


Custom or quirky groom’s cufflinks are a photography detail that can’t be missed. Sweet and sentimental or fun and irreverent, we love them all! You can think outside the box, too, with lego men and superheroes!


Men’s boutonnieres get unexpected touches with eclectic additions. Buttons, wine corks, rustic feathers, and twine all add unexpected texture. They each bring a different vibe. Wine corks show dedication to a wedding at a winery, while buttons add whimsy. You can pick a button that matches your color palette or you can go with something eclectic and patterned.


Cake Tables, Cake Displays, and The Like

Your cake topper is a great place to add a personal touch. Your favorite cartoon figurines become funny and personal when added to the top of your cake or amidst a tower of wedding donuts. You can select a phrase that means something to both of you, or you can go for a caricature of the bride and groom. There are so many ways to let your cake topper say something special about you.


Fruit might not sound unexpected, but it’s still a unique take on wedding cake decoration or table centerpieces. Consider the size and shape of various fruits to achieve the look you want. These types of details make guests take notice and also creates an experience.


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