News Flash: Warehouse is The New Cool in Weddings Venues!

ON 13, December 2019


Have a susceptibility for the unusual? Think something unexpected and different from the grand castles and stately houses for your wedding venue! Leave the wrap-around gardens and crystal chandeliers for someone else. With the turn of time, the anatomy of the wedding day has changed greatly, and people are now choosing more customizable venues that reflect their personalities more closely. People are opening up to the idea of getting married in a more out-of-the-box venue. With the rise of unique venues, industrial-style warehouse wedding venues are definitely having a moment. It has a charmingly barren and post-modern look about it, providing the couple with a blank canvas to craft the wedding that they want. Let us go through some warehouse style wedding venues which will give your wedding an edge before you even get started with the decor!


The River Mill: The River Mill, situated in Sacramento, French Camp, CA, looks like a dream from which don’t you want to wake up! It comes with a couple of amazing event spaces, each more bewitching than the other. The garden looks straight out of a storybook, but the warehouse-style reception place has our hearts. The red exposed brick wall provides the venue a raw industrial feel without it feeling cold.

 Lone Star Flight Museum: Fasten your seat belts because we are taking a flight with the next one. The Lone Star Flight Museum in Houston, Texas, is an aviation museum and a learning center with an inclination to safeguard the past and inspire a brighter future. This is also an interesting spot to host a wedding. Just imagine the drama and grandeur that the reception area comes with. There is a life-size aircraft is suspended from the ceiling! It is adorably vintage while being wildly futuristic and non-conforming.

 The Duce: The Duce wedding is truly the kind that will linger in your guest’s minds for a long time! This venue situated in Phoenix, AZ, is a vibe on its own. The Duce is a retro warehouse that was once quite a bustle, functioning as a produce center during the day and a relaxing place to let your hair down by the night. It meant a lot of retro dice, vice, and jazz! Now it is still the bustling place, hosting corporate parties and weddings and everything in between. The infamous red-brick wall of the venue is a favorite for most couples to click some amazing wedding photographs. 

 Brick: BRICK is located on the northern end of the Liberty Station, a former center for Naval Training in San Diego. It was a machine shop where mechanical elements supporting the NTC were manufactured and repaired. Now, it is a charming exposed brick warehouse-style venue with white beams and charming semi-circles for windows. It makes a perfect spot for a wedding with an edge.

 American Visionary Art Museum: Tucked away at the base of Federal Hill, Baltimore, American Visionary Art Museum is a burst of artistic expression. The building's architecture is an artistic formation on its own, and the raw red-brick walls and the colorful lightings and art make it quite a quaint venue. It is the perfect ode to the past and the inspiration for tomorrow.

 We love the creative flair that the couples are showing in their weddings nowadays. They are surely taking back control of their special day. We love the big empty places with minimal decor and greyscale backgrounds. We love the avant-garde approach to wedding and the silent message which lies in undercurrents-love blooms everywhere! With such a venue-your wedding will not blend with the million different weddings out there, but will stand out in its own unique beautiful way.

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