Postcard-Worthy Wedding Photos at Inn at Pen

ON 15, July 2020


"As autumn leaves turned their brilliant hue, two hearts joined and said 'I do'!"

Somewhere over the rainbow, where unicorns graze freely, every now and then we stumble upon a love tale that tugs our heartstrings strongly and the reality seems even better than the dreams. Starting from the way they look at each other, to the way they fit like blocks of the same puzzle, you straight away get a feeling that they are in each other's life for a reason. One of the most rarely found equations is discovering love and friendship in the same person that gives us a different kind of reassurance and hope for a blissful future. 


In the fall of 2019, we got a glimpse and delved into the world of Tinasha and Michael, and got the chance to document the 'day one' of their forever together. We fell in love with them the moment we spoke as their excitement was phenomenal and infectious, and it had us smitten and smiling. This gorgeous newly engaged Philly couple shone like jewels on a crown on their wedding day, and it was a breathtaking opportunity for us to create a wedding album that looks like a classic ode to autumn


The refreshing natural wind and brightly hued trees create a cohesive electrifying feeling that engulfs everyone in Philadelphia during the fall season. It is very clear to see why Michael and Tinasha chose this Pennsylvanian city to host their fall wedding amidst a breathtakingly pretty atmosphere. Pennsylvania is home to a rich and vibrant American history, and Philadelphia is the largest city of the state and has always been a popular wedding destination for couples from all over the US. Whether it is the vintage cobblestone streets of Independence History National Park, which is home to the iconic Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, or the historic spaces of Reading Terminal Market, every corner of Philadelphia is loved by this local couple, and hence wanted to begin their marital journey in this very city.


One of the most brilliant wedding ceremony venues in Philadelphia was chosen to host the wedding of Michael and Tinasha, to commemorate this historical day in a picture-perfect style. The Penn Museum, nestled on the grounds of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, and its extraordinary rustic and vintage beauty became the natural choice for our bride Tinasha for hosting the wedding ceremony. This traditional wedding venue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was established in the year 1887 and has been a home for millions of arts and artifacts from around the globe ever since its inception. This historic Pennsylvania wedding venue is home to some of the most delightful photo backgrounds for Philadelphia wedding photography sessions which makes it a tremendous choice for local couples to host a wedding ceremony here. 


The historic building of Penn Museum sprawls 300,000 across square footage, which makes it a hidden gem for hosting wedding ceremonies. It features glass mosaics by the Tiffany Glass Company, marble medallions by John Ross of New York City, and historic sculptures by Alexander Stirling Calder, making it one of the most premier wedding venues in Philadelphia. The beautiful galleries and pristine gardens starting from the Chinese rotunda, a 20th-century marvel featuring a 90-foot dome has charmed tourists since its origin, which is surrounded by ancient artworks from China is also the largest event space in the museum. Starting from the brilliant architectural details of the Pepper Hall to the unique wedding setting amidst Pharaohs and Mummies of Egypt, the Penn Museum can be a unique experience for everyone looking for an outstanding atmosphere.


It was a stunning morning of the fall season and the striking natural beauty of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Philadelphia was glowing with the romantic charm of our Philly couple Michael and Tinasha. Our Philadelphia wedding photographers did a great job of capturing the little details of the wedding day at the wedding ceremony site before it started. The perfectly synchronizing dazzling golden bridal shoes and royal blue wedding invites, along with the wedding bands, and ornamental bridal earrings and accessories were laid out in an intricate setting with a card that said 'Davis Love Story'.


Our professional Philadelphia photographers did the tremendous job of capturing detailed shots of the wedding rings with its royal blue box in portrait mode. The gorgeous bridal dress of Tinasha was intricately laid out against the huge French window facing the cityscape of Philadelphia, as it shone like a diamond against the natural lighting. Our wedding photographers in Philadelphia also managed to frame the beautiful ceremony grounds of this classic Philadelphia wedding venue, as it featured a bewitching fountain with ivory and golden details, tucked carefully in front of the rustic settings of the historical landmark of Philadelphia. The little details seized the attention of our Philly photographer for the Philadelphia wedding photography session, for instance, the tiny golden gate embellished with the word Davis, that was placed at the ceremony ground, added up to be great accessories for the wedding album.


Before the wedding ceremony started at this popular wedding venue in Philadelphia, Michael and Tinasha looked stunning as they posed for couple portraits in front of the artistic and chic settings. The ceremony space at Penn Museum wedding venue looked straight from a postcard in the spectacular Philadelphia wedding photography session of this pretty couple. From the rustic cobblestone aisle flanked by the loved ones to the dazzling fountain posing as the wedding ceremony background, from the rustic exposed brick walls to the emerald green towering trees surrounding the ground, everything made for an unforgettable fairytale wedding setting in Philadelphia. 


Tinasha is our stunning bride, flaunting her classic A-line tiered-skirt wedding dress with V neck which beautifully hugged her body at the right places. The wedding dress was a mix of bright silver embroidery embellishment starting from the sleeves to the hip, and it slid down in tulle and satin, making the perfect ballgown drop. It was perfectly accentuated with a satin edge veil, that was intricately tucked in her neatly done curled plaited side bun with a side parting in the front. Her neck was kept bare and she wore intricate pearl studs, and the entire bridal look was completed with a romantic blush cascading bridal bouquet.


Our attractive groom Michael looked equally charming in his royal blue tuxedo with black satin notch lapels, teamed with a crisp white shirt, and a black bow. He paired up a black formal pants to complete the remarkable groom look, along with a rose boutonniere matching with the bridal bouquet and dazzling black derby shoes. The bridesmaid gang of Tinasha orchestrated the entire look in powder blue satin dresses and Biedermeier rose bouquets. The groomsmen gang of Michael looked striking in their royal blue tuxedos and crisp white shirts.


As part of the wedding photography session in Philadelphia, our Philly photographers took this opportunity of clicking the incredible couple after the wedding ceremony was over in the historic grounds of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology wedding venue. Shortly after the wedding ceremony was over, the wedding gang regrouped for some bridesmaids photography with the beautiful bride and similarly, the groomsmen photography was completed with the charming groom in the middle. 


The sparkling romance of this Philly couple warmed up our hearts, like crackling firewood in a stone hearth on a snowy day and a light drizzle at the end of a warm sunny day. Michael and Tinasha looked like the kind of couple who can light up any environment with their presence, they are not the poetic kind though, but the kind who can inspire someone to write poems. It seemed that their hearts understood each other even in silence, as their eyes and demeanor spoke a million words for them. The precious tear that escaped Tinasha's eyes shone brighter than her designer wedding dress, and the charming smile of Michael sparkled like a dream sending a positive vibe like a lightning thunderstorm.


Some of the most sensational couple portraits were captured on the grounds of this traditional wedding venue in Philadelphia, before heading out to the nearby areas. The remarkable Philadelphia skyline with its brilliant architecture posed as the backgrounds of this professional photoshoot, and without missing a single photo opportunity, our Philadelphia couple photographer obtained some of the prettiest Pinterest-inspired couple photographs.


The Grand Ballroom of the Inn At Penn by the Hilton Hotel was chosen as the wedding reception venue by our incredible couple Michael and Tinasha. This AAA Four Diamond award-winning hotel wedding venue in Philadelphia is located at the campus of the University of Pennsylvania, featuring voguish and chic details, weaving a dreamlike setting for hosting wedding receptions. The sophisticated and modern feeling at this premier Philadelphia wedding venue is accentuated by its timeless and traditional design aesthetics. The recently renovated wedding venue offers ergonomic furniture and locally-commissioned artwork. 


This timeless wedding venue in Philadelphia can give a spectacular experience as the award-winning catering team is famous for its world-class cuisines and extraordinary service. Also perfect for all kinds of weddings, whether one is looking for an intimate wedding setting or a luxurious affair, starting from the Grand Ballroom to the sophisticated banquet rooms, the Philadelphia wedding photography session will surely be in for a treat at this site. The professional wedding coordinators of The Inn at Penn, A Hilton Hotel, can give couples what they have been looking for, to host a wedding ceremony and reception.


The indoor wedding event site, that is known as the Woodlands Grand Ballroom, was opted to host the wedding reception by Tinasha and Michael. This 4,500 square foot elegant ballroom setting was adorned with unique and statement chandeliers, round tables draped in creamy satin linens and golden chairs, with glistening tableware and classic rose centerpieces. Our Philadelphia wedding photographers did a tremendous job of capturing the classic three-tiered fondant wedding cake which stole the show as it was decorated with a white flowery sash. 


The family portraits captured by our professional photographers in the ideal setting surrounded by textured hardwood floors and long flowing dreamy drapes were the perfect additions to the wedding photo book. The entire environment leaped with joy and glowed like a dream when our lovestruck duo- Michael and Tinasha, took steps for their first dance. The brilliantly lit ambiance of the striking wedding reception space was well reflected in all the wedding decor and details, radiating a golden radiance. The thoughtful details tucked away in each corner starting from the mirror work to the embellished decor, was unmissable for our professional photographers in Philadelphia. 


The Philadelphia wedding photographer session of this brilliant couple looked magnificent and romantic, and it also charmed everyone present at the venue, while they raised toasts to this brand new union of the lovely couple. There is something so magical about this newly married couple that stayed with us like an afterglow. Maybe it is the way they make us feel how in the middle of an ordinary life, life gives us a fairytale. Or maybe it is the way they make each other feel home just by putting their arms around while getting lost in each other's eyes and embracing the presence of remarkable love.


Tinasha and Michael seem like the couple who are excited to talk to each other every day like they are talking for the first time, who would want to hear about the things that would go in the minds of each other without any doubt, and who want to take on life as it comes. They looked like the couple who would want to watch the snowfall quietly for hours and laugh at each other's 'dad jokes' as if they were hearing it for the first time. The uncanny presence of empathy in their demeanor for each other shows how Tinasha's love is a warm pair of socks to Michael's cold feet and how Michael's affection is the true North Star for Tinasha.

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