The 4 Best Approaches for a Wedding Manicure

ON 13, July 2018


Your nails are an essential part of your wedding look. A polished event is always a fun reason to go for some polished nails, but it’s even truer when it comes to weddings. Just think about how many photos will showcase your wedding ring and your wedding day jewelry, not to mention the posed portraits with your spouse-to-be. 

You want your nails to look perfect, but let’s face it, weddings come with lots of last minute to-do’s that can wreck a fresh mani. For that reason, you may want to consider splurging on a no-chip manicure or just take the stress out of having to do them yourself by getting a professional manicure. You can go for a mani-pedi solo for some much-deserved you-time before the wedding, or you can make it a group outing. Nails are a fun thing to do with your bridal party (this goes for professional manis and the DIY version)!

Of course, the most difficult decision when it comes to wedding day nails is the universal manicure dilemma: color, color, color. Here are some of our favorite color approaches for wedding nails:

Pale pink, lilac, and light blue are all subtle hues that give you some nice color without stealing focus. These feminine shades knock it out of the park because they’re flattering with most color palettes. If you opt for light blue nails, that doubles as your something blue, too. How’s that for a multi-tasking manicure?

If you’re going neutral, you know you’re making a classic choice. This timeless look flatters all nail shapes, lengths, and skin shades. The glory of neutral nail polish is that it gives you the put-together grace of a mani, but it blends, so you want to pick something similar to your skin shade. What is often called “nude” may not be the perfect choice for you. Play around with color to find an undertone that’s complimentary to your skin tone. We recommend trying shades like mocha, mauve, “nude,” or trying a French tip manicure.

Pop of Color
Let’s face it, weddings cost a lot of money, so we tend to make choices that we think will stand the test of time. If you’re tired of playing it safe, your wedding manicure can be a great place to have a bit of fun. Try a bright red, bright pink, or another vibrant color for a polished pop. Or try pulling one of the colors from your bouquet. Red always photographs well, and it’s so classic it’s like the neutral of bright colors. Keep in mind that your wedding pedicure will be your honeymoon pedicure, too, if you’re leaving right after the big day, so you may want to pick a color based on your destination!

Interesting, edgy, and sultry. If this description has piqued your interest, you may want to try a darker nail shade for your wedding. Keep things fresh and a little edgier with deep plum, oxblood, or a similar dark color. We love the contrast with some of the more delicate details in weddings. It’s great for fall weddings, too!

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