Tracy and Collin’s One-of-a-Kind Wedding, St. Louis

ON 3, January 2019


Tracy and Colin's wedding at City Museum in St. Louis showed us how to go non-traditional and still make it feel classic.

First, let's start with Tracy's dress. The bride wore a silver sequin gown that was chic and unexpected. Who says you have to wear white on your wedding day? We love the way that Tracy bucked this tradition for something that spoke more to her personal style. The added bonus of a non-traditional dress is that it maximizes your re-wear potential if you're looking to get that cost-per-use down. In lieu of a veil, Tracy rocked a hairpiece that matched her dress. Wow!

Tracy topped off her bridal look with a turquoise mani and purple wedding shoes. We love the way she brought in different colors. The muted tones of both hues kept things feeling sophisticated and cohesive. They topped it off with simple bouquets of lavender. Lovely!

The bridesmaids got in on the fun with emerald and lime dresses. We love the way she split the bridesmaids into different hues so that their group photos had an ombre feel. And spoiler alert, all of these colors.

The men looked strapping in a mix of grey and blue suits with blue ties. Collin popped in a bold blue suit. Of course, the groomsmen got to have a bit of personality with their playful socks!

We love the way the couple chose colors that were all present in the decor of their venue, City Museum. The graffiti wall, especially, made a fun backdrop for photos and worked well with the wedding party's color scheme. You don't have to match your wedding attire to the setting, but when you have a location as unique as City Museum, it can make your wedding photography next level.

The couple held both their ceremony and reception at City Museum, giving their St. Louis wedding photographer ample time to move around the space. The couple really used the setting of the museum as their backdrop for the day, and we love the extra touch the twinkle lights added to their first dance.

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