Under the Glass Dome: Perfect Botanical Engagement and Wedding Photo Ops

ON 6, March 2019


Lush floral arrangements and greenery have such a dramatic effect, but they can also get expensive real quick. Host your wedding at a conservatory or indoor botanical garden! That’s an easy way to achieve the look of a million-dollar wedding without the price tag to go with it. And that’s just one of the reasons we love conservatories and botanical gardens. There are so many, we had to dedicate a post to all the reasons these constructed Edens make for the perfect wedding venue or engagement session location.

Best of Both Worlds
Move over Hannah Montana because you and your partner can have the best of both worlds when it comes to wedding venues. Conservatories and botanic gardens give you the feel of an outdoor wedding with the convenience of an indoor wedding. You get the picturesque greenery without having to worry about rain or the temperature.

Natural light is your best friend for wedding photography. Glass structures like a conservatory let in plenty of light—diffused by the glass of the structure. Enjoy the bright and airy feel that the building brings and get ready for some of the most flattering light you’ve ever encountered.

A Summer Wedding in Winter
Conservatories and botanic gardens are great for the winter months. You can try these locations for an indoor engagement session, or as a venue in the winter. You can have the backdrop of summer in February. How can you beat that?
The Architecture
Conservatory architecture is gorgeous, and it makes for a stunning backdrop in photos. The geometric design of the building brings elegance, and the towering ceilings add grandeur.
With such a wide variety of plants, there’s no shortage of color. Nothing can beat the emerald shade of the bushes, trees, and plants for bringing a dynamic edge to wedding and engagement photography.
Love Bug
Some gardens or conservatories have butterflies, too. What a unique idea for an engagement session!
Most conservatories and botanic gardens are publicly funded or maintained by non-profits. By hosting your wedding there, you’re contributing to the conservation of these plants so that more people can enjoy them. So, you get the added bonus of helping to do some good just by throwing a wedding.

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