Ways to Save Your Bridesmaids Money (and Make Them Love You Forever)

ON 20, April 2018


Weddings are expensive. That’s true for everyone involved — from the bride and groom to the guests— and the closer to the wedding you are, the more expensive it gets. As much as you want your favorite gals included, sometimes money can be a concern. With a little attention to detail and some inventive tricks, you can save your bridesmaids a little bit of money— and ensure that money isn’t keeping some of your closest girls from standing up with you at your wedding.

Let Them Pick Their Own Dresses

The mis-matched bridesmaid dresses trend is still going strong. It adds a modern feel and gives your bridesmaids more flexibility. Embracing it can help your bridesmaids save some cash. If your bridesmaids can buy their own dresses, then they can shop within their own budgets.


Be Flexible with Shoes

Designate a color and let the bridesmaids pick their own shoes. If the bridesmaid's dresses are long, you can do one better and just let them wear whatever shoes they want (people aren’t really going to see them anyway).


Give Useful Bridal Party Gifts

You can give your bridesmaids matching robes for the wedding. That way you get the killer wedding photography moment you want without asking your bridesmaids to spend more money. The key to bridal party gifts is to make them useful. Think pashminas, jewelry, or if you can find a budget-friendly option— the shoes or dresses (in the days of yore, the bride’s family used to pay for bridesmaid dresses). Your bridesmaids will be blown away by your thoughtfulness.


DIY Beauty

Allow your bridesmaids the option to do their own hair and makeup. Some may choose to have it done so they don’t have to stress, but for others, throwing on the cost of an updo, down-do, or makeup can turn being a bridesmaid into a real financial burden.


Go Without a Gift

Your bridesmaids are putting in a lot of work on your wedding— from keeping you calm to protecting your dress from near-certain destruction. And, the chances are, they’ve already spent a fair chunk of money on your wedding before the big day arrives. Their presence and participation may the all the gift that you need.


Back-to-Back Events

Your bridesmaids will want to be at both your bridal shower and your bachelorette party. To save them on travel expenses, consider hosting the events on the same weekend or combining them into one event.


Bring the Thrift When it Comes to Accommodations

Finally, make sure your accommodations are budget-friendly, and your bridesmaids will thank you. We love the idea of getting an Airbnb the night before the wedding and getting ready there the next day.


Looking for more ways to “wow” at your wedding while sticking to a budget? Check out the rest of the blog!

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