Weddings are Back: Divan & Jacqueline, New York

ON 11, August 2020


In all fairytales and hardbound love novels the order is always the likewise: first comes the love, followed by a beautiful and over-the-top wedding, and then they live happily ever after! But in between the love and, happily ever after, there are times when barring major plot twists happen, and one such twist took place while our beautiful New York couple- Divan and Jacqueline planned to get married this year. And the name of this major plot changing twist is the Novel Corona Virus!

Divan and Jacqueline keep New York closest to their hearts and all they wanted is to have their dream wedding in the bustling city of New York. While we all know that New York is filled with endless real stories of people coming in from a vast variety of places and phases of their life, there is something magical about this beautiful and romantic city. Believed as the ‘world’s most romantic city’ New York is a queen of the world’s romantic getaway for all those souls who are love-struck! The Big Apple of America, New York, has magic attached to it that no other place in the world would be ever able to replicate. And that’s why there is a reason every second rom-com is set here! This magic-filled city is an incredible place to fall in love, or for the ultimate couples getaways as suggested by Divan and Jacqueline! 

Within a blink of an eye, the majestic, dramatic, and larger-than-life picture of this incredible New York City will add a little bit of cinematic and dramatic effect to your unique love story, then it already is! Loved by cupid-stroke couples and admired by the photographers, the Big Apple of America is a highflyer city sprinkled with towering high rises, iconic yellow and black taxis, and most importantly, real people with their heart-touching true and authentic stories living in this iconic city! 

New York City never sleeps! Every corner of this beautiful city has something that will somehow convince you to ditch your sleep! It is always happening and lively, spreading alluring and intoxicating fusion of colors and textures, offering a great and fascinating canvas for photographers to frame. Always known for its iconic structures, every corner of this marvelous city is filled with it! Starting from the iconic Brooklyn Bridge to the happening and bustling Times Square, from urban chic vicinity Central Park to the most photographed Statue of Liberty, everything here makes this city more gorgeous than it appears in movies and photographs. A harmonious composition of verdant green gardens, luxurious hotels, museums, and delectable cuisine, NYC boasts a plethora of contrasting experiences fused together while complementing each other. From Manhattan to New Jersey to Yonkers, it is a dream of every photographer to capture a love story here, as any love story snapped here is nothing short of enchanting and breathtaking. With choosing the stately and classic Fordham University as the setting for their big day, Divan and Jacqueline invited sophistication and royalty to their love story!  And with the way their photojournal looks, it looks like Fordham University didn’t disappoint them! 

Instead of going all big and gala, Divan and Jacqueline planned small and intimate gatherings with their close friends and family members. They saved the date- August 1, 2020, and declared their eternal love for each other at Fordham University. 

We all believe that everything happens for a reason, and no wonder the dark cloud of this global pandemic has brought some silver linings with it! All you need to have a positive vision to see through it. And that's what Divan and Jacqueline did! Going together through all of this further affirmed and multiplied the unconditional love they both have for each other! They always believe that when you love something- it grows, it evolves, and it creates! They placed their trust into the perspective that their wedding day is not the end goal or a finish line. It is and will be the beginning of an eternal romantic journey. Their wedding day will be one special day in the forever long string of moments that they will cherish throughout their lives! 

Right from the beginning, it was clear right off the bat that Jacqueline is a woman who knows what she adorns in this world and that she will be 100% dedicated to the love of her life, place, thing! Top of the list: family, friends, her faith, and then in no sequential order from what we could tell, the New York Yankees, New York City, and Fordham University! 

We have known that Divan and Jacqueline’s wedding will be filled with meaningful details that will perfectly resonate with them, making their New York wedding highly personalized and a dream for our wedding photographers in New York to document! Our team of talented and dedicated New York wedding photographers finds it so inspiring and motivating as photographers to encapsulate swoon-worthy photographs that someone else has so much passion for! 

The morning was whimsical and our NYC couples were glowing with a radiating charm on their faces. Our New York wedding photographers did a fantastic job of encapsulating all the little details of the wedding day at the wedding ceremony site before the ceremony started. The faultlessly harmonizing gold sparkly sneakers, bridal heels, with a white hand clutch saying ‘Mrs. Pervez’ along with a white mask (a precautionary symbol) placed against the windows overlooking the greenery outside. 

Our talented wedding photographers in New York did a remarkable job of framing detailed shots of the wedding rings placed above its zed black box on a rustic wooden surface in a portrait mode. They also captured a zoomed-in picture of the wedding rings placed before a retro-style brown framed sun-glasses (highlighting that Jacqueline is a fan of retro-style sun-glasses!). The enchanting bridal dress of Jacqueline was fancily laid out against the huge French-styled windows overlooking the cityscape of New York, making it look like a beautiful diamond naturally shining in the sunlight! 

As they were heading towards the end of the day, it was time to sign off the night on a sweet note. With a sweet note, we mean the delicious two-tiered wedding cake! Divan and Jacqueline went on to cut their golden and peach-colored double-tiered wedding cake. Our New York wedding photographers captured every moment of the celebration in the best of frames. The energy radiated by this beautiful New York couple on their special day was truly infectious and will be stored as a fond and loving memory in our journals for years to come!

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