You’ve Got This: Plan Your Wedding During Coronavirus

You’ve Got This: Plan Your Wedding During Coronavirus


You’ve Got This: Plan Your Wedding During Coronavirus

ON 27, March 2020

Who would have thought 2020 was capable of a pandemic? As the world deals with the coronavirus in its own way, one thing stays the same - social distancing! And no one can understand the impact of it better than a bride or groom who has been waiting for the happiest day of their life.

The restriction on a gathering of more than 10 people and, worse, a lockdown, inevitably puts a wrench in your plans for a wedding. As it is, weddings are a stressful affair and this disaster has only made it more stressful. Understand that this was the result of something that was totally out of your control! Take back your planning power as a bride or groom and remember that there are some things that remain in your control. Things that you can do to uplift your mood, help ease monetary damage, make your loved ones hopeful again, and assure your vendors that you're all still in this - together.

If you are confused about canceling or postponing your wedding, we would recommend you to go with the latter. Don't deprive yourself of such a beautiful occasion! It's time to keep hope. 

Now that you have time on your hands and lots of it, you might put it to good use. And instead of feeling bad about the situation, you could use this precious time for the benefit of your wedding! 

Okay, first things first! Let’s discuss how to tackle the current situation. The aim here is to be as productive as possible given the current situation. There are so many ways in which your wedding, the dream wedding you have always wanted, can still take place. And who knows, maybe in an even better way?! Read on to know more about how to deal with the current scenario and keep your wedding planning progressing! 

Keep your hopes up!

No couple wants to see their wedding canceled. There is so much anticipation, excitement, and effort that has gone into making this wedding happen in the first place! It’s an occasion that you both have been waiting for your entire lives. So, we’ll advise you to postpone your wedding to a safer date and time and celebrate your wedding just how you’ve always dreamt! Keep sailing, we’ll pass through this storm! 

Prioritize staying safe.

Well, let’s be practical. Right now, the main goal is to stay safe and help others stay safe as well. Meetings with your wedding vendors or even your friends and relatives can be very well conducted over the phone. Thank goodness for Skype, Zoom, and Hangouts! Home is home, after all, so grab a cup of coffee or make yourself a mojito and hit Netflix! 

Understand that everyone’s in this together!

Remember, there are others to think about during your wedding planning. Wedding vendors and various other businesses operating in the wedding industry have taken a hit for worse, so support them by letting them be there for you. This time requires us all to think on humanitarian grounds, and postponing your wedding to a later date would keep your interests alive as well as your vendors’. 

The million-dollar question: if not now, when?

Get in touch with all the vendors to determine the next course of action. Consult your important guests about their availability for a new date that you’ve decided. It’s a wise idea to postpone your wedding to the second half of the year, but it's all dependent on how the situation takes shape. 

Understand that the wedding industry is going to be inundated with bookings post-June, especially after September, so work towards your next-best wedding date by communicating with your vendors, seeing which dates are available to them, and keeping an open mind. Maybe you didn't think you would have Sunday wedding, but (so we've found) anything goes in 2020. Be flexible! Consider weekday weddings, brunch weddings, and other unique alternatives.

Re: Invites

Well, if the fate of your wedding is undecided at the moment and your invites have already been sent out, pick up that phone and call your guests! Prioritizing a call over sending another invite is the wise thing to do right now. Remember to notify your guests with proper time so that they can plan accordingly. And for those couples who are yet to send out the invites, hold on! We would advise you to wait a few weeks to see how the climate is looking. Consider setting up a wedding website for instant updates, sending e-vites instead of invites, or call or email about the postponement of the wedding date. 

Take the high road and see it as a blessing in disguise.

We believe that there is a silver lining in every dark cloud. And just like that, maybe the postponement of your wedding had something better in store for you! Maybe that venue that you’d been always wanting but didn’t find available might just be available for your new date! Maybe there will be new wedding trends by then that you’d love to incorporate! Maybe you could just use the extra time to get all your ducks in a row. Whatever it is, see the good.

In the meantime: 

Work on your wedding website. Instead of calling or sending messages to your friends and family about your wedding, how about a one-stop-shop where all you need to do is update? Updating your wedding website would make things quicker and notify your guests of any change in a second! It is also helpful in collecting your RSVPs. 

Give all your heart to your wedding vows! Now with all the time at hand, what do you do? How about giving more thought to your wedding vows? This is your time to think of all those things that you’ve always felt for your partner. Of all those times they have made you feel loved. And if you are too shy to read your heart out in front of everyone, you can always make a handwritten note for your sweetheart and give it to them on your wedding day.  

Have some fun with friends. We know how important friendships are when planning a wedding. And during these trying times, it’s much needed! Pull an all-nighter with your girls (virtually!) for a Netflix watch party! There are still ways to connect with your besties. You could also utilize this time in creating handmade gifts for your bridesmaids and your maid of honor for your wedding day.

Revise your vision. When you have time, it’s best to revise! Think thoroughly about the decor if you're still making edits. Check out the online resources for mood boards for your wedding decor. Trends keep changing every now and then, so how about introducing watercolor details? Or how about adding jewel tones to your wedding? If you’ve already decided your summer bridal look but have to move to a winter date, you can convert your look with just a cover-up or shrug. There are various kinds you could explore like faux fur or pashmina. And besides, winter weddings are so beautiful and underrated. Check out this blog to see why we are so fond of winter weddings!    

If you're one that's wedding planning amidst the uncertain times, remember that when the sun goes down, the stars come out! There’s a long road ahead but we’ll get there. Keep your hopes high and your planning in progress! Let us know how we can help!

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