Week-End Wedding Resources: June 5th, 2020

ON 5, June 2020


We’ll begin with a beautiful thought on love - the most important thing that you’re holding onto right now. Love makes everyone gravitate towards itself and then lifts them to a place where gravity doesn’t exist anymore! Isn’t that how you feel when you are in love? High, up in the clouds? You want to spend most of your time with your soulmate, and you can’t stop thinking about starting a life with him. While your heart still skips a beat when he’s around, things have gotten serious and bigger ever since he proposed! From getting a simple thought, you graduated to daydreaming about all those things that you’ll do together, for the rest of your lives. And you feel even more in love with him after browsing through the boundless love quotes on Pinterest or Instagram, like you’ve entered a whole new world! 


We know you are at that stage where you just can’t wait anymore to begin a whole new chapter of your life with your sweetheart. But life had other plans. And you are left waiting and trying to make sense of it all. You are carefully juggling through it all and trying to plan for your dream wedding with all your heart. Your resources are limited now, but you are not letting that thing steal the thunder away! And while you wait for that perfect day to finally happen, we are there, right by your side, bringing you information that could make a difference. So, grab your Quarantini and get reading!


Have your grand wedding plans changed to a backyard wedding? Or have you decided to flow with the river of micro-weddings and opt for one right in your backyard? We are absolute fans of backyard weddings, as the feeling of homeliness and intimacy is resonated everywhere around. As they say, there’s no place like home! You can personalize and add your own elements to it, like no other wedding. Backyard weddings are budget-friendly as well, so you end up saving a lot of money (hello exotic honeymoon destinations!). Moreover, there is a sentimental value that is attached to backyard weddings as it’s great to say your ‘I dos’ right behind the room you owe your childhood and younger years to! However, there are a few things that have to be kept in mind while planning a wedding in the backyard. Things like permits might not sound like a necessity to you, but it's imperative to check with the county beforehand. Check out the link below to get a fair idea before you plan. 

What Permits Do You Need for a Backyard Wedding?

Via Martha Stewart Weddings


Love is beautiful. Two people meet (or don’t even get a chance to meet!) and start to like each other so much that they can’t imagine their lives without the other. They grow inseparable and, thus, love is born. And love does not see caste, sex, age, or race. Supreme Court’s legendary ruling in 2015 to lift the ban on same-sex weddings was a breath of fresh air for love. It took a sigh of relief and so did many LGBTQ couples who were waiting for this with bated breath! June marks Pride Month and Brides has compiled a collection of swoon-worthy photos (with perfect little stories behind them) of elated LGBTQ couples who had their wedding dreams come alive, after fighting for them for years and decades. From those precious tears of joy to the first dance to a song that a couple danced to secretly at one time, life has come a full circle for them. Take a look and witness the glory of love!

50 Same-Sex Wedding Photos That Will Give You All the Feels During Pride Month  

Via Brides


A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and it’s like a sky, full of infinite stars made up of precious soulful moments. You put in months of effort and all your heart and soul into planning your dream wedding. At one point, you were breathing, eating, and sleeping your wedding! With the fluidic situation now, the dynamics have totally changed. You might be getting endless suggestions regarding your wedding from everyone you’d be talking to. While we are loving the world for embracing minimonies and micro-weddings, if you are holding your grounds to wait for your wedding to happen in the grandest of ways, this one’s a good read for you. If you would prefer to wait to have a grand wedding that you’ve set your heart on since the beginning, you’ll love Hanna’s story. Here’s one more for the Pride Month!

Change of Plans: Hannah Hart Reveals Why She's "Willing to Wait for as Long as It Takes" to Have Her Dream Wedding

Via Brides


There is something about your wedding date that lifts your dopamine levels! The significance of a simple date that will transform your life from singledom to wedlock is unparalleled. And the power of love and romance on that day, don’t even get us started on that! However, the pandemic has left you with very little options for your wedding. But look at it this way - at least there are options! Whether the date has an emotional connection to your love story or has been recommended by the elders or your religion, chances are you can still score a home run by having a wedding on that day, despite all the hurdles caused by the pandemic. The key to this treasure box is a virtual wedding. Well, we’re sure you’ve been hearing this term a lot these days and wanting to explore more about it. If you’ve been thinking about it but wondering how to proceed, here’s a complete guide on how to plan a virtual wedding. 

The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Virtual Wedding

Via Brides


So, here we are. Stuck in our homes. But wait, you have a wedding to plan! Now, what can possibly be done to take care of your wedding decor without venturing out? How do you even begin with deciding what to consider when planning for decor of your wedding? Relax, don’t let those frown lines do any damage to your flawless natural beauty. We’ve got all that you need to start with. Here’s a complete checklist of your wedding decor, right from the welcome sign to the favors and everything in between. Take a good look as this would give you an idea of what all has to be bought online or rented for your wedding day. 

Grab This Checklist for Buying Wedding Decor Online

Via Ruffled


Now that you have plenty of extra time at hand and are probably done with Netflixing-and-chilling or immersing yourself in a book and a warm cuppa latte, how about channelizing all your energy (which is longing to escape out!) and time into planning your wedding. We are specifically talking about wedding stuff that you can make yourself - the DIYs. With so many tiny things that make up a wedding, adding your personal touch adds more meaning to everything for instance tablescapes or favors. From leaving the guests in awe to showing your partner how much the wedding day means to you, DIYs have a unique way of depicting your dedication to everything that you do. It not only gives you a sense of satisfaction but also gives your partner a reason to be proud of you and love you even more! But, you just can’t turn everything into a DIY! There are certain Dos and Don'ts in the world of DIYs as well. Here’s a comprehensive list of all the things you can do yourself and things that you ‘shouldn’t’. Take a look at this impressive inspo article from Style Me Pretty and get your creative juices flowing! You could even take inspiration from our wedding blog on DIYs for wedding ceremony set-ups. 

Here’s Exactly What You Should (And Shouldn’t!) DIY for Your Wedding

Via Style Me Pretty


This handful of resources carries a whole universe in it. The one where there are stars of hope, twinkling all around and your wedding does not feel like a distant dream. Where it happens just the way you want, and even if it doesn’t happen the way you might have envisioned, there is still love. And where there is love, there is life. We hope we’re leaving you with some useful insights related to your big day, but we won’t be gone too long! Just another week and we’ll be back for you, with more ideas and even more love! 

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