Top Engagement Photography Locations in Richmond

ON 21, January 2021


Can’t wait to share the news of your engagement with your loved ones? And you want your beautiful city of Richmond to do the needful? All you need is your love, a gorgeous engagement location, and a professional engagement photographer - and the magic shall unveil!

The magic of Richmond resides in every nook and cranny of this dreamlike city! The vibrant vibes of this gorgeous city reside in its effervescent nightlifetheme parksnature preservesheritage buildings, cultural nuances, and its landscaped neighborhoods! All this, and so much more! And as we still struggle with stopping ourselves from talking about the addictive vibe of this city, we are reminded that we have to move on with engagement locations in Richmond! Oops, you had us daydreaming for a second there! 


If you and your partner are interested in a nature-inspired engagement session, Richmond won’t let you down! If you feel that you’ve seen it all, let’s tell you - there’s a whole other world out there that’s still waiting to be explored! And what better occasion than your engagement photo session? The scenic beauty of Lewis Ginter Botanical GardenBelle Isle, and Riverfront Canal Walk are just like drops in the ocean! With endless lush greens and water features, this gorgeous city, nature gives you plenty of opportunities to add uniqueness to your engagement photos


And as far as your engagement photoshoot in Richmond is concerned, your choice of location totally depends on your personality and mood. While some couples opt for romantic scenic locations like waterfront and open landscapes, many choose warm cozy places like libraries or cafes.


Richmond is full of options when it comes to affordable wedding photography and engagement photography on budget. The wedding venue and engagement locations hugely depend on the kind of personalities you both have, less individually and more as a couple. Did we exaggerate there? Okay, we agree, when it comes to weddings, ladies take charge and how! Now that you’ve come one step closer to a wedding, why not start soaking in some ideas? Browse through our collection of wedding inspirational blogs and wedding portfolio to get more ideas on making your wedding a classic one! 


Coming back to the engagement locations, if you are not aware of any engagement locations in and around Richmond that would suit your requirements (or moods), we’ve got your back. To ease it up for you a bit, we have carefully handpicked gorgeous engagement locations that might hit the right chord in your heart! Read on to know more about them. 



For an engagement location that spells a unique only-in-Richmond-vibe, we highly recommend Carytown. Located in downtown Richmond, this place buzzes with activity and plenty of photo ops! All we just want is for you and your partner to spend a day together and let our affordable engagement photographers in Richmond handle the rest. A simple location of this sort is such a hidden beauty! - you’ll be surprised by the results. What has always appeared to be a regular run-of-the-mill walk would completely be turned magical as you celebrate your love here. Whether it's a cafe where you both meet often or a place where you met for the first time or were just taking a stroll hand-in-hand, our affordable and professional Richmond engagement photographers love capturing all the nuances of your romance! You could simply indulge in a sweet treat, sitting right outside your favorite cafe or relax in the garden nearby, there are so many things that can be done here. How about hopping over to the Carytown Cupcakes for some pretty little photos and sweet-nothings? All of which is bound to have exceptional backdrops! How about narrating your love story through your engagement photos? After all, these photos will be cherished for a lifetime and this time won’t come back. You could incorporate your first meeting in your photos. Was it at a local or a theater? Or repeatedly bumping into each other at Walgreens? At a friend’s party or work? It’ll be a great idea to have that place be of some significance in your engagement photography on budget. Carytown is home to amazing festivals that are held over the entire year. Winter brings along gorgeous horse-drawn carriages which can be used as a wonderful prop if you are planning to have a winter engagement photo session. 


Address: Carytown, Richmond, VA 23221

Fees or Permits: None


Forest Hill Park

If you are looking for an engagement location amidst the wonders of nature, we totally recommend you explore Forest Hill Park. This scenic engagement location will surprise you with its rolling hills. Our Richmond engagement photographers love capturing couples romanticizing around the picnic shelters here. The stone structures overlooking the water speak a thousand words of love and beauty. You could just sit on the bench and admire the beauty of the place and that moment in itself would make for gorgeous romantic photos. How about getting some props to make your Richmond engagement photography more interesting! Click here for more ideas on how to make the most of your outdoor engagement session. You could also include some food items in your Forest Hill Park engagement photography? If your engagement photo shoot is scheduled for the fall season, you can very well incorporate various fall elements and make your photos stand out! The staircases here at Forest Hill Park have a unique place in our hearts and we absolutely love them as backdrops. They have an unparalleled vibe that’s rustic, nature-inspired, and beautiful. Wouldn’t you want your little buddy to be a part of your engagement photography too? After all, he is the one who is going to share you with someone from now on. The least you can do is to include him in everything too, well, almost! How about taking him along and let him play his special part in narrating your love story? Check out our blog for more inspiration on how to include your doggo in the engagement photoshoot.


Address: Forest Hill Park, 4021 Forest Hill Ave, Richmond, VA 23225

Fees or Permits: None


Maymont Park

Maymont Park is a beautiful estate that belongs to the 19th century. The estate spans 100 acres and is home to a beautiful Gilded Age mansion that is surrounded by lush and blooming nature. All about beautiful landscape and timeless architecture, this serene Richmond engagement location is a favorite of our skilled and affordable Richmond engagement photographers! The stone walls and concrete pillars have a vintage look to them. The classic feel that comes along with them looks outstanding in your Maymont Park engagement photography. At such places, golden hour photography looks absolutely out-of-this-world! Don’t believe us? Click here to see how the golden hour simply adds more beauty to any kind of romantic photography on a budget. The scenic walkway that runs along the lake is one of the best places to capture romantic photos. For a fall engagement session, you could bring along a blanket and snuggle in together. Our Richmond engagement photographers simply love to capture the intimate romance of couples when they snuggle together being all lovey-dovey! You could simply venture into the woods and be a little playful. Climb up on your partner’s shoulders or simply run towards him from a distance. Hide behind different trees or pose together under one tree. Bring in the fun element as well, at times normal is boring! Let the sun peek through the trees create an angelic glow all over. The effect looks stunning in photos. You could bring along a variety of props to personalize your photos and take them to the next level. It could be something that symbolizes your first meeting or something that brought the two of you closer. Or an interesting save-the-date sign. Read this blog for more inspiration on props. Outdoors are our absolute favorite as they offer so much variety in terms of props, poses, backdrops, and surroundings. 


Address: Maymont Park, 1700 Hampton St, Richmond, VA 23220

Permits or Fees: Yes, a photo permit is required. The admission fee is $30 for a 2-hour session.


Tuckahoe Plantation

Tuckahoe Plantation, with its American historic building, features the formal Floral Gardens, the colonial Herb Garden, and the Organic Vegetable Garden. Isn’t it the perfect getaway from the city to this wonderland? Our talented and affordable Richmond engagement photographers love capturing the romance of newly engaged couples amidst such whimsical surroundings. This National Historic Landmark is considered to be among the finest early 18th-century plantation homes in America by architectural historians. The Tuckahoe Plantation provides the perfect backdrop for your affordable engagement session, with its beauty and history. This engagement location is truly a horticultural treasure with gardens that bloom year-round. You and your partner can stroll through the gardens while our affordable engagement photographers capture real romantic photos of you just relishing each other’s company. This gorgeous Richmond engagement location is famous for a reason – it is rich in history and has gorgeous gardens, lucky for Richmond’s newly engaged couples. Almost three centuries have passed, and Tuckahoe still fits the description of Southern hospitality. This labyrinth of flora and greenery with its architectural beauty is the ultimate secret for beautiful backdrops. The plantation features the Ghost Walk, a Boxwood-lined path, an iconic focal point for your engagement session. When you go towards the North of the Boxwood maze, you'll find the family’s vegetable garden, rows of shrubs, and extensive flower beds. With its lush green plants and colorful flowers, it's one of the most romantic backdrops for your Tuckahoe Plantation engagement session photos. If you are planning your session in the spring, the lawn is beautifully dotted with spring flowers and historic plantings of daffodils. Here is some more inspiration for a spring engagement session. And if you both are planning to go in for a summer engagement session, there are a couple of things which you might want to consider. Click here to check them out so that you can have a great summer photoshoot like a cool summer breeze. There is so much history at this location that the photography possibilities are endless. Our excellent and affordable Richmond engagement photographer in and around Richmond will enjoy touring the grounds while capturing your special moments! You could add various things to add the fun element to your Richmond engagement photography on budget. If you are wondering how to dress up for such a gorgeous place and to have your photos stand out, we have just the information you’re looking for. Check out our blog on dressy attires for engagement and find out what will suit you the best. You could even go all classy and elegant with white. Take a cue from Paul and Keny’s San Fran engagement session to see how timeless white looks amidst lush green surroundings. 


Address: Tuckahoe Plantation, 12601 River Rd, Richmond, VA 23238

Fees or Permits: Yes, a permit is required for all posed and formal photography or video recording.


Two Rivers Country Club 

Sun, water, and sand - isn’t that all you need for a classic photo session? Sprinkle some romance over it and voila! - your romantic engagement photography is born, to live on forever! Located in Williamsburg, this scenic engagement location in the suburbs of Richmond is everything dreamy yet down-to-earth. It’s just an hour away from Richmond and another favorite of our affordable Richmond engagement photographers. Walk along the riverbed or relax on the bench located alongside, our professional and affordable Richmond engagement photographers know how to capture all the wonderful elements around, beautifully! The lush greens lining the riverside are a tranquil place to sit on, carry a prop for better Two River Country Club engagement photography. Or get into the sparkling water for some breathtaking photos! The lawn chairs and benches are perfect for relaxing with your sweetheart and letting nature speak to you. As you both are lost in a comfortable embrace, our engagement photographers would capture breathtaking photos against the gorgeous backdrops of water. And that’s exactly what everyone wants - love and beauty. After all, it's about celebrating your love in the most beautiful ways possible. And Two River Country Club makes that happen in the most iconic way. It's the stuff that wallpapers are made of!


Address: Two Rivers Country Club, 1400 Two Rivers Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23185

Fees or Permits: Yes, you can call Two Rivers Country Club on the number listed on their website to schedule an appointment.


Please note that permits and fees are subject to change. Please confirm the policies with the location before planning your session.

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