Week-End Wedding Resources: July 10th, 2020

ON 10, July 2020


Hola to our beautiful brides! Now that the COVID-19 restrictions are being eased out, how are you planning to go forward? Extra cautiously or nonchalantly? Are you planning to have a summer bar-be-que in your backyard with a couple of friends or family members and begin socializing on a minimal scale? Or are you planning to go out for a new-and-improved experience of dining with your fiance? Or are you both planning on taking a ‘safe-cation’, giving in to the temptations of domestic travel? Well, as the country is coming to terms with the effects of the pandemic and returning to normalcy, one step at a time, we understand that the only thing you want is for your wedding to happen! Well, if you are one of those couples who’ve had their wedding postponed to the fall, winter, or coming years, the silver lining is that you get extra time to prepare for your dream wedding! Or if you fall among the rest who are looking at a wedding anytime soon, yay, we are absolutely delighted for you! For, we have brought tons of wedding inspiration that’ll help you through this journey of wedding planning. And in case you are waiting for your proposal, you’ve come to the right place. We have something for you too in our treasure box! Well, we are here with a genuine idea to help you in making your magical, dreamy wedding come to life. 

Let’s get started with our handpicked reads for this week. Grab on your favorite summer chiller and enjoy the ride ahead. 

Romance is a precious element of love and should be absolutely highlighted during a wedding. A wedding is a union of two souls and romance is the factor that made them decide to spend their lives together. Much before you both decided to tie the knot, you started having butterflies in your stomach rising only for this man. And we’re sure, so did he! You both fell in love with every little thing that the other did and had thoughts of being married at some point or the other. That thought is what led you to this day and that very thought was implanted into your minds from all the romance. And when a wedding is considered to be a beautiful destination and a new beginning for love, both at once, why not infuse it with as much romance as you can? Your wedding reception can be decorated in style (and budget!) to convey the importance of romance in your love story. If you are a bride who has always been dreaming of a fairytale-style romantic wedding, this one’s a good read for you. Zola brings you a compilation of all the things, little and big, that you can do with your wedding decor to take your wedding notches higher on the romantic scales! These beautiful classic romantic wedding ideas ranging from floral centerpieces, dreamy altar, and garlandy chairs to eucalyptus-ed whimsical decor, are all things love. 

Define Your Design: Classic Romantic Weddings on a Budget

Via Zola

Are you in the process of deciding how to style your hair for your wedding? Or simply daydreaming about it? If it’s the former, you’ll get a whole lot of ideas from this superbly penned blog, and if it’s the latter, a little information never hurts! Wink! This comprehensive list beautifully curated by Zola talks about the characteristics of all types of hair and how you can tame some rebellious characteristics and highlight the stunning ones to wear your natural hair for your big day. There’s a lot that happens when you decide to wear your natural hair at your wedding, in perfect sync with your personality and your bridal dress and jewelry. From the comfort factor to budget-friendliness, the perks are impressive. And to top it all, nothing says style than just being yourself! Unapologetically yourself. Take a look to find the style that suits your personality and hair. 

How to Wear Your Natural Hair for Your Wedding

Via Zola

Our beautiful brides, we totally understand where all the fluidity and current pandemic situation have brought your well-planned wedding to. But you’ve gotta remember that all that stress is not going to make it happen, like Poof! It is only going to make it worse for you. Not only will it dull down your wedding glow, but it will also obstruct your ability to think progressively. Do not forget the bridal resolutions we lovingly crafted for you! Therefore, it is imperative to lose that stress and embrace a calm and then work towards planning your wedding during COVID-19. And this applies to an otherwise normal corona-free world as well. A wedding whirlwind is much more than just popping the prosecco and letting the confetti fly! Oooh, that sure is one of the best parts but there’s a long road that leads to that moment. And usually, this road is full of boundless firsts, unexpected twists, and some villainous roadblocks! This write-up talks about smoothening this journey and planning your wedding while keeping the stresses at bay. So, read on to learn how you can manage to enjoy every second of your wedding planning. 

Wedding Planners Share Their Best Advice for Stressed Out Brides

By Martha Stewart Weddings

Who’d ever thought this day would come?! When face masks become an absolute necessity for your bridal attire. Move over the hair accessories and those Jimmy Choos, face masks are the current must-haves in your wedding look, not just for you but for your wedding guests and bridal party too! And now that these times are finally here, it’s best to take it in your stride and style! If you are looking for face masks that’ll go with your bridal look, the groom’s style statement, the groomsmen’s wedding ensemble, and the bridesmaids’ stunning dresses, we have just the right suggestion for you! Junebug Weddings has shortlisted some of the best face masks trending on the internet to suit your wedding requirements. From comfy cotton, elegantly laced, and sexy satin to beautiful floral, fringe laced, and Swaroski-laden, the variety is stunning and matches all possible needs. 

31 Stylish Face Masks for Your Wedding

Via June Bug Weddings

So, it continues. The quarantined life, the social distancing, and life being at a temporary halt. But love continues to grow. Even more now, as everyone has gotten time to relish the little joys of life that were earlier missed somewhere in the cacophony of busy lives. As you FaceTime each other, endlessly, every inch of you wants to be with them and the distance only seems to add on to the desperation. And if you happen to be quarantined together, you’re lucky you have them around. However, in both scenarios, love should not suffer. If proposals were in order but have only been deferred as your travel plans were cut due to the pandemic or social distancing has left you with no options, think again! There is still so much that can be done while staying socially distant and quarantined. Remember how we talked about the Parisian proposal in Virginia in last week’s wedding inspo? Yeah, we are thinking on those lines. Virtual progressiveness has brought the entire world to your doorstep. So, if you are thinking about how to take your love story to the next level in the given situation, we have gotcha covered! From romantic dine-ins, reliving magical memories, and bringing your travel destination to your place, to virtual bands and so much more, this blog from Brides is sure going to be your soul food. 

6 Romantic Ways to Propose At Home

Via Brides

Ah, all the things love makes you do! And private couples, we are talking about elopements. It’s a different feeling when you get married in solitude, in complete privacy, where you are only surrounded by your love. Elopements have become increasingly popular this year, given the pandemic settings all around the world. Not just couples who are private, but also couples who did not wish to let go of their original wedding date have taken their vows through an elopement on that very day. If you are planning to elope, but are wary about letting the news out to everyone, here’s your answer. A wedding celebration is extremely private to the couple and depends entirely on their personalities and choices. Couples who wish to exchange their wedding vows in complete privacy and solitude are just as common as those who wish to do it in a full-blown celebration style! However, the message that needs to be sent to all the loved ones in the former has to be carefully thought of, as they aren’t invited to be a part of your big day. Enter elopement announcement etiquettes! This amazing blog by The Knot talks about the importance of elopement announcement etiquettes, wordings, and best cards to do so. Take a look to get a better understanding of how to announce your elopement most gracefully. 

21 Elopement Announcements That Share the Good News

Via The Knot.

 Now that you have had a refreshing dose of ideas, you can pour yourself some wine or a nice summery chiller to calm those delicate nerves down! Relax, research, and explore as much as you can to make the most of the quarantined time. And with things easing out a bit and restrictions being toned down, wedding prospects look better for the first time in many months! We’ll see you next week with another compilation of interesting reads and much more love! Have a great rest of the week our darling brides!

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