Week-End Wedding Resources: June 12th, 2020

ON 12, June 2020


Temporary. There is comfort in knowing that everything is temporary. And so is this situation of yours. The heartache, suffering, and longingness, they are all temporary. But hope - hope is eternal. Hope is what the world is surviving on. And so are you. We know how desperately you want things to happen. There is this man, who has swept you off your feet and has shown you how not just a place, but even a person can be your home. A forever home. Wherever you go, to whichever corner in the world, you’d still be home, somewhere in him. And you can’t wait to be with him, you can’t wait to be known as one family. You can’t wait to build a home together, with your touch lingering in all things that make it ‘your home!’ Something that’s going to be a perfect blend of you and your soulmate, carrying your essence in every little thing. But something’s stopping you from doing that. And you’ve gotta remind yourself that it’s temporary. Soon the day will come when you’ll be pushing all your apprehensions and woes aside to celebrate love. The gloom of darkness will turn into a morn of bright sunlight as you both will finally celebrate love on your much-awaited wedding day. Things will fall back into place, the dream wedding will take place, and love will be celebrated - even more so now - it’s just a matter of time. 

Until then, like every other week, we bring you some of the most trending resources on the internet which will make your life a bit easier. While some would give you a different perception of how things need to be done, some would make the clouds of doubt go away. Then there are some which will seep into your soul like a ray of sunshine and bring it back to life, rejoicing the reasons to celebrate love. Take a look and explore for yourself. 


Does the idea of a smaller wedding excite you? Does it mean more intimacy, more comfort, and more love? Intimate weddings have been gaining popularity for the last few years but have risen to new heights during this pandemic. Intimate weddings are a great idea as they give you a breathing space on the most important day of your life. They give you time to let that feeling of ‘just-married’ sink in and a chance to celebrate your love story with the people you love the most. They are budget-friendly and the money that’s saved can be utilized in adding more personal details and the ‘dream quotient’ in your dream wedding. It could be the lighting, as in an intimate setting you could totally amp up the lighting to give it a romantic fairytale feel. It not only adds to the romantic element, but it is also great for your oh-so-romantic wedding photography! See, it’s a win-win! And just like that, two souls will merge into one amidst romantic settings, surrounded by the warmth of people who matter the most! If this thought appeals to you, then you might want to explore it a little more by checking out the link below. And if you already had your heart set on an intimate wedding, then aren’t you glad you have us?! You can thank us later! 

How to Plan an Intimate Wedding: 13 Tips for Success

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Love is not just about the romance in a relationship. A healthy marriage is a perfect concoction of romance, care, communication, attention, expression, and honesty. Well, and so much more. As they say, it is easy to begin a relationship but a lot difficult to maintain it. Philosophy tells us about how a happy marriage is made up of these factors - togetherness, forgiveness, and a promise to never give up. How a perfect marriage is like falling in love with the same person again and again and embracing the imperfections of each other. It is beautiful to hear such things, but eventually, it all comes down to practicality. In practical life, a marriage requires much more than that. Here are seven habits that must be inculcated to have a successful marriage and a great relationship with your spouse. Take a look. 

Seven Healthy Relationship Habits Experts Think You Should Adopt Before Marriage

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Oh, those backyard weddings! They steal your heart, don’t they? Those string lights, Umpteen DIYs, intimate settings, personalized styles, and comfy ambiance full of love - there is something about a backyard wedding that is so real and honest. Bustling with the warmth of your loved ones, you dance to ‘At Last’, lost in your sweetheart’s embrace, under a blanket of a starry sky. The time stands still and you wish for it to be just like that, till eternity. That’s the magic of a backyard wedding. But well, there’s more to it than meets the eye. And if you thought that backyard weddings are always super savers, think again. There is so much that a backyard wedding demands that at times it almost equals the cost of a traditional wedding venue. Surprised? Click below to find out why.  

Why a Backyard Wedding Isn't Necessarily More Affordable Than One Held at a Traditional Venue

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COVID-19, Social Distancing, Quarantine, Lockdown - aren’t we tired of hearing these words since early this year? And doesn’t seem like the virus is done with the world yet! However, things are being eased and restrictions being lifted. The world’s getting back on track opening everything slowly but cautiously. But how will this pandemic affect the dynamics of weddings all over the world? We are talking about safety measures, hesitations, and innovations to tackle those. They say necessity is the mother of invention and 2020 has this engraved all over it! Brides has compiled a much-anticipated list of predictions that will change the wedding scenario over the coming months. Interested? Take a look.

What Will Weddings Look Like in the Age of Social Distancing?

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We get you. You are at that point where the word wedding brings a feeling of melancholy and the word virus brings along anger and scare, both at the same time. You have been waiting for this time with all your heart and now have been asked to defer your plans as uncertainty looms all around you. Your wedding celebration has been postponed and a new wedding date has been set. It’s tough but this too shall pass. In the meanwhile, what you can do is have a commitment ceremony and stream it live, to mark your original wedding date and you can celebrate your wedding later. Although virtual commitment ceremonies are not legally recognized, they can give you a sense of hanging-in-there-together in these trying times by exchanging your wedding vows. From an impromptu and cozy living room ceremony to one in your backyard with professional wedding photographers, the world is your oyster. You could even make your own wedding arbor or a little welcome sign for a celebratory feel. After all, it is your wedding and you can make any time perfect for your promises and commitment to your soulmate.      

What’s a Commitment Ceremony and Here’s Why It Matters

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It breaks our hearts seeing our newlywed brides (who were able to pull off a miraculous wedding) not being able to go on their honeymoons right now. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to a beautiful word - Homeymoon! You’re right, keeping up with the current trends of social distancing, a homeymoon is your honeymoon-at-home. If you are still wondering how can you pull it off, take a cue from these couples in the blog to get more inspo! While ‘glamping’ is our hot favorite, we love the other ways to bring the outdoors inside! You could do so many things like taking virtual tours, creating the ‘honeymoony-ambiance’ with natural elements matching the place that you’d decided to visit, or even flaunting your honeymoon lingerie around. Well actually, all you need is love. With love, you can make all your days and nights - a homeymoon! Check out this interesting write-up to turn your honeymoon into a homeymoon and spend your time in blissful romance, while staying safe! 

What Is a ‘Homeymoon’ and How Do You Pull Off a Honeymoon at Home?

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Your love story began with a glance and will live on till eternity. Your wedding is a fairytale that’s waiting to happen and will engrave your love story on to your souls, forever. But you’ve gotta be patient and calm. It’s like Route 66 that connects you to your destination that might seem distant right now. This journey will take time but, eventually, you’ll get there. To a whole new world - A dazzling place you never knew! Are you joining us on the carpet ride for some daydreaming? We’ll meet up next week until then keep the hopes high and smiles runnin’!

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