Week-End Wedding Resources: June 26th, 2020

ON 26, June 2020


Here comes the summer with the promise of fireworks and parades with the Fourth of July holiday, but in a slightly milder form this year. With social distancing still being the mood of the country (and the world!), Independence Day plans have taken a mellower turn all over. Ice cream socials, neighborhood fairs, and open-air concerts have been replaced by virtual get-togethers. And Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks is one of the grandest things that we look forward to - stunningly iconic and always nostalgic! So, how are your Fourth of July plans coming along? From Tuca & Bertie to Nigella Lawson, have you explored it all, keeping up with the spare time at hand? What does your DIY cake look like - an American flag cake or  S’mores Layer cake or a basic summer peach pie? Well, whatever it may be, we’re sure there is a little bit of excitement even though the celebrations might be smaller or virtual, unlike the past years. Nevertheless, these little moments give you a reason to celebrate togetherness with your loved ones. And as you wait for your wedding to happen, it’s days like these that make you look forward to something. Something hopeful and celebratory. 

Planning for an uncertain or postponed wedding is a more difficult task than the original one as the uncertainty and moments of worry take over the excitement, causing one to lose hope. We know what you are going through right now. And as the saying goes, ‘let your hopes and not your hurts shape your future’, we’ll encourage you to channelize all your thoughts into planning your dream wedding

 A wedding that’s the best of both worlds. It has the charm and elegance of a traditional wedding and cost-effectiveness of an elopement; the sophistication and modishness of a traditional wedding and intimacy of an elopement. That’s the micro wedding for you, which refers to a small wedding which has all the elements of a wedding but at a smaller scale of up to 50 guests. So, if you are at a crossroads in your wedding planning during COVID-19, and you don’t know whether to postpone it to a new wedding date or have it on the original date, a micro wedding would be a win-win! And right now, in the world of weddings, micro weddings are the most sought after form of small weddings. With the CDC guidelines easing on the count of gatherings, you can now have a quaint wedding ceremony with an intimate wedding reception, and kiss your man as his wife on the very day that you chose this summer! And here’s how you can prep yourself for your micro wedding. Zola brings to you a carefully curated list of some micro wedding essentials that’ll give you tons of ideas and help you in planning your wedding. 

Everything You Need for a Dreamy Micro Wedding

Via Zola

 The ongoing pandemic has impacted everyone in this world. However, a couple planning to (or on the verge of!) getting married should not take this guilt of planning amidst a pandemic upon themselves and keep planning for their wedding with all their hearts! After all, it's a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. If it’s time to build your wedding registry, you should absolutely do it. But considering the current situation, what factors should you consider before you build your wedding registry? From financial factors to emotional ones, WeddingWire describes all the things essential to consider before you set up your favorite items for your wedding gift registry. So, take a look before you book! 

How to Build a Thoughtful Wedding Registry in the Time of COVID

Via WeddingWire 

 As the country fave Shania Twain serenades ‘From this moment on’ we know she is talking about love and togetherness being there forever! But what we don’t know is that from the moment your partner and you are pronounced man and wife, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your life ahead, and we are talking specifically about the financial benefits. This blog from The Knot brilliantly describes all the amazing benefits that a couple gets right after they tie the knot. If you simply never thought about it before, now is the time to be prepared for an exciting future! 

13 Legal Benefits of Marriage

Via The Knot

 Oooh, so somebody is going to be a bride very soon and we can sense the excitement! If you’ve decided to go ahead with your wedding during the pandemic, just doing your thing, we love you already! We absolutely adore the fact that such situations have not deterred your plans, be it a virtual wedding, an elopement, or a micro wedding. However, certain social distancing norms have to be followed for the safety of everyone involved in the wedding. The masks, being the first and foremost sources of protection against the virus looming in the air, have become the need of the hour. It isn’t shocking to see how masks have also become the most glorified accessory of 2020! From embroidered, lacey to fringed and studded masks, you name it you get it! And how can weddings be a stranger to the latest in fashion trends! Well, jokes apart, wearing a mask is imperative in these times and the wedding industry has come up with a great range of solutions to your bridal look dilemmas. Check out these wedding masks that have swept the bridal fashion, and cater to everyone - the bride and groom and their guests, and take your pick!   

16 Fashionable Wedding Masks for Brides, Grooms, and Guests Face masks fit for the altar

Via Brides

 So one fine day it finally happened. When you were least expecting it. Right in the middle of everything, there he was - on one knee, with a ring in his hand! You couldn’t hide your excitement and your hands went straight to cover your jaw-dropped expression! You’d been wanting this for weeks now, but you knew deep down inside that maybe he’s waiting for the right moment. And when finally that moment landed right in your arms, how lucky you considered yourself embracing it with all your love! Wasn’t it the most magical moment of your life? And it deserves to be celebrated again on your first anniversary. If you are looking for ideas to celebrate the first anniversary of your engagement, we have just the right solution for you. Take a look at this beautifully crafted list that’ll help you celebrate your engagement anniversary in the most meaningful ways. 

Ideas for Celebrating the First Anniversary of Your Engagement

Via Martha Stewart Weddings

 We know how you are feeling right now. With your honeymoon (or even your wedding!) plans thwarted, the excitement of a newly married life has taken a severe hit. However, we’d like to add that considering the current situation, you’re still one of those fortunate ones who have a wedding or a honeymoon to look forward to; and more so, a healthy life with your soulmate. These trying times not only test your patience but also your love for one another. So, until the time the world opens its doors to tourists without any reservations, you can have your honeymoon right where you both are! Remember we talked about ‘homeymoons’ which is the newest wedding trend of 2020? And once it’s safe to travel to other places or countries, you both can plan accordingly. To insinuate that thought a bit further, here is a comprehensive list of all those exotic locations where you and your husband can run off to for a safe honeymoon after the travel restrictions are lifted. Let’s get lost in some reveries!    

10 Honeymoons We’re Planning Post Coronavirus Shutdown

 And now that we are talking about the most favorite feeling in the world - love, how can we not mention how important it is right now? As you and your partner hold on to a strong yet equally fragile bond of love, it is important that you don’t let the romance drift away. Indulge in various things that’ll keep the spark alive, witness the universe hug you both with a mighty embrace. Take a cue from our blog on quarantine date ideas to have the soft breeze of love caress your souls throughout these tumultuous times. Just hang in there and believe that you are almost nearing your destination of love! We’ll be back next week with more verbal hugs! Wink! 

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