A Gorgeous Fall Wedding Soiree At Silver Creek, San Jose

ON 21, December 2020


Oh, fall weddings, how lovely are you! 

It is that time of the year when summer has been officially dethroned and nature throws its choicest confetti on you and engulfs you with cooler temperature, cozier vibes, hot cocoa, fuzzy socks, and pumpkin spice. There is something so magical about the sudden change of air with a striking crisp and bursting of leaves into a thousand hues, speaking the language of love with a blend of festive and colorful moods. Hosting an autumn wedding can bring you a plethora of fall wedding details and ideas for striking the right chord on your wedding day with happier guests, good food, and inspirational wedding decor. 

The quintessential fall fête with chillier temps and changing leaves gives you some of the best holiday and festive themed wedding inspirations that set perfectly with the clearer skies and ideal weather. Marking the start of the holiday season, fall weddings give you so many reasons to be happy about the upcoming holidays in the queue, that automatically sets a joyful and cheery mood in your guests. You should just remember to steer clear of major holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween, and you will be undoubtedly ready to host an autumn wedding filled with gorgeous foliage, fall-inspired wedding décor, off-season discounts, and the best temperate weather. 

The autumn color palette mimics the change of leaves and features deep tones of reds, orange, emerald greens, plums, champagne, slate, ivory, cream, and browns, which set a bucolic and rustic setting for a wholesome fall foliage theme. Gleaming fireplaces and rustic landscapes make autumn weddings one of the most romantic and whimsical experiences, along with creating inspirational wedding photography sessions set against cuddly and warm fall-inspired backdrops. Ranging from fall cocktail recipes and seasonal produce to handcrafted fall centerpieces and s’mores around the bonfire, there are surprisingly gorgeous autumn wedding details that can inspire you and make you fall in love all over again.

Our next wedding from San Jose features one of the most stunning couples we have ever seen and documented. The fall season had Ashley and Cameron smitten since the beginning and we could easily see why they chose the month of November to host their wedding in 2019. Talking right through our hopelessly romantic hearts with their wedding photography session in San Jose, from the stunning couple portraits to the breathtaking group photographs, we cannot help but praise them for their aesthetic and artistic choices. Very rarely do we come across a newly married couple that looks exclusively stunning and remarkably sophisticated, and for us, it was Cameron and Ashley who tops the list. 

This San Jose couple picked their city to reverberate their love tale and the results came out to be grand and glorious. Known to be the third-largest city in California and nicknamed the urban hub of Silicon Valley, San Jose is deeply rooted in the glorious agricultural industry of the past era. It continues to shine bright with modern cultural outlets in the bustling downtown district, blended with sunny and mild weather throughout the year. Cutting right through the center of the city the banks of Guadalupe River features several waterfront destinations and popular downtown destinations for tourists and locals to enjoy. 

Ranging from the Municipal Rose Garden that was established in 1927 featuring thousands of rose shrubs and manicured green spaces, to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, which is a home of authentic ancient Egypt artifacts, your engagement photography session in San Jose can be filled with a wide range of diversifying backdrops. Also known to be the 'largest bay area' city, the Downtown district of San Jose is always buzzing and bustling with activities for our engagement photographers in San Jose to capture couples in love set against historic, artistic, and green spaces. The cultural appeal of the historic architecture, quintessential sidewalk cafes and boutique storefronts provide numerous photo ops for your San Jose engagement photography session.

Another premiere entertainment district the Santana Row with its bustling mix of dining and shopping stops along with the manicure dream space makes for a marvelous spot for professional photography in San Jose. Perfect for photography during both day and night, this is an excellent place for our San Jose engagement photographers to capture you, whether you just want to take a stroll in the broad daylight or when the street lights gleam with neon signs. Couples who love colorful backdrops can head to the Plaza de Cesar Chavez that spans two vibrant acres of concrete surroundings and shade-producing trees. And the lovers of art can visit the Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park, right at the heart of Downtown San Jose featuring over 2500 pieces of contemporary and modern art.

Our professional photographers in San Jose also love to capture couples against the mystery and intrigue that the popular Winchester Mystery House brings for couple photography sessions. Another historical and significant photo spot, the centerpiece of Santa Clara University- Mission Santa Clara de Asís can take you back in time with its long-standing attractions and historic structures. For all the adventure seekers out there, the bike trail stretching from San Jose to Los Gatos in the south can give you a wide range of scenic and beautiful backdrops for your couple photography session in San Jose. You can end your day with the cultural hotspot of San Jose- the historical Japantown, also known as Jtown, featuring a vibrant mix of storefronts, restaurants, art galleries, fresh markets, and historical monuments.

The mesmerizing beauty of San Jose is no secret to its to-be-married couples and hence, for Cameron and Ashley, the choice was always pretty clear from the start. This amazing couple had their eyes on the prestigious venue located in the Evergreen Valley Hills of south San Jose, known as the Silver Creek Valley Country Club. It is a beautiful destination for having a storybook wedding with its upscale facility and carefully thought out details in every corner for hosting a memorable experience for all the guests. Located right in the heart of the city, this classic wedding venue in San Jose features a master-planned gated community with sprawling houses and swaying palms, set in earth tones of nearby Mount Hamilton and the adjoining foothills. 

With a guest capacity of up to 300, this San Jose wedding venue is reminiscent of an Italian Villa nestled in the beautiful Evergreen Valley featuring an unmatched panoramic view of the rolling hills of San Jose. This hidden treasure features an unrivaled backdrop for weddings in San Jose with its foundation that is located at the base of a cascading waterfall and a glistening lake, along with a flagstone pathway that leads up to the outdoor ceremony for welcoming your guests that is surrounded by luscious grass and breathtaking hill views at a distance. The stunning San Jose wedding venue features a main clubhouse that is a golden-hued edifice for indoor wedding celebrations, an expansive foyer, an exquisite pergola for outdoor nuptials, and an ornate dual curving staircase descends to the floor below that is encircled by a gold-tipped wrought-iron rotunda soaring up to the skies and flooding the entire ambiance with natural lighting. 

Our wedding photographers in San Jose love to capture weddings set against the huge French doors off the foyer leading up to the Yerba Buena Ballroom facing the valley and the marvelous crescent-shaped with a back wall made out of glass. It features spectacular views of the manicured golf course and the Evergreen Valley beyond the course, especially during the night when thousands of twinkling lights from the surrounding homes yield a panorama that's even more dramatic for a memorable wedding photography session in San Jose. From the five modern chandeliers casting a warm glow, wood-paneled, granite-topped bar, cozy fireplace, and a terracotta patio to the cream-colored tile floor and neutral décor, everything comes together to create charming backdrops for an unforgettable San Jose wedding photography session.

Our day at Silver Creek Valley Country Club wedding venue started early with the autumn sun shining bright on the mesmerizing grounds of this wedding venue. Our San Jose wedding photographer did not miss a single moment and captured beautiful souls tying the knot against impeccable backgrounds. Let us have a look at the documented adventure of Ashley and Cameron and take our dose of inspiration and ideas for creating the best fall wedding photography session. On the big wedding day, the day started with some bridal portraits and a few groom portraits as Ashley and Cameron posed for the photos with the Evergreen Valley dotted with rustic and golden grasslands as the backdrops. Creating the perfect amount of texture for the couple portraits, the wheatish golden grounds were marked with artistically twined towering trees and earth-toned neighborhood homes. 

Ashley looked like a dream in her crisp white bridal gown as she wore a sheath wedding dress with a scooped neckline and spaghetti straps. She was donned in beauty from head to toe as she paired the contemporary bridal look with neatly side-parted hair and a long cathedral veil, along with a diamond-studded necklace and earrings. Her trendy bridal look was completed with minimalist bridal makeup with a deep plum lip color and a cascading bridal bouquet made out of white and red roses and elegant greenery. To complement the pretty bridal look, our dashing room Cameron decided to flash his trendy groom look with a navy blue single-breasted formal suit with black satin lapels, paired with a crisp white shirt with black buttons. The trendy and debonair groom look was completed with a black bow, a single rose boutonniere, pair of black suspenders, and black formal shoes. The trendy couple's wardrobe beautifully complemented each other as they posed for amazing couple portraits in San Jose set against scenic backdrops.

The group of bridesmaids and groomsmen looked equally gorgeous and stunning as they posed for a group photography session in an orchestrated way. Adhering to the fall wedding session, the gang of bridesmaids was dressed in deep burgundy attires and the best part was all of them wore different types of outfits ranging from blazers to maxi dresses while carrying similar bridesmaids bouquets. The groomsmen on the other hand orchestrated the entire wedding look by wearing exactly the same outfits as the groom, but with burgundy bow ties. The wedding gang truly looked phenomenal while posing for group photography sessions in San Jose

Before the evening reception set in, the group went indoors and posed in the popular ornate dual curving staircase with the newly married couple as the centerpiece. Our San Jose wedding photographers captured some of the inspirational wedding details that were laid out for the wedding ceremony. From the gorgeous couple portraits set out in front of the vintage fireplace that reminded everyone of the glorious 'dating days' of Cameron and Ashley to the impressively laid-out dessert table filled with cupcakes, doughnuts, macarons, and wedding cake set against the breathtaking cityscape of San Jose. 

There was not a single dry eye when the wedding ceremony commenced and Ashley and Cameron exchanged their wedding vows while looking at each other with hope, joy, and precious emotions. The outdoor wedding ceremony setting with the panoramic views of the city as a backdrop looked stunning and impressive in all the wedding portraits. Ashley wrapped herself in a luxurious white faux shawl and posed with the love of her life while showcasing their wedding bands in amazing couple portraits. As the evening set in the entire wedding venue was lit up with magical bistro lights and the twinkling city lights blinked dreamily in the background making the entire ambiance look straight out of a storybook. 

The newly married San Jose couple danced the night away under the thousand flickering star lights and surrounded by their loved ones. It was followed by beautiful speech performances by their loved ones and a cake cutting ceremony, as they moved to cut the single-tiered frosted wedding cake. Whether it was the dimly lit setting during the evening reception with cafe lights and glowing table candles or the whimsical wooden sign that said 'Love', there was one thing that remained ascertain and had our hearts swooned and smitten with this gorgeous couple was their unfaltering chemistry and sheer sophisticated vibe. They reminded us how in a world full of variables, love is the only constant.

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