Week-End Wedding Resources: May 8th, 2020

ON 8, May 2020


Hey, gorgeous! We’re back as promised with our weekly source of wedding inspiration for you! So how has your quarantine been going? Have you mastered the Arts of Quarantine yet with those umpteen recipes, following DIY tutorials for literally everything, making your own Cosmo or a Hurricane, or watching the Tiger King all over again? 

Considering the current uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope you are taking care of yourselves. If you are working from home, self-care is one of the most important things you can do right now, after you spend the entire day working and planning for your postponed wedding. If you ain’t working, you can totally use this time to get that perfect glow you always wanted by simply indulging in some quick beauty hacks and makeup tricks - hello, winged eyeliner! It’s time to make the most of your time! Isn’t that one heck-of-a-wordplay?

And as Mother’s Day is around the corner, how about surprising your mom with a little DIY gift? If you can’t meet her right now, show it to her over a video and hand it to her once the skies are clearer. There is something about handmade gifts that has all the elements of love, effort, and thoughtfulness. Let’s not forget how she still treasures the first thing you made for her. 

Let’s move on to one of the most important people in your life right now - your soulmate! In the middle of all the mess-n-stress, we hope you are you making an effort to spend quality time with your sweetheart. Let love be the fuel as you ride up the hill because we know that the best view comes after the hardest climb! Whether together or apart, we’re sure you both are even more determined and desperate to begin your life together. (Doesn’t that make you imagine what it would be like when all this would be finally over and you’ll walk down the aisle to become his wifey?) On that note, we are glad to share some helpful tips that you can totally use right now! So, read up and brace yourself for the climb to reach the top. 

Love is more than the butterflies you get when he looks at you or the feeling that keeps you high. Love is, also, looking in the same direction and walking hand-in-hand to reach your ‘together forever’. If you and your sweetheart are feeling gloomy and perplexed about handling a postponed wedding, here are some enlightening tips from other couples on how they are sailing through the ocean of hard times. Check out some of the best ways to ensure your ride to your wedding, is smooth and successful. 


COVID-19 Forced These Couples to Postpone Their Weddings—These Are Their Best Tips for Navigating the Process

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Here’s one more for love! In the times of global uncertainty, these couples proved how their love didn’t get canceled. Or even postponed! They went ahead with their wedding in their own unique and totally doable ways. Sounds interesting, right? They sure gave a whole new meaning to Nick Carter’s ‘Love Can’t Wait’!


Positive Proof: How These Couples Said ‘I Do’ During COVID-19

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Stuck with the ideas for decor at your wedding? Or has the C virus (haven’t we already heard too much of its name!) forced you to replan your wedding decor? Well, considering the mood of the year, these rainbow-colored wedding ideas are here to lift your dampened spirits! Even the most humdrum wedding decors can get an instant facelift with a gorgeous mix of rainbow colors. If your original wedding has been converted into an intimate or a backyard wedding, you can consider adding vibrancy to it by introducing rainbow colors to it.


10 mood-boosting rainbow wedding ideas to lift your spirits

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We are totally crushing on these dreamy-colored bridesmaids dresses that are, wait for it...under $100! Awesome, right? These dresses are a feast for the eyes and the hottest wedding trend right now. Your wedding sure celebrates your love, but a part of it also celebrates your friendship with your gal pals. The ones who have stood by you, the ones whom you run to for every little thing, the ones you can’t wait to share gossip with or the ones who are your partners in crime! Click below to find the most beautiful dresses for the most beautiful pillars of your life! 


Bridesmaids Dresses Under $100 + Free Swatches

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Having a winter wedding? But can’t wait to include the dreamy outdoors, misty evenings, or the romantic snowy backdrops in your wedding photography? Fret not, we have all the information on perfect wraps and shrugs to keep you warm enough in the cold. Or are you looking for something that would add a little sparkle or sass to your wedding dress? We’ve gotcha covered on that too. Check out these oh-so-modish styles of shoulder wear that simply give a new meaning to your wedding attire! And now that you are officially a superwoman (we know how you’re doing everything to make that wedding happen!), you might as well put your cape on! 


Must Have Bridal Capes, Wraps, and Jackets

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It’s going to be your wedding day - one of the most treasurable days of your life! While some women can’t wait to get their pretty feet into the most gorgeous pair of stilettos, for the others, comfort is of utmost importance. If your wedding shoes are keeping you in a dilemma, we’ve got you a solution. From uber comfy flats, chic wedges, and chunky blocks to the Swarosky-adorned Jimmy Choos, here’s your guide to find the perfect pair that’s your made-in-heaven, from the comfort of your homes! After all, you don’t want to be faking a smile while being clicked, thinking deep down - ‘when will this get over, these shoes are killing me!’ Your wedding day deserves to be remembered for everything you love! 


The Best Places To Buy Wedding & Bridal Shoes Online

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We hope we have given you something to help you get through the week, something to look forward to and a lot to daydream about! Don’t let the current events scare your love. No matter how it happens, no matter what it takes, no matter what it means, love always wins. We’ll be back with more wedding inspiration and even more love next week! Until then, put that gorgeous smile back on that beautiful face and keep sailing!

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