Kate & Taylor’s Dallas-Fort Worth Engagement Session

ON 21, January 2021


Every now and then we see adorable photographs of our furry friends and our hearts get filled with a certain amount of warmth and light. You can ask any dog owner and understand why they think that getting a pet dog was the best decision they have ever taken. Some of the best feelings like coming home to your paw friend after having a particularly rough day and instantly getting all the love in the world to waking up next to a vehemently wagging tail and a wet nose cuddling up, dogs are indeed the best thing that has happened to the planet. From making you smile more and forcing you to move more, it is no surprise why having a furry friend encourages you to be mindful about the present moments. There are so many studies that have shown how dogs improve your emotional, mental, and physical health and act as instant mood lifters.

You feed them, to walk them, and you snuggle with them, and all this while they patiently listen to your story and give you company even in your loneliest days. For all the people dealing with stress and anxiety, doctors and scientists have always suggested and prescribed getting a dog to change their current perspectives and work towards positivity and optimism. Dogs make you feel loved by increasing your levels of oxytocin and act as irreplaceable therapy throughout their lifetime. All the people who have a furry friend or friends in their lives, you'll be glad to hear that there are scientifically proven benefits that dogs bring to each of our lives! And slowly, pet photography became one of the most loved passions of photographers across the world. Apart from the fact that pet photography ideas are endless when it comes to creative compositions, it is also hard not to love the adorable portraits of our beloved furry friends.


Your dog is basically your baby, from sleeping on your bed to taking up ninety percent of your phone's photo gallery, it is no surprise that you cannot imagine part of your wedding without them. So if we wouldn’t fail to capture photos of our couples’ human kids, why neglect images of their beloved pup? Hence it is only natural that so many people are opting to include their furry friends in their engagement photography session. Getting your engagement portraits clicked with a four legged fur baby who deeply enriches their everyday existence can be a Herculean challenge. From getting them to make eye contact with the camera to capture at the right moment when they are looking at the camera for some nanoseconds, clicking engagement portraits with your dog with the perfect amount of emotions in both the human and the fur baby definitely comes with so many unexpected moments that can only be captured by expert couple photographers.


In the summer of 2020, our next hot couple from Dallas-Fort Worth, Taylor and Kate got their engagement portraits clicked by our professional and affordable engagement photographers with their lovely fur babies. As unique as the couple, their choice of engagement location in the suburbs of Dallas-Fort Worth was unique too. Like a sweet summer breeze in the late afternoon, this engagement photography session in the Dallas-Fort Worth suburbs gave us a sweet chill in the middle of a hot summer in Texas. Kate and Taylor looked straight out of stock photos as they dressed up in casual clothes and brought their beloved pooches to the Dallas-Fort Worth engagement photography session.


Who said you cannot go chasing waterfalls? Probably one of the best things to do in summer, Kate and Taylor decided to go chasing hidden waterfalls in the suburbs of Texas at Prairie Creek Park in Richardson. Considered to be a hidden gem for photography in Texas among locals, the scenic Prairie Creek Park Waterfalls in Richardson was the best choice for this summer engagement photography session. While some waterfalls are iconic, there are others that are considered to be hidden gems tucked away in pockets of the metroplex like this one in Prairie Creek Park. It is considered to be an unexpected treat in a nice green belt park in Richardson.


Waterfalls like these are hidden beauties that are also considered to be one of the best gifts to Texas. The beautiful and scenic waterfall is surrounded by the famous Prairie Creek Park which was founded in 1966 and is considered to be one of the most historically significant and oldest parks in Richardson Texas. This dog-friendly park in Texas brings many couples to go get their engagement portraits clicked as the entire park is gorgeous with its many beautiful bridges, nature, and walkways, but the waterfall itself is by far the most breathtaking. This unique location of Texas is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the plenty of green spaces for everyone is great for a super peaceful bike ride in the stunning park. Set in 37 acres of well-maintained parkland, it is a great spot to have a picnic as they have seating areas where you are more than welcome to bring your own blankets and picnic basket and enjoy the view. Aside from the beautiful waterfall, the park also has tons of wildflowers growing everywhere and stunning bridges that would magically transform your Instagram feed. 


Bringing a very peaceful and homely vibe, this park brings its visitors closer to nature and you can also spot a few people meditating around the water in its unmatched tranquility. The park is super clean around the year and is filled with photo ops for your engagement photography session in the Dallas-Fort Worth suburbs. Helping you to get transported into a completely new world, this green park is perfect for a scenic run with your beloved pooches and it is easy to see why it is considered to be one of the best-hidden gems in North Texas.


With the unrivaled access to all the pretty and amazing landmarks of Fort Worth and Dallas, this engagement spot in Texas is undoubtedly a naturally favorite destination for both wedding and engagement photography sessions of our professional photographers. The location of this engagement spot in Dallas-Fort Worth suburbs, gives you easy accessibility to all the nearby landmarks and tourist places that can elevate your Dallas-Fort Worth wedding photography with the bucolic beauty of the countryside of Texas. There are so many places to visit near this scenic engagement spot for a couple if they want to bring in unique elements for their wedding photography in Dallas. You can plan ahead with our Dallas wedding photographers, and plan a day trip to these places before or after the wedding day, and get yourself a wedding album that can be your ticket pass to the plethora of memorable moments.


The breathtakingly pretty reservoir in North Texas- the Eagle Mountain Lake is an amazing destination for golden hour photography sessions that are loved by our professional photographers in Dallas-Fort Worth. The next stop of your couple photography session can be the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge, a lakefront setting filled with rustic backdrops featuring natural and weather-beaten hiking trails. The Shady Grove Park and Eagle Mountain Park are pretty amazing public park spaces that can be ideal for you to spend some quiet time away from the city buzz, while our Dallas couple photographer captures some candid pictures.


Rooted in deep history, the city of Dallas in Texas can be one of the most picturesque destinations filled with architectural brilliance and scintillating natural beauty for a professional photography session, which can be ideal for couples looking for either post-wedding photography or pre-wedding photography. Starting from the Victorian and neoclassical homes on Swiss Avenue to the notable postmodern structures like the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas can be a city of surprises for couples with a keen eye for photography. 


Visit The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, a museum dedicated to commemorating President Kennedy's trip to Texas in November of 1963. This iconic building is a popular tourist attraction, that can also act as a rustic backdrop for photography sessions. Your next stop can be the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, sitting on 66 acres along the southeast shore of White Rock Lake, and featuring a world-famous display of seasonal flowers, ornamental trees, and plant collections. The Dallas Museum of Art featuring exhibits ranging from ancient artifacts to contemporary artworks can delight the artistic souls with its sheer magnificence.


Want to celebrate the true vibe of Texas? Head to the Dallas Cattle Drive Sculptures at Pioneer Plaza, located adjacent to the Dallas Convention Center, featuring 49 remarkable larger than life bronze sculptures of Texas Longhorn cattle. To create a beautiful experience of an evening photography session in DFW, head to the Reunion Tower, tucked right in between the Dallas skyline appearing like a  geodesic ball perched atop five cylindrical concrete poles. The aviation enthusiastic couple is in for a treat as the Frontiers of Flight and the Cavanaugh Flight Museum, which is home to more than 30 aircraft and extensive exhibits of aviation artifacts.


You can also take a day trip to the dramatic Southfork Ranch, located about 25 miles north of Dallas, and enjoy an authentic Texan chuckwagon dinner on the grounds of the ranch. Another fun excursion, the fairytale-themed Wichita Falls and Kell House, located about 2 hours drive northwest of Dallas, is a little cultural town that boasts of Victorian themed architecture and display, that can take you back in time and create enchanting memories for your engagement album.


There’s no wrong way to get outside and so much to be gained by exploring the natural world. We all understand why being outside is essential as it's time to reconnect with nature. Kate dressed up for her engagement photo session in a coral red sweater with a boat neckline teamed up with a pair of denim and long knee-length boots in tanned camel color. Her hair was neatly side-parted and she wore minimal jewelry featuring a plain chain and her beautiful engagement rock. Acing an A-game in dressing up, Taylor wore a light gray sweatshirt and a pair of loosely fitted denim teamed up with dark brown shoes. If the couple looking picture-perfect was not enough, they got their lovely fur babies for the engagement photoshoot at Prairie Creek Park. As they posed for engagement portraits with their pooches our hearts swelled up with a certain amount of love and sunshine.


From taking their dogs on a walk and stealing a kiss on the bridge holding an autumn leaf to wrapping themselves up in a knitted shawl and orchestrating couple poses in an impromptu picnic style, our engagement photographers in Dallas-Fort Worth did the fabulous job of not missing a single opportunity of clicking the lovestruck duo in the suburbs of Texas. The bright hues of autumn leaves in the background acted as the perfect backdrop for their engagement portraits as they added texture and vibrance and gave us a fall feel in the middle of summer. Whether you call it an inspirational fall photography session or you want to view it as an ideal couple photography session in the summer season, our dashing couple left no stone unturned with their warm and inviting vibes. The rustic and vintage atmosphere created in this couple photography session in the Dallas-Fort Worth suburbs was truly magical and transported us to a completely new world.


Not stopping with the fall photography session, the couple quickly changed their attire into a complete inspirational summer wardrobe and went to the scenic waterfall to orchestrate some of the most scintillating couple portraits that we have ever seen. Kate changed into a dreamy powder blue satin maxi dress with a scooped V-neckline and a long slit towards the right side that hugged our beautiful to-be bride at the right places and made her look straight out of a runway show. She matched her trendy engagement look with a simple pendant chain and graciously side-parted hair. Our dashing to-be groom Taylor too stole the show by donning a complete casual summer wardrobe featuring a dark two-buttoned blazer with a black t-shirt. Up with the same pair of denim and shoes, Kate’s dashing fiancé gave us an inspirational groom look that we will remember forever. The couple not only looked picture-perfect but also displayed their fun-loving and experimenting side by proving to be so camera-friendly as our Dallas-Fort Worth engagement photographers captured them. 


Talking right through our hopelessly romantic hearts with their couple photography session in Dallas-Fort Worth suburbs, from the stunning couple portraits to the breathtaking fall-themed photographs, we cannot help but praise them for their aesthetic and artistic choices. Very rarely do we come across a newly engaged couple that looks exclusively stunning and remarkably sophisticated, and for us, it was Taylor and Kate who top the list. The glow of the shimmering DFW engagement photography session of Kate and Taylor remained with us for a long time as the unique chemistry sparked a different experience for us. The sweet and tender moments reverberated with the sense of sophistication and style that showed us that it doesn't get any better than this.

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