Weddings are Back Feature: Chris & Emily

ON 10, September 2020


The brunt of COVID-19 has been borne by many- the medical workers, the business owners, the job holders, and the estranged lovers. However, being in the business of love, our heart goes out for couples planning on getting married this year. Oh, and have their plans been impacted by the virus, or what! The wedding invites laid unused. The wedding dress didn’t work with the season the bride had in mind. And the fun cake-tasting and dress trial adventures which were to happen were tucked away to the back of the minds! It has been a couple of trying months, sure, but there is a promise in the air. Like the way the rainbow follows the April showers, weddings are back, as sweet and heartfelt as ever! 

Like many couples in love, Chris and Emily were star-crossed lovers hailing from the beautiful Southern city of Charlotte and were hoping to get married early 2020. As they were planning for their life ahead and were choosing color palettes and booking vendors, the universe had other plans! The plans for their dream wedding were rudely interrupted by the pandemic, but not for long! While the couple had an earlier date in mind, they had to change their wedding date to August 8, 2020, instead. The wedding guest list was snipped short to 25 people in attendance, and they had a small and intimate reception which was quaint and adorable. The result- a wedding which we bet couldn’t have turned out any better!


Bright and early on the wedding day, Chris and Emily headed to St. Matthew Catholic Church to get married, and the anticipation in the air was intoxicating. Emily wore a stunning trumpet dress with romantic lacey details in the deep-V neckline and a plunging strappy back. The train flowed behind her charmingly and her veil completed her ensemble. Her hair was done up in an intricate braided updo and the overall look was romantic and elegant. She carried a gorgeous bridal bouquet in white and blue, and looked like a dream! Her bridesmaids were all dressed up in matching powder blue dresses, the perfect summer hue for a wedding! Chris looked ever-so-charming in his gray three-piece suit, blue bowtie, and the boutonniere with blue flowers. The groomsmen matched the groom and the wedding party looked like a perfectly balanced piece of art! Emily’s father walked her down the aisle and she met her soon-to-be husband at the altar. The lovely couple poured their vows onto each other and exchanged their wedding bands and then sealed the kiss as they were declared husband and wife. The guests cheered them on, and the Charlotte wedding photographer did the perfect job capturing them as they took an exit. We love the group photography capturing the wedding party and the romantic photos of the newly-married duo as they posed by the shade of the beautiful pink bougainvillea blossoms!


As a few beautiful couple portraits and group captures skillfully seized by the wedding photographer in Charlotte, Christ and Emily met up at Capricci's True Italian for the cozy intimate wedding reception and we love the breakfast-after-city-hall vibe that this wedding luncheon had. A quaint front street cafe with charming glass windows that looked out to the street, Capricci's True Italian comes with 20 years of experience and exudes a romantic old-school cafe vibe, which feels like both a vacation and a home! This is where they had their first dance as a married couple and our wedding photographer in Charlotte captured the trail of perfect moments in the most perfect captures. While Chris swayed with his mother, Emily stepped in for a father-daughter moment with her Dad, each moment is a gem in their treasure box of wedding memories. They cut their gorgeous three-tier wedding cake, adorned with white and blue flowers. We love the easy laid-back environment that the reception venue provided. We love the beautiful juxtaposition of how life went about and the traffic rushed on with their lives while this couple just made a monumental decision in their lives. Doesn’t it perfectly depict how miracles and magic happen in the most ordinary of moments? 


The beautiful couple put an end to the day by posing for some couple portraits in front of the quaint wall with crochet hearts all over it! What a way to end the day! We love the tiny pink crochet heart with a mask over it. I mean, what else can describe the resilience of love in the middle of a pandemic better than this? While sometimes, even our best-laid plans are shuffled around and don’t go exactly as planned, in the grand scheme of things, things might even work out even better! Determined to remain positive even when things looked dark, Chris and Emily went ahead with their wedding plans, agreed a bit later, but with the same exuberant fervor! Sure their initial plans might have been much grander, but their wedding day ended up having a cozy and intimate feeling which wouldn’t have been possible. With the loved one to hold and the choicest dear ones to cheer on them and celebrate with, this wedding holds close all that is important to start this new chapter of life. There is something light and breezy and relaxed about this wedding which is refreshing and heart-touching. It whispers that weddings can be easy and simple, and if you have a heart full of love, it will just be like your dreams! To all the couples thinking your wedding “ruined”, maybe it isn’t! Maybe all you need is your sweetheart and your close few, and some cake, and things will be just as perfect!

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