Week-End Wedding Resources: August 28th, 2020

ON 28, August 2020


Hey ladies, the weekend’s here and so are we, with plenty of useful information and wedding inspiration for your big day. In the times of small weddings and DIY weddings, technology is a boon! You can learn and order things right from the comfort of your homes. And anyway, that’s what the world has been reduced to. But we’ve always encouraged our beautiful brides to take it in their strides and get on with it! So, let’s get straight to the point and begin the exploration.

Did you know that the existence of the wedding cake dates back to the 1840s? Ever since then, it has evolved into so many different styles, techniques, looks, and finishes. From the 80’s icing, cakes have come a long way to the current trends of fondants, buttercreams, and real blooms. Cakes have become synonymous with celebrations of all sorts, be it birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, homecomings, and whatnot! A wedding cake seated elegantly on a sweet table, though, remains an epitome of love and romance in an edible form! From being the soul of a wedding celebration to conveying the love story of the bride and groom, wedding cakes have one of the coziest and plushiest corners of everyone’s hearts. From an alluring appearance to seducing all the senses with every bite, a wedding cake whispers romance like none other! 2020 has seen a shift in how the world functions and weddings 2020 have not been a stranger to this shift. While intimate weddings have taken over the big fat weddings, change-the-date cards have taken over the save-the-date invites, and ‘quarantining’ has made way for virtual wedding events, this year is a whole new ball game. With many newly engaged couples changing their wedding plans from a big wedding to a smaller one, various dynamics have to be changed as well. The wedding cake is an important element of a wedding and needs to have an ideal size keeping in mind the number of guests. Junebug Weddings brings you a beautiful collection of small-sized wedding cakes that are suitable for an intimate or a smaller wedding while being super high on the attractiveness quotient. One look and they already have our hearts fluttering! From minimalistic elegance to innovatively impressive, they’re all hiding in there! Go ahead and serve yourself some cake love! 

25 Small Wedding Cakes That Will Make You Swoon

Via Junebug Weddings


Maybe it’s a backyard wedding with your loved ones gathering in your backyard to celebrate the union of two souls in a bubble of the home where you grew up in. Maybe it’s a small wedding at a unique wedding venue that suits the social distancing norms. Or maybe it’s a virtual wedding where you are dancing with your soulmate to "Unchained Melody," by The Righteous Brothers, in a tight embrace, with a tear flowing down your cheek. Maybe it’s a big wedding slated to happen in the coming year. However, your wedding is planned, you can’t go out for the usual wedding shopping that you would’ve done otherwise. However, since we love ‘love’ and weddings, we understand that no matter how two people unite as husband and wife, it needs to be celebrated in the most beautiful way possible. And to make your wedding memorable (or a trendsetter!) we have brought you this blog that gives way to all possibilities of having a gorgeous wedding through amazing wedding decor that you could buy online. While we are swooning over those velvety ring boxes, the giant confetti balloon tickles our senses that crave for a fairytale! Those little details of a wedding carry so many stories in them. They are full of emotions, love, and speak of the personalities of the bride and groom, carrying the essence of their love story. Click below to explore all about them. 

The Best Places to Buy Wedding Decorations Online

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Trendsetter alert! Over the years, many brides have moved away from the conventional white wedding dress to something else that’s different, unique, ‘oh-so-me!’, or maybe simply trendsetting. And as much as we love the classic wedding gown, let’s just say, it’s your day and you should have it your way! Is it just us or do you think that jumpsuits signify style and independence too? They are chic, elegant, and sexy, all at once! And if you are one of those brides who want to wear something other than the traditional wedding dress (we heart jumpsuits!), you’ve struck gold with this blog by My Wedding. The blog brings you some of the trendiest jumpsuits that will make the ultimate style statement. You could team them up with minimalistic wedding jewelry for that classy look. And if you are having a smaller wedding or a virtual wedding right now and a big wedding party later when the pandemic is over, this is an even better chance to diversify your wedding wardrobe! You could simply wear a wedding jumpsuit for your wedding ceremony now and pick a wedding gown for later. You see, it’s a win-win! Check out the link below to see the super classy options for your chic wedding attire. And if you’re already inclined towards a wedding dress, these pretty little things might just make you reconsider your wedding look! 

9 Chic Wedding Jumpsuits That Will Make You Rethink Your Wedding Dress

Via MyWedding


Picture this - there is a house that’s brimming with happiness and excitement. The mood is toned at romance and celebration set at maximum. Love is in the air, everywhere around. There are butterflies too, but you can’t see them. The ambiance is mushy and romantic with string lights giving out the softest glow. There’s light romantic music playing in the background. There is a wedding happening here today. The bride looks drop-dead gorgeous in a white wedding dress and the groom looks dashing in a crisp white shirt and contrasting pants. The bride and groom have waited for this moment their whole lives and they wouldn’t let the pandemic take it away from them. Their little doggo is dressed adorably as a ring bearer. The bride and the groom say their wedding vows, have their first kiss as newlyweds, and move on to their first dance soon after. They are cheered on by their friends and family who join them virtually or in person. A set tripod makes sure all their precious wedding moments are captured and their wedding photography is flawless. When it’s time to raise a toast, all the crystal Champagne Flutes clink together! And maybe they all wear vibrant garlands, reminiscent about their original wedding plans for a destination wedding in Hawaii! The wedding cake looks heavenly with rustic wooden cake toppers. The bride and groom have kept or will be sending beautiful (and currently, essential) personalized soap bars as wedding favors for their guests. Do you like the picture of a home wedding that we’ve painted? If yes, then everything you need for your romantic wedding is right there. Take a look at this blog by My Wedding and see how simple it is to have a beautiful wedding at home. 

10 Must-Haves for Hosting an At-Home Wedding, According to Experts

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Well, as they say, it's never too late. Despite the pandemic, you can still have your wedding and celebrate the love you have for each other. Big or small, virtual, or drive-in, your wedding will be the biggest celebration of your lifetime. And without letting the pandemic disrupt your wedding plans any further, we suggest you set the ball rolling with a proper exploration of wedding trends for this year. Etsy has carefully curated a list of all those things that are considered to be showstoppers for 2020. Grab that perfect boho bridal look with nature-inspired headpieces and billowing dresses or style up your bridal look with a pantsuit or indulge in eco-friendly wedding accessories, the world is your oyster! We are totally crushing over the matching jackets that carry a fusion of a love story and style statement! From vintage wedding rings that carry so many stories inside them to spreading positivity and good health through wellness favors for your guests, this blog helps you explore everything. 

7 Wedding Trends to Fall for in 2020

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‘A father lifts her daughter up to the sky and shows her the moon.’ A father-daughter relationship is precious to the core and absolutely like none other. He has been there for you and with you since you stepped into this world. Therefore, a wedding is an emotional time for this treasured relationship. Not only is a father happiest to see his little daughter (reminds of ‘Father of the Bride’) getting married to the love of her life but also is the saddest as he would have to share the role of the most important man in his daughter’s life. While he adores how you can’t help smiling on your wedding day, he is scared if anyone else would be able to love you as much! While he knows that he is the biggest mountain that someone would have to get through before hurting you ever, he is just as fragile, hiding his tears while walking you down the aisle. And while toasts would convey pretty much all you want to say or hear, it still can never be enough (aww-moment alert!) Sigh! On occasions like weddings, where the emotions are running high, it’s important to make your father feel loved and even better to gift him a keepsake that whispers all the stories and emotions of your precious bond with him. Here is a compilation of various gifts that are perfect for your dad on your wedding day. From the reminiscence of childhood in customized cufflinks to embroidered handkerchiefs and patched ties, all these tokens of love convey that you’ll always be his little girl. Take a look but make sure you control those tears of love!

4 Father-of-the-Bride Gifts to Make Dad Cry

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What is the face of weddings right now, you ask? Vogue gives an exact description of a 2020 wedding which was planned as a mid-July wedding for 125 people in a park followed by a reception at one of the area’s most iconic restaurants but was transformed into a backyard wedding with the guest count reduced to 27. Jennifer Conlin beautifully narrates how she and her family perfectly hosted a backyard wedding for her daughter’s friends, Allie and Scott Gillespie, amidst the coronavirus pandemic. If you are planning on having a backyard wedding, this can be your source of inspiration, opening a world of possibilities! From a socially distant seating plan to plexiglass sheets separating guests from the bartenders and individually plated meals - they had everything going on! Click to explore more about this brilliantly conducted wedding to get inspired. 

How I Threw a Backyard Wedding in the Middle of a Pandemic

Via Vogue


We know you are a bride-to-be who is facing various challenges in these pandemic times. Due to which, you are forced to take up some tasks on yourself. Or you might be a DIY-kinda bride who likes to do her own things, having her ‘essence’ at her wedding, all through. Or you might want to save a buck by doing a couple of things on your own instead of hiring a professional. Whatever the reason be, certain things can help you strike gold, just by your own effort! Your hair, for instance. If you are keen on doing your own hair for your wedding, we are making hand hearts for you already! If you thought that it’s gonna be tough, uh uh! There are so many hairstyles that are easy to make and look amazing too. Then there are the others that are intricate and challenging, for our daring brides. This article by Bridal Guide familiarizes you with all those trendy, simple, and complex hairstyles that can make a superb style statement on your wedding day. From the twisted bun to the boho braids, elegant Chignons, and curls, they have put together plenty of ideas for your perfect wedding hairdo. 

25 Easy Wedding Hairstyles You Can DIY

Via Bridal Guide


Well, with this, we conclude that no matter what the situation is, love always wins. And we can’t say that enough! We love to bring your valuable resources of wedding inspiration so that you can plan your wedding with confidence in love, yourself, and your partner. It’s time to pop the prosecco and let the confetti fly! And of course, you have us. We’ll be back with more wedding inspo for you next weekend along with warm socially distant hugs! 

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