Week-End Wedding Resources: May 15th, 2020

ON 15, May 2020


Hey you! Continuing from where we left off, did you smile your way through the challenging last week as we wished for you? We’re sure you’re smiling now as you eagerly wait for another set of weekly updates to tackle the challenges of your postponed wedding! 

First things first, no matter what, do not let that faith dwindle. The faith that’s holding it all together. The faith in your wedding that’ll happen in the most romantic way. Faith makes all things possible and love makes all things easy. And actually, that’s all you need. Love and your loved ones. As long as your sweetheart’s there with you, holding on to every moment just like you, nothing can stop you from beginning your life together with him. Not even that wicked virus! 

Without much ado, let’s have you read our collection this week, of the most interesting write-ups related to the ongoing pandemic’s impact on your wedding, and the current wedding scenario. 

So, what would the wedding scene be like after the COVID restrictions are abrogated? Well, we do know that signages would definitely outweigh the individual handouts for the menu and seating charts. Would there be a need to add some hygiene-related guidelines to your change-the-date invites? How will the seating be most preferred by everyone attending the wedding? Will the guests be hesitant to indulge in food and drinks, unlike the pre-corona days? What’s going to be the most trendy and highly appreciated favor this year? And how can you amp up your wedding decor if you’re aiming for a more intimate wedding? All these questions are wonderfully answered in the article below!

What Will Weddings Be Like After COVID Restrictions are Lifted?

Via Wedding Wire

Wedding cake - the precious moments, the festive flavors, the fragility, and lifelong promises that come along with it all are unique on their own. Do you know what elements comprise a ‘forever’ wedding cake? It’s a perfect blend of qualitative ingredients like patience, attention to each other, romance, blindness to faults, the flavor of love, some me-time, lots of we-time, and a sprinkle of fun! You simply need to bake it in the gentle warmth of your relationship and voila! - you can indulge in the scrumptiousness of marital bliss all your life. Now coming to the wedding cake that you’ll be cutting on your wedding day. Have you decided on the style? If not, WeddingWire has shortlisted the most beautiful styles of wedding cakes that are timeless and elegant. Choose from a classic statement bow cake or the trendiest printed wafer cake, or a naked cake for health-conscious guests and make it a true representation of your wedding style, nicely placed on your sweet table! Check out our blog on some of the top-notch cake toppers to trend-it-up! If you’ve already decided or pinned your wedding cake style on your Pinterest board, can we tempt you into looking at some more styles? 

20 Elegant Wedding Cakes That Will Always Be In Style

Via Wedding Wire

The Twitteratis have been buzzing with joy ever since the New York Governor announced on Twitter that the couples in the state can be legally wed via video conferencing. Virtual weddings have become the flavor of the year along with many other ‘firsts!’ 2020 weddings have caught on to that ray of hope and many couples are planning to get married (virtually) in these challenging times and have their official wedding party or reception later when the dark clouds give ways to clearer skies. You could have your guests join your virtual wedding by streaming it live. You could have a DIY wedding arbor decorated with the most basic of things and have your wedding photographer capture all your wedding details for that perfect wedding feel. If you and your partner, like others, have decided to go ahead with your 2020 wedding virtually, here’s a list of all that you need to consider to make your wedding ceremony a smooth ride. 

The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Virtual Wedding

Via Brides

We understand, while he got down on one knee with a ring and you began daydreaming about the wedding, you would’ve never imagined having to buy a wedding dress without trying it on! In fact, like most ladies, you must have been waiting for that ‘trial-spree’ at some of your favorite bridal boutiques. Going in with your girlfriends or your mommy and feeling every bit like a queen coming out of dressing rooms! We feel you. But the good news is that the wedding is still happening and you’re going to be a bride soon. And when it comes to your wedding dress, Junebug Weddings has a great idea as they have compiled a list of wedding dresses that have gotten us swooning and are ‘ready-to-ship’ right away! Say Buh-bye to long waits and try-ons and pick your MMIH (Matches Made In Heaven)!    

30 Ready-to-Ship Wedding Dresses You Can Buy Right Now

Via Junebug Weddings

If COVID-19 has ruined your wedding plans and you’re still wondering how to proceed from there, here is your set of options. From the most common wedding trend of 2020 of eloping-now-partying-later to virtual weddings and micro weddings, this list has all the options that you can consider. You can analyze what suits you both the most while keeping in mind the safety and convenience of your loved ones. Once you decide what’s best for everyone, you can proceed accordingly. So, whether it leads to a change-the-date invite or an online wedding invite, you can compare all the options you have right now by going through this perfectly explained write-up!

Need a Backup Wedding Plan Quick? Here Are a Few to Consider

Via Zola

They say, falling in love is the beginning of everything. And from the moment you two fell for each other, you began a love story so unique that there’s none like it in the entire universe. And it’s this love that gives you both a fairytale in the middle of ordinary life. It becomes your reason to look forward to every morning, a reason to love life and a reason to begin your happily-ever-after! And while you hold on to your love in these challenging times, you’ll slowly realize that when there’s love, nothing else matters. As the world heals and tries to recover from the pandemic, love sure will find its ways through those little rays of hope. We’ll have more amazing updates for you next week. Until then, you know what we wish for - for you to keep smiling!  

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