Week-End Wedding Resources: September 11th, 2020

ON 11, September 2020


September - it comes with summer’s best of weather and autumn’s best of cheer! With leaves glowing amber and gold under the warm setting sun, sweet heavy scents of apple orchards and cinnamon all around, gusts of winds gently flowing the leaves away, and back-to-school vibes, September has a way of telling us that things are about to change. And with so much happening throughout the year, we are sure the change is for good. 

As things return to normalcy, we must adapt ourselves to the new normals. Our focus remains the same throughout - your wedding. And as promised, we are back with handpicked wedding resources for you to help with your wedding planning during these turbulent times. So, let’s get started! 


Yeah, romance mostly begins with butterflies and secret glances. Then it graduates to constantly being hooked to your phones, little campfires of endless conversations, looking forward to dreamy dates, and making a bucket list of all things you wish to do together! And then the romance becomes real, wise, and practical by post graduating into a wedding! However, things are not always rosy and idealistic. Love can also look like the story of Elen Turner and her husband. Their love for adventure brought them close, flowing by the river and camping on the banks, but little did they knew what their future held for them! Explore the ups and downs of Elen, right from the moment she fell in love, to her wedding, childbirth in a third country, returning to her own country with a newborn, and being the sole earner for the longest time. 

Love Looks Like This: Childbirth Abroad, Visa Woes, and a Pandemic

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Over the past few months, COVID19 has made wedding planning an uphill battle. And once you are done with that, you want to seize the moment and pamper yourselves to a much-deserved honeymoon! But with the tourist industry hit hard and with a constant nudge of staying safe, most couples are wary of traveling on a honeymoon right now. However, you don’t have to let this terrible pandemic get in the way of your life’s amazing celebrations. You can still have a rocking romantic honeymoon as an iconic way of beginning a new life. Well,  you just need to be aware of the facts and smart to understand how to use the options for your benefit! On your honeymoon, what matters most right now is being with your partner, and of course, it comes after being safe and healthy! What we suggest - Glamping! Green Wedding Shoes brings to you a comprehensive list of various glamping sites that you can visit for your honeymoon. So treat yourself to a ‘sweet’ honeymoon amidst the wonders of nature, packed with all the modern amenities! We can’t seem to pick one, they are all so swoon-worthy! Read on to explore. 

COVID Honeymoon Ideas: Best Glamping Spots to Book Now   

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Ready to be a bride? Getting married at the city hall, a courthouse, or your local county clerk's office? Wondering what to wear for your wedding? Whoa! That’s too many questions, but they all lead to one destination - a blog by The Knot. There are various things to be kept in mind if you’re going in for a courthouse wedding such as the available spaces and crowds. Whether you are a bride-to-be or a guest attending a courthouse wedding, if you are confused about the wedding look, this blog would help you understand what’s the best thing to do. From a classy navy dress, a flirty floral sundress to a flattering satin number, you can pick the style that perfectly suits your personality. And your groom doesn’t have to worry about his wedding attire too as the blog lists options that are the best suited for grooms as well. We are absolutely crushing over the Trim Fit Plaid Sport Coat that can be paired with any kind of pants for a dapper look!  

What To Wear To A Courthouse Wedding

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Okay. So, you are thinking about a quick wedding during these times. But you aren’t really sure how to go to about it. The timeline and planning confuse you a bit and you are left wondering how and when to start. As you begin with one thing, you are reminded of another that has to be done before it! We totally get it! Therefore, to make things easier for you and your wedding planning, we have just the right source. This blog by Martha Stewart Weddings talks about the nitty-gritty of wedding planning with insights on the ‘hows’ of it. Read on to explore the various aspects of wedding planning such as following a timeline, allowing flexibility, keeping a regular budget-check, the accommodations, and roles and responsibilities that can be divided. All of this forms the key to a successful wedding celebration! 

How Quickly Can You Actually Plan a Wedding?

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The world is witnessing a changing face of new normals by the day.  And the wedding industry is no stranger to it. With micro weddings, backyard weddings, and virtual wedding being the new normals, weddings have taken over a new personality this year. However, the purpose remains the same - to celebrate the glory of love! In one of our weekly wedding resources, we talked about what weddings would look like in 2020. Now, that time has finally come when weddings are happening all over the world, however, with utmost precaution and care. These wedding practices are being implemented as you read this, and instead of a prediction, it’s a reality now. Take a look at this informational blog from Brides that talks about the most common precautions and wedding practices shared by wedding planners. After all, love cannot be stopped! 

Planners Share the Precautions and Practices They’re Implementing at COVID-19 Weddings Right Now

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As Autumn leaves turn their brilliant hue, two hearts will join and say ‘I do!’ Summer has gone by and we don’t yet understand if it was in a blink of an eye or took forever. It has paved the way for the fall with deep-hued and festive colors all around. There are various ways in which you can incorporate these fall colors into your fall wedding as well. And not just that, these ways go easy on your pockets too! From Halloween and Thanksgiving lined up in this flavorsome season, this blog by A Practical Wedding will give you tons of ideas of having your fall wedding ceremony with the inclusion of wonderous fall elements. With easy DIY floral arrangements for your arch and sweetheart table, wedding attires perfectly seasoned by fall, wedding signs with safety guidelines, unique cake toppers, innovative table numbers, and perfect wedding favors keeping in mind the season and the pandemic, these things are a great idea. And we are swooning over the DIY Cloud Flower Centerpiece that’s so easy to make and looks absolutely stunning! Sitting at your sweetheart table with your soulmate on your wedding day, under a flower cloud - how adorable is that? 

2020 Fall Wedding Ideas To Hit Save On

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And with this, we come to an end, only for this weekend. We’ll begin our exploration of the best wedding resources by bringing more wedding inspiration for you the next week. It’s an ongoing process and the world is full of splendid ideas, and well, it’s in its best creativity phase right now! Till then, you ladies take care of yourselves and stay happy! 

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