Week-End Wedding Resources: December 11th, 2020

ON 11, December 2020


The ring is on your finger and the stars are in your eyes! With so many things to take care of and details to arrange, when you actually want to hit the snooze button and nap a little, planning a wedding during the winter season can be daunting and stressful. All you need is a hot cup of cocoa and your favorite pair of knitted mitts, and some radiant sunshine on your face to get started with your wedding planning. With the onset of the holiday season, use the overall cheer to your benefit, and take out some time to jot down wedding planning details on your bridal checklist.

We have come up with some of the favorite articles for our brides planning their wedding. From inspiring your wedding color palette with the Pantone color of the year that consists of two colors instead of one, and creative bridesmaid proposal ideas for your lovely bridal gang, to some of the must-have wedding signs for enhancing the wedding decor and tips for choosing a token engagement ring, these articles will definitely lighten up the mood and get you started with the big wedding planning.

As we cannot wait to say goodbye to 2020 and gear up for the new year, there comes the highly anticipated annual Pantone color of the year, which is not one but two colors- 'Ultimate Gray' and 'Illuminating Yellow'. The color gray represents a stable foundation and solid base, the yellow shade signifies positivity and brightness, and they come together to signify fortitude and resilience. As we head towards 2021, with new hopes and dreams, especially after the kind of crazy year that 2020 was, we needed the Pantone color to represent 'light at the end of the tunnel' and 'sunshine on a cloudy day', and hence, this next article from Brides tell us about how the new Pantone color will be incorporated into weddings in 2021. This article revolves around how bridal fashion will be inspired by Pantone colors and showcases all the Pantone colors since the year 2000 by taking a trip down memory lane.


Here's Why Pantone's Color(s) of the Year Will Be a Huge Hit with 2021 Weddings

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One of the most important proposals right after you're engaged is proposing to your bridesmaids and letting them know about the VIP status they hold in your life and carry that status on your big day. Your bridesmaid proposal idea can be short and sweet or elaborate and gimmicky depending on the kind of relationship you share with them. Whether you want to share a personal note or an elaborate letter explaining why they deserve the limelight on your wedding squad, read this next article from Brides that gives us some of the inspirational bridesmaid proposal ideas that will melt hearts. From sending fortune cookies and scratch cards saying "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?", to getting personalized robes and custom labeled bottles of vino, the unique bridesmaid proposal ideas are the best way to say thank you for their time and effort that they are putting into your big day.


30 Creative Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

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While most of the couples decide to get married in the winter and early spring, when the weather is comfortable, and wedding flowers are in full bloom, and the guests aren't busy with the holiday season, the official season of weddings still revolves around the fall season and the late spring season when the temperature remains pleasant, and there is a striking vacation vibe that gets added to the destination weddings. But weddings taking place during this peak wedding season in certain regions can have a major impact on the wedding budget and plans. This next article from Martha Stewart Weddings describes the struggles related to location specific peaks from the hustle of choosing the perfect wedding venue with stunning photo backdrops that is limited to a specific time during a season to getting vendors that do not charge a premium during a peak wedding weekend. These unexpected seasonal wedding costs can break the bank especially for couples who are getting married in specific regions with specific specialties.


Unexpected Seasonal Wedding Costs Every Couple Should Know About

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Probably one of the last things that comes to mind while planning your wedding theme and decor, wedding signage still remains one of the first things that your guests are going to notice upon arriving. Wedding signage is that small detail in your wedding that plays a key role in the entire wedding decor theme. This next article from Junebug Weddings takes us on a trip featuring some of the wedding signs that you will need on your wedding day like welcome signs, guest books, ceremony decor, bar signs, and directions. From some of the must-have wedding signs to some of the favorite wedding signs for you to get inspired, you can include and skip according to your personal taste and wedding theme.


7 Wedding Signs You Definitely Need At Your Wedding

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As we all know that weddings post-pandemic are not going to look the same and it will need a lot of coordination and reorganization. From finessing all the traditional wedding details on a much smaller scale to sizing down the guest list and making it perfect for an intimate wedding, the next article from Green Wedding Shoes gives us big decorative and statement-making ideas for your micro wedding to make it legendary and epic. From getting married amidst wildflowers with the usage of low and living ceremony flowers to creating textures that add dimension like incorporating some artistic bohemian decor as a wedding backdrop, these inspirational micro wedding decor ideas will definitely get more bang for your buck.


27 Stunning Ceremony Decor Ideas For Your Micro Wedding

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For all the people who are facing a dilemma in choosing the perfect engagement ring and are scared of picking the wrong one, a token engagement ring can be the elegant solution that stands-in for a real engagement ring. A promise or a token engagement ring is a symbolic ring that is meant for all the people who might not be in a position to buy an expensive engagement ring, are worried about getting the ring size wrong, are maybe doubting whether their partner will like the ring choice, or perhaps there is a family ring in the picture that they have their heart set on. This next article from One Fab Day gives us some top tips for getting a token engagement ring that will be cherished almost as much as the real engagement ring.


What is a Token Engagement Ring?

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Huddle up with your bae and grab your favorite blankie, and note down the crucial details of your wedding from making a guest list and determining your wedding budget to some of the fun details like the overall wedding theme and matching the couple wardrobes. Ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen for their help who stay nearby, get online wedding inspirations and ideas for planning your wedding immaculately during the holiday season, and utilize the celebration time for planning the biggest celebration of your life.

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