10 Ways to Cut Costs for Your 2021 Wedding

ON 16, November 2020


You go, girl! You have found the one whom you love beyond boundaries and your biggest dream is to spend the rest of your life with him is going to be true soon. Yes, soon you will say those two magical words to him and officially be announced as “spouses”. Wow! Lovely moment to cherish for a lifetime and you won’t wish to leave it basic. Not to mention, the enchanting moment when you say “I do” to each other must be as magical as your love for each other. And there could be no better beginning to it than planning for it quite before and then look out for options that can help you make your big day as lovely as you both wished it to be!

Well, most of us live in the dilemma that elegance comes for the amount of money spent on it and when it comes to wedding planning, couples try hard to invest a large share of their savings to shape their wedding in a fairytale setting. But on a practical side, you are not always required to be expensive to look elegant. Of course, there are ways that can help you stay kind to your pocket and still enjoy your big day with the same zeal. Times are changing and brides of today are so smart to keep a keen eye on not just one special day but on the rest of their life as well. And the idea behind this change is simple! It is not necessary to put yourself under stress while managing your wedding. Rather, you can save a fair amount of money for your newly wedded life. A honeymoon tour at your favorite place sounds much better than a rich embroidery lace wedding gown that you are only going to wear just for an evening! With saving some dollars on all these little things, such as looking for a pre-owned wedding dress, going for an eco-friendly wedding invites, or finding an affordable wedding photographer, you can go for a wedding on your set preferences! 

From affordable wedding photography to minimalistic decor settings, rule number one to bring your wedding on a budget is to actually have a budget! It may sound weird to you but the truth is, so many people simply forget this important step. But they won’t realize that the first step of an affordable and sustainable wedding is to be as detailed as possible about the funds, such as what you can spend, where is it coming from, and where it is going. It helps you work streamlined while keeping a better track of the expenses, as to where you can save or at which corner you can focus more instead of overall surroundings. 

If you don’t have a big number saved to your account to blow, don’t worry. You can still have a stylish, hip, unforgettable wedding that everyone would love to cherish for a lifetime. Your wedding is certainly one of the best days of your life but putting yourself on the verge of bankruptcy is never a good idea.

Thankfully, there are ideas one can consider for a budget-friendly wedding without sacrificing the quality of their special day. Don’t worry, all these ideas are tried and tested by frugal brides and so, you are not at the risk for your 2021 wedding!


Unconventional wedding venues would be a ‘yes’

The wedding venue is the first thing that strikes your mind the moment you wear your engagement ring. You have so many dreams attached to the instance you’d take a walk to the aisle in that stunning wedding gown and we don’t want any of them left unfulfilled. The ambiance is from where it all starts and you definitely need to pick the spot that serves you the best surroundings and dramatic mood along with the wedding photography on a budget

If you are planning for a summer wedding, you’d find a busy time for traditional wedding venues. However, you can turn to some elegant, unconventional outdoor options such as zoos, libraries, and even botanical gardens. It may sound uncommon at first but could be a nice choice if you want a celebration without fuss and extra cost incurred to it. For instance, a wedding at a zoo could be minimalistic, earthy, and fun with so much to look for budget wedding photography. Less is more if it is framed well!

A restaurant could be another nice option to pick and for several good reasons. Most of the restaurants are already decorated, and you won’t need further embellishments. Whohoo! Also, it reduces the need to rent tables, chairs, linen, utensils, and so on. Bonus point! You can save a lot on catering costs as well as the restaurant prepares all food and drink, comprising the delectable menu served by expert chefs.


Opt for buffet-style dinner

The most important part of any wedding is the dinner that employs a larger fraction of the wedding expenses. And it is worth investing on because people are going to remember the taste of apple pie cake at your wedding even after years! Well, a traditional sit-down three-course meal can cost a bit more to the couples’ expected budget. One way to cut this cost is to go for the buffet-style route that costs comparatively low. And the bonus points are not just cost but many others. Buffets are great for picky eaters, and the selection is usually much better than a pre-plated meal. It is amazing when your guests get more options while you can save your money and time. The best part! Buffet saves on time, too, rather than plated having to wait for everyone to be served what they chose. A nice pick though. 


Ask your guests for BYOB 

Other than the food, drinks are also a quintessential part of a wedding. Well, you also don’t want your cocktail hour to appear dull. BYOB (bring your own booze) is a smart concept to save much of your cost considering the fact that the bar tab is generally the most expensive part of the refreshments. Bring your own liquor, beer, and wine has another advantage. For instance, do you know what your second cousin likes in drinks? And be practical, what if your selection of wine won’t be of his forte? You don’t want the celebration to take a pause and find his choice of drink. So, here is a quick resolve. He has his own box of beer and you no longer need to worry about anything but that your love is not left unattended for a bit. Sounds relaxing!


Trim on wedding photography

As you have picked the perfect venue and looked for dinner and drink options, it is time to find someone who can capture it all. Wait! Going on the extra mile is not always the right thing to do. We understand that you need the perfect poses from your first look to the moment you enter the aisle with that long- flowy veil kissing the ground as if they both are in love with each other. But you can trim the number of photography hours they spend at your place and let them photograph the pre-ceremony, ceremony, and only part of the reception. To follow the same, you just need to be a little prepared before and stick to the timeline. Like, the moment guests are enjoying their drinks, you can pose for some candid couple portraits outdoors! Also, someone who just started their career in photography will charge you much nominal. Well, on the safer side, you can check their portfolio to get fully assured!


Try for a display cake

No! We are not saying to host your party without a cake. But a two or three-tier cake might not always be a fair deal, especially when the guests lists are not long. You can fake it a little by having a cake display with only the top layer as the real cake for the bride and groom to cut while the rest can be a display cake. Couples also opt for serving donuts, pies, or mini desserts to their guests. You can also try for separate cakes of smaller sizes with different savors and display them on beautiful platters. More options are always tempting! 


Your friend could be the DJ for the night

Remember those sleepover nights at your friend’s place when one of the music-freak used to play the favorite song choices of everyone. Imagine the same to happen at your wedding. Sounds weird! Well, this could be a nice change for all. You can generously pay your friend for such a good deed, but at a very less cost than a professional music band. So simple as it appears! Just plug your phone or laptop into some speakers and you’ve got a DJ for the night


Flowers should not necessarily be a part (especially the real ones)

Fresh flowers are the beauty of a wedding, but needing a flower to cover every service at your wedding is not a rule. Also, if you choose a great backyard for a wedding the chances are you won't need many flowers. You can mix both real and fake flowers, and believe us, no one would know. Be smart and pick flowers that are in season or even some from your own garden. Using imitation flowers for your bouquets, boutonnières and decor cost you less plus create a nice impact on your affordable wedding photography with some amazing backdrops of fewer but sweet details to save on your wedding photo book.

Think of flowers and decor as "accentuaters," not the main feature. You can also try for the best wedding accessories such as sweet-smelling candles, elegant candle holders, and funky vases that look awesome in your wedding pictures, and adorn your guest tables with timeless beauty and freshness. 


Wedding in natural light

Well, it is a trending concept among the minimalistic brides who want to stay eco-friendly and budget-savvy while being elegant. If you plan your wedding in the natural light, you won’t be needing artificial string lights or similar embellishments. A great tribute to the motherland as you are avoiding so many light emissions to spread to the environment. Also, the natural light gives so much glow to your pictures, following the golden hour photography to shower the dusky charm so that some of your pictures come to life like a wonderland. A complete retreat for affordable wedding photographers by your side!


Shop during sales

Wedding dress shopping- the biggest dream of any bride that even comes with great challenges. From the best-fit size to the most-suited style, there are so many soft hidden details that a bridal look must contain, and every girl goes to her best reach to get all the essentials added to her wardrobe. But the most needed thing that matters is the comfort, and the best part is, comfort won’t demand money! So, there is no need to run for the branded dresses that call for a big amount of your savings, rather go for a dress of your style from any of the famous bridal salons. The best time to shop is during the sales when you can get your favorite option in the desired range that you can’t think to afford during the normal days! 


Airbnb honeymoon

Till now, you have considered all the feasible options to plan your wedding within budget! But, there is still one bigger aspect to consider. Yes, you can also save a few bucks even after your ceremony ends and you take a grand sparkler exit to your new life. It is none other than your honeymoon trip. An important event of your life that calls for so many memories and emotions, but being within the budget won’t make it less romantic either way.

Airbnbs are becoming more and more popular as a quiet, private, and little home-away-from-home spot to celebrate your newlywed love life. If you can find an affordable one in your city or nearby, booking it for a honeymoon might save you some money with special perks, including a private chef or culture-specific entertainment along with the privacy of staying in a house or villa and create so many lovely memories of an unforgettable honeymoon.

The goal of getting married and throwing the biggest party of your life is to enjoy the happiest day of your life with all whom you love above anything! However, you won’t be named in any magazine for the most money spent on a wedding. So, save your account from being empty, and follow these simple strategies with which you can start imagining your wedding, with all the glitz and glamor, at a fraction of the price.

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