Week-End Wedding Resources: June 19th, 2020

ON 19, June 2020


As Ryan Gosling says in The Notebook, ‘So it’s not gonna be easy. It’s gonna be really hard. We’re gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day, we assume you have a similar current situation and most importantly, a similar outlook. Love is never easy, especially when you are this close to being together forever. Every passing day makes you long for each other even more and if you are together, it makes you wait for that day when your couplehood can be officiated. 



And these tumultuous times will soon be over. Every day comes with the promise of being better than the previous. It only depends on how you perceive it. You can make the most of your current ‘solitary’ life by exploring ways to make your wedding happen and be just as fabulous as you want it to be. Whether you choose to postpone your wedding or have it bang on the day it was originally meant to be, we love you for your decision! A wedding is one of the biggest occasions of life and anything that determines its course cannot be underestimated. Therefore, to help you with deciding the fate of your wedding, we are here with a goodie-bag full of ideas and wedding inspiration. Take a look at some of the web resources that we’ve handpicked just to inspire your wedding planning.



So, you’ve moved past the anguish and decided to go ahead with a virtual wedding, to mark your entry into the magnificent world of marital bliss? Or are you at a crossroads and just need a little push to make it through? Fret not, we’ve got all the precious words in the universe that could help you get through. If you are wondering about the incompleteness of a virtual wedding due to the absence of wedding traditions, you need to read this. Various wedding traditions can be easily incorporated into a virtual wedding and how! From your wedding ceremony to the last dance to close the wedding celebration, everything comes together to form a buffet of joy! And as you and your partner begin your first dance together, in complete solitude, with your loved ones watching on through their screens, it’s like everyone’s not there but still there. Nothing in the world matters more than this moment, for you both and them. And you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and a surge of love all of a sudden when you realize that you both have made it. That little tear falling from your eye will be the most precious gem in the universe on that day. The stars will shine a bit brighter that night knowing that the labor of love has won. Like the picture, we’ve painted? Read on to explore more about having a complete tradition-full virtual wedding. 


7 Wedding Traditions to Include in Your Virtual Wedding

Via WeddingWire


If the above idea inspired you, then here’s another one, which is more or less in continuation! If you wish to go ahead with a virtual wedding, you would need to have a wedding dress ready. Now, having a virtual wedding in the quarantined times does have its own share of benefits, believe us! From experimenting with your bridal look (which you otherwise would have been skeptical of!) to opting for a more relaxed bridal gown teamed up with simple wedding jewelry, and all the in-betweens, you can do a lot! Wanted to glam it up but thought the summer heat would be too much for a glam outdoor wedding? Well, here’s your chance to do all that you want! How about that dreamy floral headband completing a boho-bridal look? You could live your otherwise-wild bridal dream-look through a virtual wedding! If you’re wondering about one of the basics - a wedding gown, fret not. Brides has compiled a comprehensive list of all the bridal dresses that you can buy as you read this! So whether it’s classy or sassy, wear your virtual-wedding look just as you please.  Let’s pop the prosecco and let the confetti fly!


32 Wedding Dresses for a Virtual Wedding You Can Buy Right Now

Via Brides


If a small or big wedding is not your cuppa tea, ever thought about eloping? It’s ideal for couples who are more private or do not want the razzle-dazzle of a big wedding. Or for couples who are born with an adventurous streak or wish to save a buck that goes into planning a big fat wedding. And how can we forget the most-hated thing in the whole world right now - coronavirus! The fluidity of the ongoing pandemic has led many couples to choose a simple yet romantic elopement or an elope-now-and-party-later option. However, elopements do require a bit of planning and execution as well. From understanding the ‘whys’ to analyzing the ‘hows’, there are certain things that are not just superficial. This elopement inspiration from Zola makes understanding the process of an elopement relatively easier for you. So, as Kina Grannis sings ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ while you walk towards your soulmate who’s waiting for you under the wedding arch, know that you’ve come a long way and planning this elopement has worked out phenomenally for the both of you! 


Planning an Elopement? Here's What You Need to Know

Via Zola


Has your spring-summer 2020 wedding been pushed to be a winter 2020 wedding, while you had your heart set on this chic summery bridal gown!? Or have you got your bridal look ready for a winter wedding but the dreamy outdoors of your wedding venue are far too tempting for you to remain just inside for your wedding photography? We absolutely understand how romantic outdoor wedding photography can be! The silhouettes, the lighting, the stars, and the reflection of lights on water! Some of the most romantic wedding photos are conceived in the solitude of the newlywed couple and openness of spaces. But how would you venture out in all that chill? The answer to this is the good ole shawl! Yep, you read that right. We can’t stop gushing over the fact that a wedding shawl can come handy in so many different scenarios. Whether it’s a winter wedding or a change of look that you’ve been wanting on two different occasions, a shawl can transition your wedding dress with just a wrap! Take a look at some of these wedding shawls that offer you all the warmth you need while accessorizing your bridal look or elegantly transforming your wedding look. Can we just take a moment to appreciate this been-there-since-forever accessory! 


17 Wedding Shawls to Instantly Switch Up Your Bridal Look

Via Weddingwire


June 6th, 2020. The date will go down in the history of love stories as the day when love overcame injustice. Love flourished and celebrated its existence, amidst all the negativity and hostility faced by it, ready to take on the world. The eighth day of Philadelphia's peaceful protest in the wake of George Floyd's death saw an epic moment when a newlywed couple Kerry-Anne and Michael came out of Logan Hotel after their wedding ceremony to join the protest. The power held by that moment is beyond anyone’s imagination as the newlyweds made a strong statement about racism in today’s world. The momentous ‘after-party’ saw the power of love overcoming the man-made boundaries of racism. The empowering moment made history and left Kerry-Anne and Michael completely overwhelmed by the gravity of the situation, celebrating their wedding amidst such a powerful cause. Take a look to understand the feel of that epic moment!


This Couple Celebrated Their Wedding with Peaceful Protestors in Philadelphia

Via Martha Stewart Weddings


Ooh, we sense some excitement in the air! Are you planning to have a small wedding at home? Let’s just begin by saying, there’s no place like home! And if your home is the place that’s going to witness the union of two souls, then we are in awe! We absolutely love the feeling of intimacy and warmth that a home wedding brings.  You get up on the same bed (after of course a sleepless night of anticipation!) but the day is going to be totally different than all the previous days of your life! Unlike all the other days, you’ll have an air of excitement all around and everything in your house will appear to be smiling at you (don’t be shocked if you end up asking those candles to light up a little more today!!). Home weddings are bliss, however, they also require a lot of planning and a whole lot of creativity! This wedding blog by Green Wedding Shoes shows you how you can transform your home into a cozy wedding venue for your big day! From wedding decor ideas to home reception wedding details, everything’s in here! So take a few deep breaths and be prepared to fall in love with this beautiful idea of a home wedding. 


How to Decorate for a Small Wedding at Home

Via Green Wedding Shoes


Every once in awhile something pops up that immediately makes our hearts flutter, and leaves us with a strong urge to share it with you. We can’t do much about your sticky situation that lies clutched in the hands of the pandemic, but at least we can help you plan better to escape out of it! As the world’s beginning to languidly pare back the veil of quarantined-life and eagerly heralding the onset of normalcy, love has managed to survive through all of it and is looking for a blissful horizon. We try our best to bring you closer to your horizon by sharing these resources which have the power to ruminate us about ideas and make things happen. And as you come one step closer, we take your leave, for now, only to come back next week with more promises, ideas, and love! 



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