Delanie & Jaron’s February wedding at The Terrace Club in Austin

ON 13, January 2021


It was a bright 16th day of February 2020, we witnessed a love story that was something we will not forget real soon! No less than a fairy tale, the love story of Delanie and Jaron off-the-bat takes us to a world where you would not want to return from. February is the time when winter is almost over and spring is in the air welcoming the season of cuddles and snuggles! Boasting the flavor of the winter season, while also hinting at the forthcoming spring, February can be seen as many couples’ favorite wedding month. It also is often viewed as the perfect month to celebrate a timeless love, seeing as how Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of this month. Garden nuptials are the epitome of a February wedding - a classic choice, particularly for a bid-winter-adieu affair. This is what we experienced when we were handpicked to narrate Delanie & Jaron’s love story in the national wedding month- February about a year ago. Lucky couple! Who lived their fairytale moment and entered their happily-ever-after just when the tiny yet most furious monster namely coronavirus was on the verge to ruin the wedding dreams of millions of couples who were planning to get married in 2020. Maybe the lovely weather or maybe the romantic vibe that Valentine month is made of, February is the best month to tie the knot, apparently! Especially in the leap year 2020. Why? Well, we all know what happened next. Despite the year having two 20s in it (yes, the number 20 represents the Angel, which signifies ‘new beginnings’). So without further ado let us tell the tale of this lovely couple. Prepare to fall head over heels with this dreamy Austin wedding!

The couple chose Austin, the state capital of charming Texas as a canvas to paint the story of their wedding. And it’s easy to see why. Shades, striking views, sunrise, sunset, moonrise, parks, city, life, somehow all in one place! Maybe it’s all the dazzling swimming holes enveloped by hills and wildflowers. Maybe it's all the down-home southern hospitality. Or maybe it's because the Hippie Haven has an excellent blend of music, food, style, and 'weird.' Whatever the reason, this devil-may-care Texan town is one of the prime wedding destinations in the south where you can celebrate your big day and new-found relationship with a big honeymoon to boot. Played backdrop in several popular movies like Boyhood, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?, Dazed and Confused, Office Space, Ms. Congeniality, Kill Bill Volume 1, and Spy Kids to name a few, Austin does perfect justice to couples hoping to shoot their unique love story here. Sitting in the center of the state, the city has a lot to offer couples in love amidst arresting natural views and the hustle and bustle of big-city life. Austin has something that allures everyone like no other city. From celebrating the birthday of the Eeyore (a fictional character from Winnie the Pooh) on the last Saturday of April to being home to the Cathedral of Junk on the south made up of everything junk including ladders, bicycle parts, clocks, and whatnot, Austin is a treasure trove of entertainment and surprises that keep breathing life into Austin's motto- “Keep Austin Weird.” If there is one food that characterizes Austin, it’s breakfast tacos. Not only does it keep this city together but also fuels the city's mornings. If you leave Austin without eating a breakfast taco, did you really even go to Austin? From straight-up old Western rustic barns in the Hill Country to awe-inspiring gardens and gorgeous boutique hotels in the heart of downtown. Whether you're looking to get hitched in a chic industrial space or jonesing something with more of a vintage feel, there’s something for everyone. Let’s see what our couple picked out for jumping off the broom.


The sweet couple sealed the deal with The Terrace Club to seal their union and celebrate it with the loved ones. And we are not surprised! If you're choosing to get married outdoors, it's probably because you love the scenery at your venue. Still, most couples want to put their own personal style stamp on their wedding site to truly make it their own just the way Jaron and Delanie did. Situated in the charming Texas Hill Country (now- The Wedding Capital of Texas), The Terrace Club is the spectacular place to host weddings and other special wedding-related events from engagement, bridal shower, and rehearsal dinner to the reception party. Just about 20 minutes from Downtown Austin and located conveniently right off the highway, The Terrace Club is the original venue in Dripping Springs and has seen more than 2 decades of couples say “I do” against the mesmerizing Hill Country sunsets! Established on the realization that the Texas Hill Country was an unexploited, naturally handsome area that was missing one momentous thing: an all-inclusive wedding and special events venue that would help fulfill the needs of Austin brides and grooms who were hankering after scenic views and flawless service on their red-letter day. Since the day The Terrace Club opened its doors in July 2000, they have been providing just that – and much more! Regardless of what wedding style one wants, they are guaranteed a perfect day in the facility’s impeccably designed ceremony spaces with the perfect setting to celebrate their love!


Boasting two gorgeous ceremony sites and a magnificent ballroom for receptions with 300 degrees of views, this Austin wedding venue is a treat to the senses not only for being a rustic setting boasting the picture-worthy and elegant atmosphere to start your forever together but also for offering impeccable and unparalleled hospitality! Whether your guest list has 10 people or 300, the staff here leaves no stone unturned to give you and them a day that gets etched in the memories forever and a day. Out of a variety of event locations, The Terrace Club’s ravishing and lush outdoor garden area is our favorite- an enhancing setting for outdoorsy couples to exchange vows, no doubt! Their indoor ceremony area is an equally perfect romantic setting for about 225 of your closest family and friends to enjoy your nuptials. Whether you choose to have your ceremony inside or use it as a backup in case of inclement weather, the high ceilings, large windows, and wealth of natural light transform the space into the perfect indoor ceremony option. Their upper lawn area is ideal for cocktail hour, allowing guests to soak up the breathtaking views while sipping on their favorite cocktail and enjoying mouth-watering hors d'oeuvres. Once inside their 7,000 square foot ballroom, your loved ones will be treated to the best the Hill Country has to offer. Large windows, cathedral ceilings, fabric draping, and chandeliers just scratch the surface of what they have to offer, ensuring your wedding will be a night no one will forget!


Jablonski’s reception at The Terrace Club was in a league of its own. From cocktail hour to the dance party to their grand exit, their guests were treated to an elegant and entertaining atmosphere that is sure to wow even the pickiest of guests. And after the guests transitioned upstairs to begin the reception, the lawn and surrounding acreage provided the perfect setting for Delaine and her brand new husband to enjoy some one-on-one time while our professional wedding photographer captured another breathtaking Hill Country sunset enlightening their love story with its golden glow. The golden hour pictures of the couple are simply breathtaking, we must say!


Maybe it was the pleasant weather that day, maybe the couple’s heart was set on a nature-inspired wedding, or maybe the sweeping natural elements around sprucing up the backdrop. Whatever the reason was, out of two intimate settings for the ceremony, right up their alley, our hopeless romantic Delanie and Jaron chose to say their ‘I do’s’ in the Club’s outdoors embellished with a limestone walkway, lush green grounds, gorgeous arbor, mature trees, and two water features. We love capturing outdoor garden weddings in February! The natural elements themselves woven magic on the already magical moment of the couple and what all left for the photographer to do was just press a button to freeze the moment in the frame that remains fresh for years. The Austin wedding photographers couldn’t stop clicking photo after photo of the couple the moment they sealed the deal of forever together with a gentle kiss under the charming dream-like arbor decked up with just two yet powerful elements- champagne-color drapes and 2 tall brass vases adorned with white and red roses complemented by green sprinkling against both the front arbor pillars. The couple looked so beautiful and serene against the enchanting yet elegant white backdrop juxtaposed by greens behind playing peek-a-boo that we couldn’t get over it. Delanie’s dress train swaying on the limestone ground was something that added to the dreaminess of the picture where they are kissing each other for the first time as spouses.


There's nothing quite as dreamy as the wide expanse of the raw fields with a sprinkling of greening as your couple portrait backdrop, a dazzling sunset, or the whisper of a balmy breeze as you are embraced by your sweetheart. We loved the cheerful and chic color palette of red and blue! They made it a red-letter day (literally!) with clean lines and crisp colors. A laid-back yet elegant wedding anywhere from Nice to Nantucket! The purple color family was perfectly merged with the red-blue wedding theme creating a consistent and harmonious theme without going overboard with the reds and shades of blue. We love the mix of magenta, lavender, and lilac dresses that the bride's favorite ladies wore! The subtle presence of red and peach florals amidst neat white Chiavari chairs made for elegantly rustic outdoor wedding decor. Our Austin wedding photo experts hate to paint the entire day with a broad brush and hence beautifully painted every big little detail from the nuptials in the couple’s very own storybook from the creative wedding signature board guest book with the duo’s last name - Jablonski paired with their wedding date and first names to the elegant table setting and adorable tablescape. The symbolic images of their wedding rings captured by our shutterbug’s expert hands can make anyone swoon! While every detail from the big day is crucial to photograph, there is nothing that signifies marriages more than a photo of two perfectly polished eternal wedding bands. The photographer showed off very well his creativity and skills with their wedding ring shots on copper sequin fabric, the peach rose, and on Jaron’s jacket displaying the ribbons he earned for his bravery! 


The day of their wedding was bright like heaven and laid the perfect setting for a classy wedding. The couple started getting ready for the exciting day ahead and the Austin wedding photographer shot the getting-ready phase in some outstanding pictures. And how could he not add the special snapshot of the bride with her mom where she was locking Delanie’s gown from the back! We love how the mother of the bride dressed up in a pretty magenta knee-length dress, filling the ambiance with joie de vivre! The beautiful bride donned a pearl white sleeveless ball gown (with a detachable train) complete with a sparkling sash, an ivory waterfall waltz veil, and yinmn blue wedding heels. The bridal makeup was minimal and the jewelry was worn sparingly, making her bridal gown claim the most deserving public eye. We love how the dress flaunted her rear in a modest way and flared out in an enchanting way. Her hair was parted in the side and slicked back before being folded into a classy low chignon. We love how this full and flawless chignon allowed this bride to show off her bare shoulders and back in the chicest way. The two side strands flowing free in the front around the statement earrings gave the look a romantic edge making Delanie’s look a million dollars. While modest make-up was perfectly highlighting her sharp features, the bright red lip color took the cake. And lastly, the ink on her arm beautifully added a whole new dimension to an otherwise humble bridal look saving the beautiful bride from evil eyes!


On the other hand, our dashing groom was looking no less than a knight in shining armor in his indigo uniform decked up with his prized possessions- the ribbons and badges. Delaine’s hero is a real-life hero who has served in the US Air Force as Rescue Pilot and Experimental Aircraft Enthusiast. Proud of who he is and what he does, Jaron earned several ribbons while serving, displayed on his jacket that showcased his bravery. Jaron’s adorable smile was enough to accentuate his neat look and sweep the guests and the bride off their feet. Looking like a boy-next-door in his indigo dress uniform Jaron took guests’ hearts away at first glance. And we totally understand how much he loves his uniform and is proud to wear it. To be honest, we fell in love with his blue uniform and the way he posed with his fellow service member guests in a uniform building a rich layer of finesse to the celebration. Screaming the bravery of our groom, the medals shining on his blue uniform were no way less than the sun in the blue skies! Looking like peas in a pod, the bridesmaids were dolled up in gorgeous orchid-toned full-length dresses complete with similar bouquets carrying refreshing creams, violets, greens, peaches, and reds as the bride. The groomsmen wore matching blue suits teamed with blue bow ties like Jaron’s and red pocket squares, tying the entire look together perfectly.


The moment Delanie entered the ceremony space with her dear daddy, our Rescue Pilot Jaron couldn’t rescue himself from her lightning-like smile and fell in love all over again with this beautiful damsel. We could feel how with every step that the bride put forward toward the aisle, Jaron’s heartbeat accelerated in dribs and drabs. This is the moment every bride imagines a thousand times while buying her bridal gown and getting ready on the big day. After they were pronounced as husband and wife, they headed to the lush grounds with our Texas wedding photographer to capture some candids to adorn their happily-ever-after. The photojournalistic excursion of our fabulous couple just goes to show how spectacular and diverse the city of Austin is and how it can turn into different vibes. Let us first take a peek at the amazing groom and bridal portrait session and couple portrait session of Jaron and Delanie. True to themselves, the duo killed it! The bridal as well as groom shots were awesome! Holding the charming blooms, Delanie looked like a garden fairy in her dream wedding dress and veil! With or without the veil, in all her bridal portraits the tattoo on her left hand was piecing her look together as if it was a crucial part of the ensemble. And our gentleman in his dress blues looked really nice and fairytale-ish in photos. So sharp and natural whisking everyone off their feet in a heartbeat! The drop-dead romantic captures of the duo showcase their chemistry perfectly. We love the golden hour couple shots of the lovebirds along the staircase railing against the captivating sunset and the night shots- so romantic and awe-inspiring! Delanie’s smile in the shot where she is posing from behind of Jaron steals the thunder from the beautiful surroundings. And the capture where Delanie is delicately hugged by Jaron from behind under the awe-inspiring cotton-candy-like sky is nothing short of a romantic movie poster! All the images showcasing their love are sweet and full of energy and we can go on and on. The way they posed together in every picture speaks a lot about the bond they share reminding us of MMIH theory! Soon they were joined by their gangs- beautiful bridesmaids slaying in orchid cold-shoulder full-length gowns along with the maid of honor in long dark raspberry sleeveless number and dapper groomsmen rocking in their 3-piece Prussian blue suits. The color harmony amongst the wedding party created a mood of individuality, mystery, and fantasy.


Once the awe-inspiring wedding party photo session and group photography was done on the open enchanting grounds of this gorgeous Austin wedding venue, the newlyweds shortly made their way to the reception in their grand ballroom with great energy and buzz, and that momentum was sustained throughout the first dance. We love the celebratory vibes that surround nuptials- so buoyant, vivacious, and unparalleled. The joy and excitement on the newlywed couple’s faces were excellently captured by our affordable Austin wedding photographers. Soon was the time for the most romantic moment of the day - Jaron & Delanie's first dance. They headed straight to the dance floor for their first dance after the grand entrance kicking off the dancing portion of the reception. We love the way they felt each other with their eyes closed on the dance floor. Ah, so romantic! Soon after the lavish dinner, they naturally transitioned to cut their wedding cake. It was a clean and classic two-tiered creation sparingly embellished with coral blooms. People around were energized and continued celebrating by hitting the dance floor afterward which gave our photo experts countless photo ops to capture the party.


The time of day and location was perfect! The surroundings and setting were rustic and appealing! The light and posing were natural and thoughtful. And the couple was in love! What else one could want to document a classic tale of love?! The idea to include red roses highlighted the romantic blush that winter and young love bring to our cheeks (How can we imagine a February wedding without roses!). Our wedding photographer in Austin, Texas did the perfect job of seizing their precious moments in the most gorgeous frame. From the moment when our blushing bride was descending the grand staircase with her best man- her doting daddy toward her almost-husband, Jaron zeroed in on her almost wife to the moment when the happy couple shared heartwarming vows before their family and friends with the beautiful Texas Hill Country horizon as the backdrop. From their intimate first dance moments to the moment when the bride tossed the bouquet. Capturing their wedding was no less than a dream sequence for us!


The Lily and Lime wedding photographers in Texas took full advantage of the photo ops that The Terrace Club offered and engineered a wedding album that is hard to compare with any other. Looking at their wedding photos anyone can easily say they are the kryptonite of each other! Here’s to the happy beginning!



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