Month-End Wedding Resources: April 29th, 2021

Month-End Wedding Resources: April 29th, 2021


Month-End Wedding Resources: April 29th, 2021

ON 30, April 2021


"Cause a little bit of summer's what the whole year is all about"- John Mayer.


As they say that summer is a state of mind. When school's out, vacations are being planned, and you notice tan lines popping up everywhere you know that the most beautiful part of the year is here. A sweet summertime translates to blue and sunny skies and a balmy breeze when you are out by the beach with slapped sunblock and messy hair, sipping Pina Coladas, and clicking pictures for the gram with your besties. #sunnydays 

From the East Coast experiencing torrential rain and thunderstorms to the sweating summers of the South where the thermometer can shoot up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the summertime in the US can give you pleasant weather to screaming dog days depending on where you stay. One more thing that summer brings with it alongside soaring temps and beautiful blooming summer florals is- innumerable weddings! Weddings in the summer season can make your experience of getting married unforgettable. Summer wedding ideas can give you fresh breezy bridal hairstyles to creative signature cocktail inspirations from setting up sangria stations and making cosmos with edible flower garnishes. 


There are millions of reasons why summer is the best season to plan your wedding or at least get started with your wedding planning. If you are planning your summer wedding for 2022, this is the perfect time to get started and utilize the present temperature of late spring to your benefit. A gorgeous summer fling can bring you so many wedding inspirations- from brides checking out summer wedding dresses made out of comfortable and breathable fabrics to couples finding out very easy ways to stay cool at summer weddings. Bring in the shades of pop hues to the wedding color palette and host an unforgettable and stylish summer wedding with our wedding resources which can take you on a spin. From giving you the list of amazing photogenic places for an intimate elopement and ideas for hosting an unforgettable post-wedding brunch to revealing creative pressed flower ideas for a romantic wedding along with ideas for setting up a DIY bridal shower dessert bar. Read on to find these exclusive summertime wedding ideas and inspire your big day.


Do you consider yourself as an outdoorsy or adventurous couple? Do your favorite date ideas involve hiking, cycling, and picnic? Are you planning to host an enchanting outdoor wedding ceremony as a testament to your love for natural landscapes? If you said yes to these questions, then choosing a public park may be the ultimate option for you to host your wedding ceremony and reception. Choosing a public park for your wedding venue can not only help you to save money on decorations and stylings but also give you amazing photogenic backdrops for wedding photos. But there are a certain unique set of challenges that comes with it- from obtaining permits to the possibility of bad weather that you need to consider before choosing a public park wedding venue. This next article from Martha Stewart Weddings tells us about ten important things we need to consider before considering getting married in a public park. From accessibility of the location and associated access fees to the possibility of permits and added rules and regulations that we need to be aware of, this article can be insightful for couples who love outdoor weddings.


10 Things to Consider If You're Thinking About Getting Married in a Public Park

via Martha Stewart Weddings


We have also seen our fair share of jaw-dropping elopements and intimate micro weddings in the past one and half years that gave us "wedding goals"! With more and more couples ditching traditional big weddings and opting for elopements, minimonies, and micro weddings, several adventurous and romantic options popped up for exchanging wedding vows and rings. Unlike traditional times when an elopement meant a couple deciding to run away and get married in haste, modern elopement ideas focus on the couple instead of catering to a crowd. Sometimes accompanied by a chosen set of loved ones, or a pet, or a wedding officiant, or a wedding photographer, couples are ditching big wedding festivities and opting for eloping to a picturesque and intimate spot where they can relax and focus on their new beginning. From colossal mountains and tropical beaches to arid desert-scapes and tranquil forest lands, couples are finding idyllic spots for eloping across the world. This next article from Green Wedding Shoes takes us on a grand adventure while showing us the best places to elope across the world ranging from serene landscapes of The Dolomites to the rugged and coastal cliffs of the Faroe Islands tucked away between Iceland and Norway.


The 25 Best Places to Elope for Jaw-Dropping Photos

via Green Wedding Shoes


Even if the wedding gets over the festivities do not need to stop for your loved ones! Post-wedding brunches are becoming increasingly popular especially among couples who would love to make the most of every last minute of the celebratory wedding weekend. Post-wedding brunches are a great way to stretch out the wedding fun with your close loved ones, after an evening of partying into the early morning hours of the next day. Especially when battling with headaches and hangovers, your loved ones are never going to say no to coffee, doughnuts, and mimosas even if they can barely open an eye. From selecting an assortment of loose leaf tea and a cereal bar to bringing in a charcuterie board, your guests are surely going to appreciate a low-key pool party or a family-style picnic table seating in the garden once the formalities of the weekend are over and it's time to kick back and relax. This next article from Martha Stewart Weddings presents fifty unique ideas for hosting an unforgettable post-wedding brunch which ranges from a couple sipping prosecco on the shores of Lake Como with their loved ones to a whimsical pastry party search from a vintage trailer.


50 Ideas for an Unforgettable Post-Wedding Brunch

via Martha Stewart Weddings


Pressed flower ideas for weddings are beautiful! One of the most loved romantic wedding trends of recent times, this next article from Green Wedding Shoes shows us how pressed flowers can be used in various parts of the wedding- from floral covered invitations to wedding dresses and edible cakes and even a bridal manicure. Dating back to ancient Egypt, pressed flower was a celebrated art form that made its come back in the Victorian Era and has been making its rounds in the updated current "cottagecore" trends of weddings. This article revolves around how your love for pressed flowers can be depicted in amazing and fun wedding sign ideas from wax seals for sealing wedding invitations to bridal accessories like an inspirational pressed flower face mask and a wildflower bridal veil.


Romantic Trend Alert: How to Use Pressed Flowers in Weddings

via Green Wedding Shoes


Is there anyone out there who doesn't like desserts? This next article from Bridal Musings shows some of the most personalized and unique ideas to create a DIY bridal shower dessert bar for setting up a gorgeous and impressive spread. The handy creative ideas for setting up a bridal shower dessert bar are both low-key and glamorous. Whether your bride has a laid-back personality or has a more refined taste, there is a unique idea that will fit the bill for every kind of bride. All you need is some impressive selection of desserts and a dash of creativity mixed with cocktails and mocktails to host an unforgettable bridal shower for your beloved bestie. From adding some pretty garlands and celebratory cake toppers with a little touch of sparkle to match with the refined taste of your bride-to-be to bringing the bride’s favorite flowers to the table for matching up with her romantic spirits, there are several notes to be taken by the bridesmaids for hosting a classic bridal shower.


How To Create a DIY Bridal Shower Dessert Bar

via Bridal Musings


Modern-day relationships are filled with highs and lows, where at one minute you are so madly in love and in the next one you wish you never met! Even the happiest modern relationships have room for growth and a little reading can completely transform it. This next article from Life Hack brings us some of the best relationship booster books recommended by expert marriage counselors throughout the world. These relationship reads are treasured and appreciated by millions of couples across the globe as they have helped them to boost communication, develop intimacy, and taught new techniques for conflict resolutions. From "The New Rules of Marriage: What You Need to Know to Make Love Work" by Terrence Real to "The Relationship Cure: A 5-Step Guide to Strengthening Your Marriage, Family, and Friendships" by John Gottman, these marriage and relationship books are precious for all couples who are looking to bring positivity into their existing relationship or battling the aftermath of a negative one.


12 Marriage Books Couples Should Read for a Healthy Relationship

via Life Hack

While staying fully aware of the current situation, our hopeful selves resonate with why planning for a summer wedding in 2022 is an amazing idea for our beloved brides. While a lot of us are already vaccinated or are going to get jabbed in a while with covid-19 prevention drives, we are most likely going to overcome the pandemic situation by next year and witness a summertime steeped with weddings and vacations. So bring out your summer sunnies and down your prosecco popsicle and plan an enchanting outdoor wedding ceremony, which your loved ones are going to take back with them as the fondest memories after such a long time. Whether you are planning for a sundowner wedding in Spain or you are hoping to host a late summer wedding for exclusively beautiful wedding photos, with the gorgeously lit venue and warm sun rays dawdling on you and your partner as you have your first kiss, stay tuned with our monthly resources which can be the ultimate destination for wedding planning in every season.

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