Top 9 Engagement Photo Locations in Hartford

ON 21, January 2021


Home to some of the most Instagrammable locations, Hartford, CT is a land of long coasts, lighthouses, mountains, woods, and waterfalls. The capital city of Connecticut is loved by affordable wedding photographers because of its unmatched natural beauty, rich historic sites, and magnificent architecture. Ranging from the Bushnell Park and the Carousel in the historic Downtown Hartford to the rugged mountain landscape of Sleeping Giant State Park, Hartford, Connecticut is filled with photo ops in every corner. We have curated a list of some of the best and diverse spots to have engagement photography in Hartford, from where you can take your pick to celebrate your special day.

Devil’s Hopyard State Park

One of the most intriguing and mysterious locations of Connecticut, the Devil's Hopyard State Park is a famous destination for engagement photography that is filled with an abundance of nature. It is one of the most beautiful parks in New England and is a perfect setting for photography with breathtaking backdrops featuring heavily forested woods and the magnificent Chapman Falls. This national treasure of East Haddam is the perfect romantic setting to celebrate your special day with the love of your life. So, preserve the special moments to last till eternity while our Hartford engagement photographers capture you in front of the 60 feet high waterfall. No other location can be as good as the park if you are planning to have an affordable wedding photography session, as the autumnal hues during the fall season transform this entire location into a magical land. Take a stroll with your BAE through the forested loops for an intimate Devil’s Hopyard State Park engagement photography session.



Address: 366 Hopyard Rd, East Haddam, CT

Fees or Permits: There is no entrance fee. You can avail of a photo permit by contacting the office.


Elizabeth Park

The beautiful Elizabeth Park in Hartford is one of the prettiest outdoor locations to have an engagement photography session on a budget. This park is registered under the National Register of Historic Places, and it is famous as a wedding love story destination. The 1904 Elizabeth Park Rose Garden is the first one of its kind in the entire country. It features delightful photographic backdrops as the flower laced arches and hidden pathways along with the long tree lines nestled in the landscaped ground look like a dream in engagement photographs in Hartford, Connecticut. The beaten staircases and the moss-covered rocks, the beautiful lakefront, and quaint little benches make for a vintage engagement photography session on budget at Elizabeth Park. You can pose for candid pictures embracing each other in the beautiful grounds, especially on a clear day when the sun slowly dawdles on the manicured grounds making it look like a dreamy story.



Address: 1561 Asylum Ave, West Hartford, CT

Fees or Permits: There is no entrance fee. You can avail of a photo permit by contacting the office.


Harkness Memorial State Park

Located a short distance away from the main city of Hartford, Harkness Memorial State Park is a recreational area that was originally built for the mansion along with beautiful gardens. This European-themed mansion, built in the Roman Renaissance Revival style, nestled in a beautifully landscaped ground along with fascinating architecture, sparks a unique charm in Hartford engagement sessions. If you are planning to have a spring engagement session, this Hartford engagement spot should be your first choice as the blooming trees with pink flowers along with the stately pillars and enormous stone walls of the magnificent mansion add a different kind of brilliance to your photo background. The balustrade covered with dangling wisteria and the scintillating fountain that takes you back in glorious time is the major highlight of the park offering endless photo opportunities for candid couple portraits. The beautifully twisted branches of the blooming trees that overlook the Atlantic Ocean is a fantastic spot for Hartford budget wedding photography that will leave you with photos to cherish for a lifetime.



Address: 275 Great Neck Rd, Waterford, CT

Fees or Permits: There is an entrance fee of $6-$10. And you do not need to avail of a photo permit.


Lyman Orchards

Another affordable engagement photography location in Hartford, the Lyman Orchards is home to scenic farmlands and historic heritage. This is a very popular attraction in New England that has a long history since 1741, which sprawls over gorgeous orchards filled with delicious and vibrant colored fruits. This location can tell your love story in a very vibrant and magical way in its reserved farmlands, where you can revitalize your souls with the countryside feel and old-world charm. Perfect for an outdoor engagement session, this stunning ground is perfect for cameos in your photography session, filled with rows of bright and sweet berries, peaches, apples, pears, and pumpkin that make for inspiring backdrops. Take a walk with your soulmate by your side, and indulge in this sweet-smelling and rustic feel of nature as our Hartford engagement photographers capture the lovestruck duo against the breathtaking natural settings. You can keep your wardrobe very cool and casual with some country-inspired accessories like a straw hat and buckle boots, and lean against the country fences to create some candid couple shots.



Address: 32 Reeds Gap Rd, Middlefield, CT

Fees or Permits: There is an entrance fee of $10. No photo permit is required.


Paradise Hills Vineyard & Winery

The vintage and rustic charm of Paradise Hills Vineyard and Winery can take you to the wildlands of Tuscany. This beautiful engagement spot is Connecticut's own little European paradise that is filled with scenic country-influenced architecture and landscape, in the small town of Wallingford. This 1997 vineyard was built by the wine enthusiast Ruggiero family, who loves to harvest grapes in the breathtaking rolling hills. The stunning setting delights our affordable wedding photographers in Hartford as they love the sun-dappled countryside Connecticut feeling that leaves every lovestruck couple going back home with a pocket full of memories and an experience like never before. The awe-inspiring natural beauty of this Tuscan-styled vineyard weaves a mesmerizing story for photo backdrops. There are mahogany tables resting in the sunny grounds for you to raise a toast to a new life surrounded by romantic and relaxed settings. You can also head to the handcrafted copper bar, filled with ornate chandeliers and country-influenced decor to spend some intimate moments and create beautiful photographs. If you have been a fan of European love stories, then it is time to tell yours right in the heart of Connecticut in this boutique and fabled engagement spot.



Address: 15 Windswept Hill Rd, Wallingford, CT

Fees or Permits: There is no entrance fee. You can avail of a photo permit by contacting the office.


Stanley Park

Talking about dreamy locations for engagement photography in Hartford, the list is not complete without mentioning Stanley Park. Opened in 1949 by Frank Stanley Beveridge, the park sprawls over 300 acres of recreational areas, lush woods, picnic facilities, and natural trails along with pictures of flower beds that make for a great photography backdrop. Our Hartford engagement photographers love the aesthetic and playful mood that this place evokes with its plethora of blooming gardens in engagement photographs. There are so many gardens to choose from like the Rose and Flower Garden, the Asian Garden, the Rhododendron Display Garden, the Arboretum, the Herb Garden, and the Woodland Wildflower Garden, that can weave a magical tale for your engagement photography session at Stanley Park. If you are planning to have a summer engagement photography session on a budget then the rose garden might be an ideal backdrop for you, as over 30 varieties of rose bushes are in full blooms making it the perfect setting for remarkable Hartford engagement photography. Talking about flexibility, the Rhododendron Display Garden and the Asian Garden are ideal for spring engagement photography sessions, as the gardens feature blooming rhododendrons, alpine conifers, azaleas, and flowering deciduous shrubs. The untamed wilderness in the Arboretum and the Woodland Wildlife Garden features expansive greeneries, majestic trees, and wildflower trails that look mesmerizing throughout the year.



Address: 2159 Stanley St, New Britain, CT

Fees or Permits: There is no entrance fee. You can avail of a photo permit by contacting the office.


Barkhamsted Reservoir

Want to have a sun flare engagement session? In the serene town of Berkhamsted, which is tucked in the Southern Litchfield County, nestled amongst wild and scenic West Branch and Farmington River, Barkhamsted Reservoir features some of the most breathtaking panoramas for photography. The town of Berkhamsted is punctuated by glistening reservoirs and gleaming lakes along with many public beaches of state forest lands, and historical sites that can delight our Connecticut engagement photographers on budget. One of the biggest highlights of this quaint little town is the Berkhamsted Reservoir perched on the eastern branch of the Farmington River that looks like a European dream. This 135 feet dam is an architectural brilliance with its round shape and a gable roof along with the huge wooden door, situated on the top of the glistening waters of the river and is an ideal photo backdrop if you are looking to get away from the city hum and celebrate country life. This engagement location in Hartford can instantly teleport you to the European lands with its sheer elegance and majestic beauty. Spend some quiet and intimate time with the love of your life on your special day, as our budget Hartford engagement photographers capture your love story and treasure them in your engagement album. If you want a little adventure and fun, then you can head onto the Pleasant Valley Drive-in theater that looks like a romantic place frozen in time that can add a little drama to your engagement photographs.



Address: Barkhamsted, CT 06063

Fees or Permits: There is a $60 parking fee. You can avail of a photo permit by filling up the application on their website.


Compo Beach

This New England beach is filled with bountiful clouds, glistening water of the Saugatuck River, and white sands of the Long Island Sound. This 29-acre park is decked out with volleyball courts, a large wooden playscape, a long boardwalk, and a pavilion that can make for a fun and beachy engagement session. There are many photographic backgrounds on the beach like the exposed brick wall, the uneven big rocks on the shore, and the nearby forest land. The most romantic backdrop, however, is the long boardwalk, which is great for capturing candid photographs of Hartford couples deeply in love while walking hand in hand and enjoying the pristine scenic beauty. You can head to some of the most famous eateries nearby after your engagement sessions at the beach like the Bad Duck Cafe and OnTheMarc, and taste some of the most delicious and famous local dishes.



Address: Compo Beach, Westport, CT

Fees or Permits: There is an entrance fee of $30. No photo permit is required.


Yale University

If you are an architecture enthusiast, then the historic University might be the place you will love for your affordable engagement session in New Haven. The stately and archaic architecture looks like a marvelous dream in engagement photographs at this world-famous university. This university was built in 1701, which is the third-oldest education institution in the entire United States. The sumptuous open space is the symbol of Old England Downtown and stands as a witness to the roaring architectural ambition of the 18th century. The Gothic structure of the Phelps Gate is a splendid entrance and a great photography background that has the shape of an arched entryway and looks like the opening of a tunnel towards the flowing open space. Your New Haven engagement photography session will look like a dream in the blooming grounds of this university that looks beautifully frozen in time.



Address: New Haven, CT 06520

Fees or Permits: There is no entrance fee. You can avail of a photo permit by contacting their office.


Please note that permits and fees are subject to change. Please confirm the policies with the location before planning your session.

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